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Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher Training 
Become a Coach, Facilitator and Teacher
Mar. 22, 2019 - Feb. 22, 2020
Passionate about health?
Do you need to learn more and build confidence
Looking to augment your current health practice with a
nutrition and detox modality?
Turn your health coaching dream into reality!
100% Save + Secure. We value your privacy.
Join us an intimate group for a deep, immersive 
and personal 12-month journey. Learn:
  • Everything you need to know about holistic health, nutrition, and detox. We bridge conventional scientific understanding and spiritual, mental, emotional thought to give you the most thorough knowledge base available and receive certification.
  • How to make money doing what you love. Whether it’s starting your own holistic health coaching practice, or becoming an expert in Holistic Nutrition & Detox - this 12-month journey will teach you how to turn your passion into your life’s purpose - with profit.
  • Become a part of a like-minded community and help yourself, family and friends. To better your life and others'.
  • How to augment your practice with a new offering. Build nutrition and detox into the base of what you're doing to take a more holistic approach to healing and develop a new revenue stream.
  • How to recreate your profession into one that fulfills you. Tap into your passion to heal yourself, help other, and remember why you became a therapist in the first place! Reclaim your purpose as a healer and learn to listen to the part of you that's calling to learn, grow, and help yourself and others from a whole place.
  • How to help your patients to be an active part in their own healing. Bring lasting healing to your patients and help them take responsibility for their own health.
What’s included in this program:
3 Online
Become a certified Coach, Facilitator and Teacher of Holistic Nutrition & Detox. Build your knowledge base. Complete in your own time, your membership is for life.
Two Bali Holistic Nutrition & Detox Retreats
15-day retreats including training and food. Gain hands-on interactive skills with Dr. Amy, and her team of teachers. Not able to make it? No problem, you're comprehensive year long education covers you whether you come to Bali or not!
Weekly Classes, Mentoring & Community
Join or weekly class and learn another part of your well-rounded education. Not able to make it weekly? That's ok! Receive a recording from each class, and come when you can! Be personally guided by Dr. Amy and be supported by our like-minded community!
Plus New Big Bonus:
“6 Steps To Myself”: a fun course and curriculum that you can deliver to attract clients and build your following. You'll learn this as part of your Teacher Training. Our students love it! Grow your following with 6 Steps while you sing, dance, breath, write, tune into health, and more!
Online Home Study Courses
Get Certified in 6-12 months to become a Coach,  Facilitator, and Teacher 
Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach
Study the technicality and corresponding spirituality of the human anatomy, as a blueprint for physical and mental health.
6-month course.  Learn the science of Holistic Nutrition & Detox, including our Cleanse Protocols, and learn to teach our intro “Do A Detox” course. Become certified as a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach, and start your own business - or take for your own personal growth. Learn how to run classes, workshops, and retreats. And even open your own centre!
Holistic Nutrition & Detox Facilitator
Learn how to guide clients through family and social challenges and help them integrate changes into daily life.
3-month course.  Develop your skills to facilitate emotional and lifestyle changes for clients, friends, and family who want to experience Holistic Nutrition & Detox. Go deeper in your own cleansing process with our Cleanse Protocols, and learn from a host of experts, including Dr. Amy. Become certified as a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Facilitator. Understand how emotions affect the body, mind, and therefore health. Learn to read the body like a map, physical to emotional.
Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher
Cultivate leadership and teaching skills. Be confident as a leader and teacher.
3-month course.  Gain confidence to teach, for public speaking, and to feel solid in front of an audience. Sharpen your business and marketing skills. Develop back-end business systems and know how to target your ideal student. Become certified as a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher.
Two Bali Retreats
Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox Retreat
Bali, May 20 - June 7, 2019
Take our two Bali retreats, first as a student, then as an intern to learn how to run the back end of a retreat.  Learn how to prepare raw food and practice protocols for Holistic Nutrition & Detox. Take over a 1-2 year period.
May 20th - 24th, 2019
5-Day Raw Food Chef Certification Training
Learn the Pure Raw/Nu-De Approach - learn the science of eating healthier - and experiment with many tasty recipes, hands-on, simple to gourmet, that please the whole family.  Also learn how we use food as related to emotions, and how to make choices based on understanding health holistically.  Gain tools and practical knowledge to be healthy for life, physical to emotional, without sacrificing taste and fun!
Experience and learn:
  • A holistic approach to food as medicine
  • How to heal naturally, recipes to remedies
  • How emotions affect our body
  • Easy to digest recipes with little nut use
  • Healthy sweeteners - low to zero glycemic
  • Proper food combining - why & how
  • Inflammatory free foods - no hybridized foods, soy, nama shoyu, corn, cashews, peanuts or MSG
  • The importance of organic and local
  • How to make healthy food fun and supportive
  • How to use delicious food and detox as a tool for: healing fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, candida, skin problems, creating balance & emotional stability - without compromising flavor & fulfillment
“ I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing time at the retreat and learnt so much from you. What started off with wanting to lose some weight turned into a real spiritual transformation for me. I continued to fast for 12 days in total and feel amazing, Thanks Amy I would not have been able to do that without your inspiration.”
Liss, Australia
May 27th - 31st, 2019
5-Day Detox Retreat
Heal Your Body & Being For Life. Clean Within for Clarity.     
Gain Energy to Achieve Your Goals. DO A DETOX.
Learn the science, from theory to technical implementation:
  • How & why of cleansing
  • How to listen to your body and read its signs
  • Which supplements to use
  • How to blood and bowel cleanse
  • Why colonics and other cleansing protocols
  • Circulation practices for clean blood
  • How to heal emotionally
How can detox benefit you?
  • Balanced weight
  • Increased energy
  • Peace of mind
  • Life direction
  • Relationship evolution
  • Courage to manifest your dreams
  • Support and knowledge for excellent health, for life.
  • Clear skin
  • Clarity
  • Stress repair
  • Self-Healing
If you’re already a practitioner, get inspired to add a whole new practice to your existing business!
Final 5 Days of Retreat Study & Business Classes
On retreat, we hold classes that help you gain a deeper understanding of how detox works in the body,
mind, and emotions and how others can benefit from your new education.
Here are some of the topics we cover:
  • Understand specific concepts related to the science of vegan, raw, and detox - not only with food, yet also in how this applies to your body, emotions, life and lifestyle (plus working with clients).
  • How to facilitate individuals and groups with emotional support.
  • Group study and sharing with like minds.
  • Think tank business ideas to support visioning and implementing new ideas into your work.
  • Business systems and structure - marketing, admin, accounting.
  • How to run retreats and classes
  • How to build an online business
  • Growing your following, based on (discovering) your unique gifts.
You will leave knowing more about what you want and how to get it - practically and with purpose. Get support for your ideas and turn your concepts into cash that benefits others, and build your health passion into a business.
“ Every year, I think of you remembering the amazing life-changing experience I had with you! I am forever grateful! It gave me tools to realign my life whenever I need to get back on track, in so many ways.”
Paige B, New York City/USA
This program is more than just receiving certification to be a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach, Facilitator and Teacher. It’s a training ground for people who are serious about turning their health dreams into reality. 

Our internship program ensures you’ll know how to run your own groups and backend - plus build your practice because you will work with a mentor or serve as an intern on your second Bali retreat (or as available in other locations).
About Dr. Amy Rachelle
Dr. Amy is your main guide throughout your process with support from authors such as Dr. Ted Morter, Arnold Ehret, and John Robbins to name a few. You'll also learn from speakers and expert educators on topics directly related to Holistic Nutrition & Detox as well as business, marketing, teaching skills, non-violent communication, and more.

We believe in delivering a well-rounded education so you can build skill sets in the areas you will need most in order to develop a successful practice. Our curriculum incorporates different perspectives, offering you the opportunity to make your own well-informed choices.

You will be supported emotionally & physically throughout the program. In Bali, you can also soak in the sun, and rest and repair in lush tropical nature.

No Experience Necessary - Practitioners Welcome!
Complete This Program (our best value!) and You Will:
  • Root your practice in sound science and the best of Dr. Amy's nutrition, detox, and business practices
  • Understand how food affects the body and how to use it as medicine
  • Cultivate your emotional IQ personally and facilitate professionally
  • Accumulate Detox and nutrition recipes, remedies, and protocols
  • Learn how to work with people in pace with their learning style
In addition, you will grow and expand personally to:
  •  Develop intuitive skills
  • Gain leadership, business, and marketing skills
  •  Become more comfortable speaking in public
  • Acquire facilitation skills specific to classroom teaching, private sessions, and retreats for detox
  • Develop proficiency in two main topic areas:
1. Food as Medicine
How does food affect your health, how you feel about yourself and your body - and how you may use food emotionally? We study food as medicine in science - and spirit. We cultivate an understanding of how a plant based diet can support your physical and emotional health, with nutritional facts and figures - combined with Dr. Amy's unique teachings that include: working in tandem with mind, body, and spirit, proper food food combining, candida and parasites, emotional work and lifestyle/stress understanding, plus understanding how emotions affect health choices, and why being properly nourished and knowing how to heal your body with food, detox, and emotional understanding is fundamental to health and happiness, success and love, money and magnetizing your dreams!
2. Detox and Fasting
Claim the key to excellent health and true healing with detox and fasting.  Experience our cleanse protocols for bettering your health, helping friends, and family, and feeling confident professionally. Learn how to read symptoms that point to detox as a remedy and prevention—even when you're unsure of where else to turn. Your body know how to heal inherently when given the chance. Know how to use teas, specific juices, blended foods, raw food, and herbs for light to intensive healing. Stand on a solid foundation of science-- how it works and why -- and know precisely what to do in order to coach clients, family, and friends. And how to live the life that you are passionate about - first and foremost!
Value-Added Extras:
  • 6 Steps To Myself Program
  • Teacher Training Course, PLUS
  • 2 Bali Retreats
This course is for you if:
  • You have a passion for health and food but need to gain the confidence to offer your services to others. Know what to do with skills and exercising the experience your learn on this training. Learn how.
  • Rather than just another certification, you’re looking to gain hands-on experience that will help you build confidence to coach, teach and facilitate.
  • You’re looking to augment your current health practice with a food and detox modality.
  • You’re a health practitioner who believes food and detox have the power to heal and you’re looking to bring lasting health to your clients with a new holistic modality.
  • Your core passion to help and heal has become stifled by your profession and you feel burnt out and fatigued by the demands of the healthcare system.
  • You'd like to add another revenue stream to your current work, or open your own practice - turn your passion into profit. Generate your excitement into practical livelihood for: teaching one on one, in groups, or opening your own cafe or center.
Note:  This course may NOT be for you if you:
1.  Are not truly committed to health and well-being.
2.  Are not ready to grow and take responsibility for your health.
3.  Don’t want support and to join a community of learners.
4.  Don’t like people or helping others.
5.  Aren’t dedicated to growing and learning.
6.  Are only looking for a science course.
7.  Are only somewhat interested.
8. You aren't serious about the greater impact you can make on the world with Holistic Nutrition and Detox.
“ I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Holistic Nutrition and Detox Coach Course! As a busy mother of three, I was able to set my own schedule and work at my own pace. And, even though I was working on my own, I was still able to contact Amy with any questions or thoughts and she always responded right away. The material of the course was comprehensive, and I came away feeling very grounded in my knowledge of and experience with raw nutrition and holistic detoxification. This course is perfect for someone who wants to pursue a career in detox and raw nutrition or even someone who wants to learn more about living a healthy and holistic life.”
Tara Zaft, USA/Russia
Frequently Asked Questions
Step Into Your Passion for Health... 
Choose The Plan That Works Best For You
$9,648 USD
What you get for your investment:
Online Courses:
Coach: $1,200
Facilitator: $600
Teacher: $600

2 Bali retreats:
$2,400 each / $4,800 total

1 year of classes and mentoring:

6 Steps Teaching Training:

Total Value:
You Pay:
Payment Terms:
*Pay in full and receive 10% discount

Need a payment plan?
*Pay 1/3 upon sign-up to hold your place,
1/3 after 3 months from start,
and 1/3 after 6 months from start.
like to pay monthly payment plan? It's possible! Write Dr. Amy, and ask for it! Don't be shy!
3 Online Courses
Coach, Facilitator, & Teacher (includes group & private mentoring with Dr. Amy).
Two Bali Holistic
Nutrition & Detox
3, 5 day retreats: 5 day raw food chef training, 5 day detox, 5 day biz course.
Build your practice and turn your
health dreams into reality. Weekly Classes & Mentorship with Dr. Amy and study buddies.
***Plus New Big Bonus:
“6 Steps To Myself”- a fun and comprehensive curriculum you can deliver on your own to build a following and client base. VALUE $397
100% Save + Secure. We value your privacy.
Note:  All of this material (the coaching, facilitation, teacher training, the two retreats, and 6 Steps to Myself) is offered at the same price as our current year-long Teacher Training.
But this special offer won’t last: The current price holds for the February 15th, 2019 start ONLY.  After February, the price will increase.  So act now!

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction! If you follow our lead, we literally GUARANTEE you can’t fail.
5 Reasons to Become A Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach in 2019
1. Keep Yourself on Track
You know what they say:  “We teach what we most need to learn,” and “teach to master.”  Being a Holistic Nutrition & Detox Coach is an excellent way to reinforce what’s important to you, to build a self-support system that takes care of your health, while being in service to others.  To ensure taking good care of yourself, do what you love that supports your own self-care and growth as a priority.
2. Assist To Transform Lives
Imagine yourself contributing to others while feeling on track with your own health and well-being. Imagine witnessing others benefit from your experience and education – and feeling supremely satisfied knowing that your self-care, dedication, and actions are helping others while you are building your business. Not much is ultimately more satisfying than contributing to others, especially when you are coming from a place of self-love.
3. Create Livelihood from Purpose & Passion
Having benefited tremendously from your own health path, the natural urge is to share your passion with others. Whether you choose to make money from coaching or not, to realize your true power in the world as a healing force in service to others is to live in greatness - and purpose. Take care of yourself not only in body and being but also financially and while helping others.
4. Cultivate Your Own Voice and Expertise
Learning from others, from life, studies, your body -- sets the stage for your own voice and unique expertise to emerge. Coach to gain access to the teachings within you. Tap the fountain of your own knowledge, and keep it flowing! Give expression to what you naturally carry within you, and grow it while opening the pipeline to your highest potential. In doubt? With our Teacher Training, this will change, as you grow. Allow yourself to be supported, and let Dr. Amy hold your hand - to what you know you're capable of.
5. Coach Family & Friends, Start Your Own Business or Enhance Your Current Practice
Practically speaking, coaching enables you to feel confident sharing your passion and purpose with others. Your holistic nutrition and detox education offers you a solid foundation to move along as you choose: casually contribute to others, build your own business, or add nutrition and detox into your current business model. It's your choice... make it a viable revenue stream, and/or do it just for the love of it.
100% Save + Secure. We value your privacy.
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect to get out of this program?
Wow, so many things!  Here’s an overview:
  - Number one, to build confidence and feel empowered to go for your dreams.
  - How to augment your current practice with 2+ viable revenue streams.
  - Inspiration to start your own business.
  - An accredited certificate to set you on course for fulfilling your goals.
  - Build a strong knowledge base and learn how to effectively teach.
  - Learn business skills to put your dreams into action.
  - Connect with a like-minded community where life-time friendships and even business partnerships are often made.
  - Discover how to craft your uniqueness into fulfilling livelihood, that only you can do.
  - Better health for life.
  - Help friends and family.
  - Be an inspiration.
  - Living your truth.
How is the program taken?
Weekly classes (on,  2 Bali retreats (optional), and a 3 course online study that includes video and quizzes, that’s self-paced.  You can finish the online course work anytime… sometimes people take a few years to finish it, and that’s fine with us, it’s up to you (finishing the online study in necessary to become certified).
Can students miss weekly classes?
Yes, 3 classes are allowed to be missed. If a students needs to miss more, they need to be in touch with Dr. Amy, as she becomes concerned if a student isn’t coming to class.
What if a student cannot make a weekly commitment?
That’s ok prearranged. You can watch the videos in your own time, all weekly classes are recorded.
What if I can’t make it to Bali?
No problem, you will still learn loads.
Do students work independently or with a group?
Mainly independently, though we connect each person with a study buddy. Our group work is in class and on retreat.
How is this program different from other similar courses?
We love this question…
  - Our focus is not only on science. It is also on understanding why we use food in relation to how we live, what we go through - and how we feel - for reward, pleasure, and even when eating is used for punishment or negative reinforcement.
  - Emotions, lifestyle, relationships, and stress directly affect how we take care of ourselves. In this course, we study and investigate not only facts; we also consider how emotional and mental health affects physical health. We explore why we do what we do - in terms of how we use food and take care of self - in relation to personal challenges, family and social dynamics, managing stress, and ultimately, regarding cultivating healthy habits.
  - Our groups are small and intimate. We create a caring, supportive, and held environment that allows for heightened learning.
  - Senior students act as mentors to help guide and support new students. We believe support is paramount to growing and being the best version of self.
  - It’s more than a course with lots to learn. It’s also a place to be personally supported and guided, not only professionally.
  - We invite highly selected experts in the field to support and educate you as well. Experience has taught us that students thrive best with a well-rounded education that other supportive teachers offer.
  - Though we teach about food and detox, our approach is much more than that . . . as we feel that health is bigger than what we eat and don’t eat.
  - We’re not here to teach you a doctrine, but rather to provide a versatile and strong curriculum that supports your education and thus enable you to determine what’s right for you. 
  - Taking our work quite seriously and professionally, we also like to have fun and to keep things inspired and joyful.
  - Our students are international. We attract an eclectic group people from around the world who share a passion for the same topic, yet bring their own unique cultural flavor to the group.
How many people are in a program?
Under 15
How many intakes a year do you offer?
Twice yearly. Usually in January, then again in September.
How much personal attention do I receive?
As much as you need, really. Besides our weekly classes and Bali retreats, you’ll be supported with:
  - a study buddy
  - a mentor
  - sessions with Dr. Amy as needed and her personal Whatsapp number so you can reach out anytime.
What’s included in the year-long program?
The program is broken down into 3 parts:
1. Mentorship - with Dr. Amy, one on one as needed, and via WhatsApp.  This covers both emotional support, and helping students to learn and grow with the course content. This also includes the weekly group educational classes.

2. 3 online courses - take in your own time, from anywhere.  Take as much time as you need to finish.  They never expire. Some students finish within the year of the course, and some don’t. It’s up to you.  These 3 courses help build your science base and comprehension of nutrition and detox:  Coach (6 months course) - learn the fundamental building blocks, Facilitator (3 month course) - learn how to facilitate lifestyle changes, relationship challenges, and emotional issues associated with upgrading personal habits, Teacher (3 month course) - learn teaching and presentation skills, plus business basics.  The online work is  not set on course with the 2 hour class we do each
week together as a group.  That is separate content.  We know from experience that many students won’t take the online part of the course, and that’s ok. Though it is required in order to become certified.  

3. 2 Bali retreats - come as a student on the first retreat, then as an intern on the second. We offer two retreats per year. You’re welcome to attend both in the year of your training, or whenever you can in subsequent years, so long as the course is being held.  Not able to make it to Bali?  No problem, that’s the case with some of our students. You’ll still get a full education in year without it.  We do recommend attending live if you can - it’s well worth the trip!
Is the course accredited?
Yes, by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners).
What can I do with my certificate once I graduate?
Besides greatly improving your health and life, here’s what some of our students have used their new expertise:
  - to augment a current practice: add nutrition and detox to your current work (for example, a doctor or yoga teacher offers this work in addition to their current services).  Create another revenue stream, and empower your clients to achieve long-term results.
  - start your own nutrition and detox consultancy service,
  - consult with clients one-on-one and as a part of your groups
  - teach classes, workshops, and retreats
  - teach on other retreats and at centers, and
  - write detox protocols/offerings - while overseeing them.
  - cater food for events
  - write menus for restaurants.
  - open your own center, restaurant, juice bar, etc.
  - become known as an expert
  - gain knowledge for your own health and for helping friends and family.

The possibilities are endless!
How do I reconnect? I did your raw chef course in Bali 5 years ago and cannot tell you how much it has changed my life. I am very keen to do your 1-year teacher training next year and would like to be involved in the retreat.
Wonderful! Since you’ve already been on one retreat, then you can either retake the retreat since it’s been a while - or if you feel confident, you can step right into the internship. You can talk with Dr. Amy about this directly.
What do I learn as an intern on a Bali retreat?
Over 3 weeks, you learn to run the back end of a raw food chef training, detox course, and teacher training course. You also learn the logistics a retreat leader faces (time management, planning, ordering and supplier relations, staff management, operations, etc), combined with building confidence to oversee operations, while teaching, and holding the hearts students. Learn how to take care of the students, while also taking care of yourself!
Is the training entirely focussed on plant-based food? Is it all vegan and/or raw?  I am currently NOT plant-based or vegan, so I am really looking for a course that can teach me how to support others who aren't, too. I'm not sure I would be able to learn about that aspect in the course and it's important to me, what do you think?
Though we are plant-, vegan- and raw-based, we don’t persuade people into one approach over another, although we do provide a comprehensive education that helps students make their own choices. The fact is, of course, no one diet is forever, for anyone. We understand that different foods may be needed at different times in a person’s life. It’s not necessary to be plant based, vegan or raw to take this course. We study the pros and cons equally of animal and plant foods, cooked and raw. We support students to understand when - and in what form - certain foods may be helpful or hindering depending on constitution and life circumstances. We feel that as we prepare you to coach, it is important to be well-versed to speak broad, yet precise, health language that targets a client’s health needs - physically and emotionally first - then supportively with diet and with detox second.
How much time per week is needed to be effective with this training?
We suggest at least 3 hours.
Who is this program not for?
Well…. people who:
  - are only looking for a science course
  - view health only physically, not within the mind, body, spirit framework
  - don’t show up
  - aren’t seeking a community-based experience.
  - behave in a negative, narcissistic way
  - don’t want to grow, open up, and evolve… the challenged are welcome (we’re all challenged!).
  - are nay sayers
  - behave like know-it-alls
  - are whiners
What level of experience do I need to take this course?
None! Complete beginners are welcome, you just need a commitment and passion to grow and learn!
I’ve studied quite a bit, is there anything new for me to learn in this training?
Likely, as Dr. Amy - who’s has created all the curriculum - has a different way of teaching.  To be sure though, write her personally ( and let her know your credentials and background, along with why you’re seeking out training.  She’ll let you know if she thinks this course can benefit you.
Is this course only for creating a business, or can I take it just for myself?
First and foremost, this course is designed as a personal experience for one’s own education and growth. So yes, it’s ideal for just your own growth. We have many students who take it just for this purpose.
Do you offer payment plans?
In some circumstances, yes. Drop a line to, and tell us your circumstances in one brief paragraph, and we will consider it.
Did we cover everything on your mind?  If not drop us a line, and we’ll get right back with you.
100% Save + Secure. We value your privacy.
© 2019 Copyright Amy Rachelle, ND & Nu-De. All rights reserved.
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