Private Training
Expand your Game to New Heights
Private Training
Expand your Game to New Heights
The vision is to develop future great players, through the use of soccer fundamentals, in a personalized setting. 

This is Training Players can't get in Group Settings such as Team Training. 

By the time our students get to college, our training would have prepared them to excel, wherever they decided to play!
What Players Get
  • Confidence: using the player’s strength to build on, encouragement is used to enhance abilities as a platform to build success.
  • ​Fundamentals: basic skills always reviewed, rehearsed as they are the building blocks for growth.
  • Mental Strength: failures are great learning opportunities to accomplish mental toughness. 
  • Physical Strength: soccer specific fitness, fully prepare for the most physically demanding activities.
  • Soccer IQ: Situation recognition is studied in detail, to improve decision making; see it before it happens!

Initial Session: Assessment of player’s ability, identification of areas in need of improvement.

Program Plan:  based on assessment findings. Includes technical skills, physical fitness and recommendations depending on positions.

Development: targeted areas reviewed each session, instructed to improve, thru soccer specific exercises, under close coaching observation.

Progression: periodically, players will be paired up to achieve certain aspects of training that can not be attained otherwise. Examples: passing & receiving; combination plays.

Evaluation:  evaluations prepared to measure progress,  make recommendations. Reports will be submitted to student upon completion of the course.

All Sessions are done by appointment only.
Program Coach
All sessions are personally coached by Markens, to make sure our promise is delivered. 
Program Cost

  • 4 Sessions: $165.00
  • 6 Sessions: $215.00
  • 8 Sessions: $245.00
Session Days
  • April - May: Saturday / Sunday
  • June - July : Friday/ Saturday / Sunday
  • Aug - Sept: Saturday / Sunday
Sessions Location
Krashes Field 
110 East Princeton Rd. 
Princeton, MA 01541