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"She Heals"
12 Women's  Stories of Triumph & Breakthrough
She Heals is a collaboration book from women who share how they were able to heal from several issues physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you have ever wondered if there is life after these situations, this is the book where you will find just how to cope and heal from the issues of your past. 
Noemi Cotto
Bronx born Noemi Cotto is a LatinX, Nuyorican. A single mother of a sharp, affectionate, inquisitive young boy, she has acquired a dual bachelors degree in Media, Communication and American Studies, a Masters in Social Work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, is a licensed Master Social Worker, and also has a Student Intern Field Instructor Certificate (SIFI) from Fordham University.

Prior to her current position as a social work supervisor at a public defense organization, Noemi spent a major portion of her career at a non-profit organization as a Family Therapist, and worked in Adoption as well as Treatment Family Foster Care. 

Noemi has conducted absences and healthy relationship workshops for adolescents at Horizon Detention Facility and other community organizations. She has conducted seminars at Lehman College and Columbia University.

Noemi has also presented on national panels discussing reproductive justice rights and child welfare reform. She will always advocate for her community and women of color as she continues to be a student of life who continues to explore new career opportunities. 
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