Learn about an easy gentle technique that can help your child be happier, do better at school, sleep better and so much more...
BTW, using this technique will also help you stay sane ;)
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From: Alexandra Litor 

Alexandra is a single mom of 5 children ranging from 1.5 year old to 13 year old. Alexandra is from France and came to the US in 2004 to earn her MBA with University of Connecticut. She is an Access Bars facilitator, a kundalini yoga teacher and holistic coach passionates about helping other moms thrive while they raise happy healthy kids.
The Mom Dilemma
Are you an over stressed and overwhelmed mom who just tries to survive each day? Waking up to a long list of to dos and the demands of your tribe? Have you considered a few times hiding in the closet or giving one of the kids away (just for a few hours of course...)?

On one hand you absolutely LOVE your children and as a mom you want the best for them. You feel that it is your JOB to do whatever it takes to provide for them and make them happy. As moms we deal with a lot of pressure. We are raising human beings who will soon be the next generation of adults. It is our responsibility to make sure that Johnny has playdates with friends so he becomes social, that Lucy has straight A so she can go to an Ivy League university in hope for a dream job one day, that little Dylan plays soccer, violin and chess so he develops new skills... And the list goes on and on and on... Are you tired yet? 

Now tricky question, how would you rate yourself as a parent? Do the kids look happy and self-expressed? Do you actually know what would make them truly happy and help them become emotionally and mentally healthy adults? And what about you? How are you feeling? Exhausted? Stressed out? Irritable? Stuck in "the do more to achieve more" paradigm?  How is it working for you?
The Solution: Access Bars®
Just a little over a year ago I was feeling stuck. Having to provide for 5 kids, with 2 of them being babies, was overwhelming and at times it felt like a burden - no time for myself, no way out and same daily routine everyday (changing diapers, bringing kids to school, cooking, cleaning...), same difficult relationship with my husband. Something had to change before I start going insane and decide to give some of my kids away or go back to France on my own to start a new life (of course I am exaggerating here, but you get the idea). 

I was asking for something different and that's when I came across Access Bars®. I went to my first class without really knowing what to expect and I am glad I did! A week later I got a job I have been wanting for a few months, two months later my husband and I finally separated after being together for 26 years (everything is going very smoothly) and today I wake up feeling light, happy and driven for most of the days. I am just one example among thousands of people who have had their life completely transformed by using the technique of Access Bars®.

Here are some benefits people report from using it: 
Les stress and feelings of anxiety 
Better health, 
Better sleep and mood
Better mental clarity
Less mind chatter
Lots of other possible outcomes in areas like money and relationships...

All of these are great benefits that you can get for yourself and that you can give to your children as well. Here are some of the benefits reported by parents when using Access Bars® with their kids: less stress and anxiety, better focus and grades at school , better ability to relax (great for hyper active kids), better sleep, more happiness, better relationship with peers... It is AMAZING to witness as a mom.

By now you must be wondering "what the f*** is she talking about? If there was a magic pill I would already know it!"

Access Bars® is a very gentle hands-on technique, easy to use and to learn that immediately quiets down the mind chatters and brings more ease, space and relaxation to the body and the mind. The bars are 32 points on the head that when slightly touched allow fixed points of view, beliefs, conclusions and judgements that we hold about everything and anything to dissipate. It is like deleting old files on a computer allowing it to run better and faster. Imagine what would be possible for your children if you can help them grow with less judgements and fixed points of view? What else might be available for them? 

We use it regularly at home and I believe that it is a great contribution to them. Sometimes I don't know what to say as a mom so I just give them a bars session instead of using words to comfort them. An example would be when my oldest was sad because she felt her friends left her and she was alone. I ran her bars that evening and the next day everything was fine again. 
One Day Access Bars® Class
If you are interested in trying something different please register for a class. You will learn the technique in one day. During the class you will gift and receive an Access Bars® session two times. You will also go home with a manual and a chart to help you learn the points. Kids under 15 year old are free and encourage to attend. Both my oldest and my 9 year old know how to run Bars. It is a family practice and bonding experience. Every week we run each others' bars while watching a movie. 

This is a certification class, meaning that you will be a certified Access Bars® practitioner at the end of the class and will be able to offer and charge for your services. Class is $350 when you take it the first time and $175 for repeats. It also provides 8 CEUs for massage therapists. I am hosting classes monthly in the Charleston area, a few times a year in the Hartford area in CT and once a year in France.
Register Before May 31 to receive this amazing bonus valued at $150!
45 minute akashic record reading for your child
To understand him/her in a whole new way

This reading will help you understand your child in a new way. By discovering your child's soul energetic blueprint you can better understand him/her and help him/her make choices in alignement with it. 

Some of the topics that you will learn about: understanding your child's true needs, what activities are best for him/her, what parenting style is the most suitable and a lot more. Be ready to have your mind blown away...
What People Say About Access 
What Parents and Kids Say About Access Bars
“My oldest son had been extremely moody, snappy, and very difficult to be around. I had just taken my Access Bars course for the second time and suggested that I do this for him, of which he was resistant, but he decided to go for it anyways.

After 30 minutes of doing his bars, he was sitting with his brother, and said to him “You know, I hardly ever tell you this, but I really appreciate having you as a brother and I am happy you are in my life.” I had to do a triple take, because this is not something he normally says, especially at that time.

Absolutely heartwarming.”
"I have seen transformational change occur in hundreds of people who have had their bars run. A 14 year old girl, who had missed most of school for the year due to debilitating migraines … after I ran her bars, within 24 hours, her migraines had subsided enough so that her appetite returned, and, with a week, she was back in school 1Ž2 days, then later, full days. An 8 year old girl, who refused to eat and had lost 25% of her body weight (originally she had been thin) because she was afraid to swallow, after having her bars run weekly for 6 weeks, was back to eating again, and, within 2 months, was back within the range of normal body weight." Anne Maxwell , LCSW, RPT-S
What Else Might Be Possible?
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