50 Years and counting!
The Longhorn Bar & Grill has been a Mission Valley delicacy for 50 years! The founder had the great idea to bring along an establishment that reminded customers of the old western times. Where cowboys and gunslingers could come and get a nice cold beer and a great bite to eat! There is even a room dedicated to John Wayne himself! He wanted Longhorn to be a place where you could feel at ease. 

To this day that motto has been kept true! We constantly get stories from our patrons in their 50’s and 60’s telling us about all the great times they had growing up with such a great place to enjoy! Longhorn Bar & Grill is truly a place where people have called their second home for decades.
New Improvements For You!
Along with all the great history intact, the Longhorn has made adjustments to make it even more intimate for the customer. For all you sports lovers out there this is a great place to catch your favorite team play against their opponent! With over 10 flat screen tv’s you have the leisure to watch any sport that you like, there’s even 1 in the bathroom so you don’t miss a touchdown, goal, dunk or any victory (Go Aztecs)! 

Just like in sports, teams are victorious, we could say the same about are famous Longhorn Burger, being the best juicy burger in Mission Valley hands down! We are not too far from San Diego State being right off the intersection of the 8 and 15 highway in the heart of Mission Valley! So come by and let us serve you with great service, strong cocktails and outstanding grub!
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