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Our Story
What does “Yalmeh” mean? First, it is pronounced: <Yal-mah>. It’s meaning: Radiant- Shining- Beautiful- Glowing- Bright- Brilliant
Here is a simple way to describe what Yalmeh represents:
Y = Youthful
A = Attractive
L = Likeable 
M = Majestic
E = Effective
H = Happiness
Yalmeh® Naturals exists as the result of Jacklin Yalmeh’s vision. Jacklin witnessed people living in poor conditions and saw the difference between working people and the wealthy. She observed that poor quality goods affected people on every level of their life. Only the wealthy could afford good quality products. Even as a child, her wish was to be able to help people in whatever way she could.

After immigrating to the United States, she began to study and    explore how to combine natural ingredients that were effective  and moderately priced.  Natural, plant based ingredients would  be the basis of all the formulations.  As a young woman Jacklin  was suffered from dark circles and sagging under her eyes and  wanted a more natural skin care regime for her delicate skin.    While living in Turkey she tried over-the-counter skin care  products from high-end European manufacturers.  The skincare  business seemed to be based on using chemicals on one’s skin  and she felt uneasy applying these to her skin, especially on her  face and around her eyes.  Plus, these products were all very  expensive.

Realizing that not every product had to be 100% organic to be a valuable ingredient and finding that there were a few non-toxic stabilizers available, she used these to keep the costs reasonable, thus assuring that women and men of everyday means could afford high quality skincare products to protect and repair their skin.

Her rule was: “No toxic products in my brand”.  No cancer causing additives, no mineral oil, no sulfates, no propylene glycol or paraben were going to be in any of the products she created. And so the Yalmeh® brand was born.  Our commitment to non-toxic, healthy, high-quality, yet effective natural skin care is what makes Yalmeh® who we are.

Today, Yalmeh® has a group of professionals devoted to perfecting skincare, combining science and nature, along with ancient plant treatments to deliver product perfection. The organic & natural formulations and effective combinations make Yalmeh® products perfect for improving and beautifying everyone’s skin, without putting their health at risk. Jacklin also felt it was important that Yalmeh® products could treat all skin types. As a result, our skin care products are especially designed to minimize the effects of aging and fine lines in all skin types to restore the skin's health and beauty.

At Yalmeh® we do not cut corners and we do not violate your trust. We are environmentally and animal friendly and use recycled materials to help preserve our beautiful planet. We are also involved in non-profit charitable groups that help get (and keep) kids and adults off drugs and rid the planet of toxic waste. We feel it is part of our duty, and we love to give back. Our FDA registered facility is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, today, Yalmeh® is a highly regarded, growing company making their natural skincare products available to their happy customers throughout the U.S. and all around the world.
Lastly, at Yalmeh® we strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible. We value our customers like family and will take every effort to make sure your experience with us is a happy and satisfying one. If there is ever any reason you are unhappy with one of our products or purchases, simply let us know and we will make it right. We stand proudly by the natural skin care products we sell, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping people to nurture their health and beauty as well as inspiring them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others.


Our vision is simply to bring you top quality products using only the highest quality ingredients and materials available on the market at an affordable price.


My mission is to increase the quality of life for each person I meet. I want to improve everyone's skin so it is healthy and radiant.We create a natural, safe and luxurious skin care products that meet the standards of modern women and men, delivering the results they deserve, without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Social Impact
We donate a meal to needy kids around the world for every product purchased.
For every Yalmeh Naturals Product you purchase we donate money to Rice Bowls™. This money is then used to feed orphaned children in eight different countries all over the world. Each purchase feeds a child for a day. By helping to provide food to these children you are not only making sure that their bellies are full, you are also letting them feel love and security.
At Yalmeh we felt the need to make a difference in our world and we have been given the chance to be a small part of something big by partnering with Rice Bowls Organization Click here to learn more.
In addition to our ongoing donations, each year we run a special Charity Drive during the holidays where we triple our donation to 3 meals for each item purchased. While the holidays are an exciting time for many, there are kids all around the world wondering where their next meal is going to come from. It’s been awesome to see our customers rally behind the cause every year!
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Why Buy From Us
Why Buy From Us
Hello From Yalmeh Naturals
Hello From Yalmeh Naturals
What Customers Are Saying

“I love everything about Yalmeh. Every product I’ve bought from Yalmeh to date has seen improvements in my skin or beauty regime. The prices are so reasonable. The customer service is the best of anyone I've ever did business with. And their products work. No more Olay or L'Oreal for me. I am a loyal customer."

Beverly A. Meister  - *Results may vary from person to person.

“I am 60 years old and have tried many different products. There are few that I would recommend. I would recommend Yalmeh. My co-workers noticed a difference in my skin. One commended "I don't know what you're doing but you looking younger all the time". This product goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly."

Randi S. - *Results may vary from person to person.

“Never had dry skin in Chicago till this year. My moisturizer not enough, looking for non gel ,aloe moisturizer, found this cream. It did the trick over my other, wanted natural , non chemical one. Well a little story to tell how non chemical this was. My little dog was sitting on my lap , while watching TV, he never eats anything but his own food or wants a little of ours, but no trouble of anything else. Well I was not looking at him ,watching TV, he ate 2/3 of jar, must of been good , my fault. I got scared called animal poision control , they look it up, no problem, no chemicals, not toxic. He might only have little you know what's, nothing happen he was just fine. What does that tell you about this product. Love it, and I guess he does too, but he will not be hogging my moisturizer anymore!"

Stella - *Results may vary from person to person.

“Excellent customer service and that must be recognized 1st. Besides that, their products works great. My eyes have become more youthful in 4 weeks dramatic results. Its a wonderful product that women like myself can appreciate, working late nights, not getting enough sleep or for women who just struggle in getting rid of the dark circles around our eye area. Give this a try."

Ashley - *Results may vary from person to person.

"I am too pleased with this product, I can't believe how quickly it work. My under eye area is looking less tired, and my horrid dark circles have diminished. I gladly recommend Yalmeh brand to anyone who has dark circles, and/or aging around their eyes, and want to get rid of them using 100% NATURAL ingredients! However, to truly receive full results, you must continue the eye cream. This isn't like acne cream, where you apply when a pimple pops-up, this type of serum is a way of life if you want to maintain healthier and younger-looking skin. Basically, if you're of the mind-set that you can diet Monday thru Friday, and take weekends-off to reward yourself, who are you kidding? Yourself! Same as this type of skin care. This is not a quick fix, nor an over-night miracle. The benefits will keep you on target, because your results will impress you, and your friends!" 

Aria - *Results may vary from person to person.

Wall of Happiness
All Natural Handmade, Skincare That Feeds Your Skin!
All Natural Handmade, Skincare That Feeds Your Skin!


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