Terms and Licensing
Last Updated on June 13, 2018
Designs offered through Hogg Tumbler Scales are protected by copyright and are owned by My Crafting Career LLC. All digital designs are available for personal use. In addition, a standard commercial use license is included with your purchase. "Commercial Use" is defined as using a digital design in any physical project or product that is intended for resale or commercial use. The Standard Commercial License fee is a flat one-time payment and may be used to create End Products for Sale where lifetime sales of the End Product for Sale do not exceed 100 units. If you would like to create more than 50 units, ask about an Extended License. Contact us at hello@hoggtumblerscales.com.

You may use the design in both online and local sales at a volume of up to 100 units.

The item may be used, without alteration, in the creation of a finished physical product that’s sold.

The item itself – in its original digital form as purchased from Hogg Tumbler Scales(My Crafting Career LLC) – may not be resold, sub-licensed, transferred, modified, shared (including within a Facebook group) or otherwise re-distributed in its original digital form (e.g. as you purchased it).

Item may not be included in the sale of another item. For example, you may not sell the mermaid scales cutting file as part of a bundle or with a purchase of another item.

You may not create printable art with our designs to sell or give away.

Digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files.

You may not use any of the Hogg Tumbler Scales (My Crafting Career LLC) images or videos of any items such as those of plain tumblers, tumblers with scales, tumblers with glitter, tumblers with other designs or any images from this website to promote or market your product. This means it is impermissible to use content from this website for sale, illustration, marketing or otherwise for your own use.

Items may not be used with or on print-on-demand services.

I, Laura Giddens, am not, nor is my business, My Crafting Career LLC (Tumbler Scales) responsible for trademark violation if you purchase and sell an SVG, DXF or PNG design on a product that may be in a trademark class that you are selling.
Laura Giddens
Founder of My Crafting Career LLC
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