***Become A Video Content Pro - Class Presented by Dru Solberg - Owner of Freestyle Production***
Starting Is Difficult.
But It Doesn't Have to Be.
Become A Video Content Pro… With Only Your Smartphone!
Your content quality says a lot about your brand, don’t let subpar video disengage your viewers and lose on business. Learn how to create high quality video, become an industry leader online, and deliver a more engaging message that inspires your audience. 
Receive Expert advice that will take your business to the next level. Guaranteed.

Pro Video Training

Get More Results From Your Videos

Only 50 Spots

With Live Q&A at the End!

Dru Solberg

Owner of Freestyle Productions

Grow Your Biz With Video

Proven, Simple Strategies
What You Will Learn On This LIVE Creating Content Videos Webinar Course
Secret #1: Create Video Content like a pro using only your smartphone
Your Smartphone is an extremely powerful tool for creating videos but so many businesses use it poorly. With easy tips and tricks studied through years of experience, Learn from a professional videographer how you can achieve high end video production quality using your own personal smartphone.
Secret #2: Become an online community leader by learning How To Maximize Your Video Content on Social Media
If you are worried about your video content getting buried in social media, learn from ZIMA Marketing owners, Ben and Brennan, on exactly what you need to do with your video content to maximize your video’s views.
Secret #3: Learn how to construct a powerful message that will grow your brand exponentially
Receive influential advice from industries leader, Dan Keller with Cross Country Mortgage, on how he used video content to build one of the most successful mortgage teams in the state of Washington.
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