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Want to Become A Master? Apprentice with One!

Watch your art go from AMATEUR to AMAZING
as you discover closely guarded secrets of
TOP Masters at
Colored Pencil College.

12 Monthly Step by Step MasterClasses
Discover the Power of Colored Paper

  What's Included?
  • Bonus #1:
  •  DEEP DIVE Inside Secret Masters' Methods

    Closely Guarded Insider Secrets gathered from 11 Years of Annual Colored Pencil Symposium Workshops with TOP Masters will be revealed in this step by step MasterClass that helps you discover BASIC colored pencil techniques that Masters use to stand out in the crowd.

    Bonus #2: 
  •  DEEP DIVE into Secret Masters' Materials

    Discover the Masters SECRET TOOLS that  takes sets their work apart from the ho hum hobbyist. This MasterClass reveals key secrets for choosing the right materials for each project ... PLUS you will get a link where you can BUY all these Master's SECRET TOOLS at SALE prices!

    -- VALUE: $110,000.00
  • ~That's what it cost me to gather all the secrets in Bonus #1 & Bonus #2 ...
  •  ~PLUS I spent 11 Years Gathering these TOP SECRETS and ...You get this for FREE!
  •  Call me CRAZY but I decided to include
  •  FOUR WEEKS of Coaching for FREE
                  ~ I charge $11,995 for my colored pencil coaching programs but for 4 weeks, you will
  •  get coaching from TWO Masters, twice a week for FREE.

    12 Monthly Colored Pencil College MasterClasses:  Every month you will get a NEW MasterClass...
  •  In Depth Step by Step MasterClasses reveal Secret Colored Pencil Techniques that TOP Masters use to walk away with top awards and lucrative commissions.

    Watch your art go from WIMPY to WOW
  •  ... really FAST!

  •  TOTAL VALUE: $127,990.00
      All of the above:
      PLUS 4 Weeks FREE Coaching 
      (coaching is normally $11,997)

             Value: $127,990
             SALE:  $1997

    (FREE Coaching for Colored Pencil
      College 11/17 - 12/13, 2018)

We've Got Your Back

We're GDPR-compliant, meaning your payment information is safe, secure, and encrypted.  We fiercely protect your privacy.

Re Guarantees

I've spent 29 years developing  an amazing system that has taken thousands of folks from AMATEUR to AMAZING!

But it doesn't work if you don't. 

Since I can't guarantee that you WILL do the work, I don't offer a guarantee and there are no refunds so please don't ask. (You have a full year to complete your course.)

I've found that those who look for a guarantee tend to be the ones who don't follow directions and don't complete the lessons.

I LOVE watching your art transform and if you follow this step by step path, it happens pretty fast. There is a meter on your hand and the more you practice, the better you get.

I would love to help you transform your art but I can't do it alone. So join us if you truly long to become an amazing artist and you are ready to follow this exciting success path!

"Before I met Sandra, a caveman could draw better than me.

I had taken many art classes but I was stuck in mediocre and couldn't figure out how to get better.

Sandra Angelo's super simplified systems and excellent feedback took my art from pitiful to powerful!
Now I look at my paper in amazement and say I can't BELIEVE I drew that!"

- Bruce M., North Carolina
Years ago, I took all of Sandra's classes and learned so much! I was coming to them from the experience of drawing all my life, being a daughter of an artist and then taking classes at university. So why did I start all over with the beginning classes?

It is the "Sandiland Difference"! She shifted my thinking and my skills to a new level. You see, so many people get caught up in "I am drawing a ______." And what I learned and use every day in all my art is that you really go through the "Abstract door to get to Realism".

Not only did I greatly improve my pencil skills, but I learned to forget the subject matter and go for lines, values and shapes! And folks, that is what Masters do! Love you Sandi!

~ Elsie, Wisconsin
Want to Become a Master? Apprentice with One!
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