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  • 8 types of subject lines to increase your open rate
  • ​Best time to send an email
  • How to start and grow an email list - ethically and professionally 
  • ​Offline tips for nurturing your audience
  • The benefits of using an email service provider
  • ​SECRET: How to double your open rate EVERY time
  •  What NOT to do in your email campaigns


My name is Jamie Samples and I've been knee deep in the marketing industry for over 15 years (I know I look I have worked with many different types of businesses - service and product based alike. I currently spend 75% of my time working with the equine industry because it's what I know best!

I am a social media specialist, business coach, marketing professional, speaker and founder of Yellow Barn Media. But that’s only a fraction of who I really am.

I am a wife, {adoptive} boy mom, a horse enthusiast, crazy chicken lady, an animal lover, an American patriot, a country chick and an eternal optimist with endless energy and a contagious smile.

My goal is to provide business owners with tools to make it easier to market their business. I'm honored to be equipping you today with simple, actionable tools!