A Rite of Passage: The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Lead Your Boy into Manhood.
Stephen Meeks 
Founder of Manabouts.com
"If you want to lead a boy into manhood (and know you’re doing it right)....follow someone who has done it before."
About the "Manabouts Course"
Twenty years ago, when my first son was approaching thirteen, something in my gut told me time was slipping away and I needed to do something proactive and bold to make sure that I, hid dad, and not his teenage locker-room buddies or the pop culture, was preparing him for manhood.

Well, as I said, this all started 20 years ago, when I really had very little idea of what to do, I just knew my son was moving toward a pivotal age and, as his dad, I needed to do something. But honestly, I was at a loss of WHAT that something should be. I knew I wanted it to be good....actually, I wanted it to be GREAT, but what was “it”?  

In my case, because I had no other options, I did the only thing I knew to do at the time. It went well enough, but with each son that followed, I learned more, our father-son “man- trip”improved, and my sons benefitted from my trips with their brothers. After twenty years of learning and experience, it dawned on us that we had something to share. At last, we had what I actually needed back at the beginning! We had discovered a tool to help men lead their boys through their first giant step into manhood. For those who wanted to do that right the first time, and avoid the twenty-year learning curve, we prepared a book and then an entire video course that makes the learning faster and the experience richer for men and their boys.

The Manabouts Course is everything we have learned rolled into one easy-to-understand, logically-laid-out format. Borrowing the ancient forms of the Aboriginal “walkabout” rite of passage, we have developed a Western and Christ-centered version based on our experiences called “a manabout.”
Hear from Dr. Terry S. Smith on why fathers need this:
The Manabouts Course ensures a boy’s first step into manhood is the RIGHT ONE
In this course you learn:  
  • How to plan, prepare for, and lead your boy’s rite of passage.
  •  How to get your boy excited about going on the trip with you.
  •  How to initiate/strengthen/restore communication with your boy.
  •  How to rescue him from the 3 lies that destroy most men’s lives.
  •  How to call him to the 5 core commitments that will guide his manhood.
  •  How to you’ll pass your tradition to your future generations.
  •  ...And a few things about yourself you really need to know to be a better dad or mentor.
My Dad was an alcoholic, that means I had limited skills in a lot of areas, but, to his credit and my benefit, he taught me to fish, but unfortunately, not to boat (More on that later in this story). Just before Daniel turned 13, I had been listening to psychologist Dr. James Dobson’s material on adolescence. Not being much of a reader, I preferred listening on cassette tapes (Yep. I’m that old.) One of his examples caught my attention: The designing of a special occasion to invite your son to make a commitment to sexual purity. I knew the inherent physical and psychological dangers of sexual promiscuity and wanted my son to avoid them. So, I combined Dr. Dobson’s thoughts and my dad’s training and invited Daniel on a special trip (fishing!) where I’d talk to him about this commitment.
He accepted my invitation and we had a total blast! He also committed himself to purity (and stuck with it!). That would have met all my expectations, but more happened. On the trip, we experienced some “unexpected things”, and those unexpected things we stumbled upon were  
the “somethings” I’d sensed I needed to do for my son all along! Those serendipities were game changers in our relationship, and once home, my next son picked up on them. Two years later, he and I took the same trip, except this time I was planning to do more than ask him to commit to sexual purity. At that point, I thought I had the boy-to-man thing all worked out, but learned otherwise.

Like I said, Dad didn’t teach me much (anything) about boating and the first afternoon on the water I proved it. About 5 miles from the launching dock, we flipped our canoe! Hypothermia was a real risk, and if not for some quick thinking and a nearby island, we’d have faced a serious medical emergency. But this drew Caleb and me closer, and I learned an important lesson on how to lead boys into manhood. (Besides, that I should avoid killing or maiming them or myself!)

Those days were challenging, but now, my sons and I are giving dads what we wish we’d known back there 20 years ago, and these men are telling us that their results are as powerful and deep as our own. Most men don’t have a 20-year learning curve to work with; they’d rather hear from someone who did the trial and error (especially the error!), and get from them how to lead their boys. Most men want to be good fathers, and they are looking for the GREAT stuff for their kids. Until recently, we didn’t realize what we’d discovered and how badly it is needed.

But, just to be sure that what we’d learned was as effective for other dads and it had been for us, we tested it. Here is what one father and his boys had to say about the manabout we guided them on.
Hear from those who have done it!
Just watch the short 2 minute video testimonial below:
The boys and their dad are in complete agreement that the trip was a great step in their relationships and, for the boys, a determined step into manhood.

For our family, the manabout trip is now part of the fabric of our family. My boys are grown now. Two have sons of their own and excitedly anticipate the day they’ll initiate them into manhood. As for me, though my sons are grown, it’s not over! I will take my future son-in-law on the same trip, and meanwhile, I am ushering a few father-absent boys into manhood in the summers.

If you are an older man, or just a guy willing to help a boy who’s dad is not involved, there is a TON of good you can accomplish with our course!
Both fathers and mentors can lead boys to take his leap into manhood using the Manabouts Course. With this course....
 Remove the 3 primary causes of failure for men
Children, by age 12, generally come to some conclusions in three key areas of their lives; almost always these conclusions are in error. These misunderstandings are at the root of reasons boys fall into addiction, sexual promiscuity, rebellion, low esteem, and worse. In a special video, we peel back the layers to discover these false scripts and replace them. The sooner these lies are discovered and replaced, the better the outcomes for the boy.
LEAD your son in sexual purity
If your main, or only, concern, as was mine to begin with, is that your son will commit himself to sexual purity, I’ll show you exactly what I did that worked for ALL four of my sons. That’s a 100% success rate. Where else is that claim possible? This alone is worth the your effort, but there is MUCH more.
Know the 5 absolutely-key conversations
Every dad should have with his boy. We cover them in depth so that before you leave your driveway, you know exactly WHAT you’ll talk about, WHEN you’ll do it, and HOW you’ll say it. There will be no guessing. You’ll know you are having the RIGHT CONVERSATIONS. We help you have them in the most natural and easiest way, and even do some of the the heavy lifting for you!
A healthy, respectful relationship will be formed between you and your boy.
Even if you enter with some distance between you, we help you bridge that gap. Getting a boy to talk, or even figuring out for yourself how to talk to him can be challenging, so we guide you through a way to initiate, strengthen, or restore communication and bridge any previous distance in the relationship between you and your boy.
Be confident with a plan in hand in just a few hours
We take the intimidating task of creating a rite of passage and break it down into simple, doable, easy steps. Most of the thinking done for you cuts the stress levels and the time investment waaaaaay down. When you’ve completed this course, all you’ll have to think about is packing and the great time you two are going to enjoy!
Equip for every moment of your manabout
“What will we DO?” is a natural question, and it is covered it thoroughly through discussion, teaching, options, examples, and suggestions. But you won’t just hear from us...you’ll also benefit from the experiences and fresh creative ideas of other Manabouts Dads!
Sharpen yourself and move to the next level as a father and mentor
A full line up of bonus material, just for dads, provides insights and helps for YOU so you’ll be better prepared for your boy.
Get your sons buy-in (on both levels)
Getting your boy excited about taking a rite of passage trip with you is the first step, but you are inviting him to something much greater than a father-son outing. What you REALLY want is for him to make a bold decision about becoming a man. We’ll show you how you can get his buy-in....and we even talk about what to do if he does NOT want to take the trip with you.
 Develop a true legacy
While we provide the pattern, you provide the specifics so that your manabout belongs to you and your family. Like a coat of arms, the things you do and say on your trip will be an heirloom-quality event your boys will anticipate leading their sons on. You will actually design your own family rite of passage that will be experienced by future generations. Great-great-grandsons will be told of you and how you initiated the first Manabout in their family-line.
3 Easy Steps to Launch Your Boy Into Manhood
Our Manabouts Course is a fast and effective way to lead your boy into manhood. The Course is delivered digitally so you get it immediately and is in both text and video formats. On your phone or computer you can watch the videos in your office or home. It is designed so that when you’re done, you literally have “A Plan In Hand” that makes sure leading your boy into the adventure of manhood is not left to locker-room boys, the culture, or to guess-work. The course makes it simple and easy for you.
1) Download Materials/View the Videos
2) Print the Notes and Complete the Home Assignments
3) Complete Your "Plan-in-Hand" and Go!
When you’ve completed the Manabouts Course, you will not only know WHAT to do, but HOW and WHEN to do it. Probably, like me, you feel time slipping away every day. Because this doesn’t need to be put off any longer. Everything is prepared.
I can’t imagine why any dad would turn his boy over to locker-room chatter, or the liberal media, or any one else to lead his son; can you? It’s a father’s place -- and sometimes a mentor’s duty -- to walk a boy through the doors of manhood. Personally, I want him watching me. I want to answer his questions. The risk is too high, and the moment too important to entrust to anyone else.
Because it is such an important event, it is vital to be on target. The learning curve of trial and error is a costly one in this matter. Taking the best insights from those who’ve gone before is smart, and reduces both the learning curve and the potential for providing less than the best opportunity for your boy’s leap into adulthood.
On the other hand....
Fatherhood failure is devastating. The National Center for Fathering published a 2017 article The Extent of Fatherlessness that, “In short, fatherlessness is associated with almost every societal ill facing our country’s children.”
Not just parental involvement, but involvement by the father has been considered in studies in recent years. The findings are indisputable that a boy with a disengaged dad is at high risk.

     • 85% of youths in prison came from fatherless homes
     • 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions 
     • 75% of all patients in drug abuse centers were fatherless. 
     • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. 

Sadly, the numbers are comparable in other areas like behavioral disorders, educational failure, and even the rate of suicide!

But when dad is engaged....things turn around! There is not such thing as a perfect parent, but present, involved dads make a world of difference for their kids.

While the ideal time to lead a boy is around 12-14 years old. Delay allows anything that’s lurking underneath to worsen. We only get one shot with each child and their slate is only clean for a limited time. Attitudes are increasingly difficult to change with each passing year. While anytime is better than never, the best time to act is now. If that is 12, then act; if that is 25, then FOR SURE ACT! Procrastination not only creates more work in the future it misses an opportunity.

As a caring father, you can do SO much for your boy to guide him and protect him safe from the destructive forces faced by children who’s dads can’t, don’t, or won’t lead them. The Manabouts Course makes your task easier and more convenient than ever by literally placing all our successes at your fingertips for less than a couple of tickets and parking to a 76er’s game or the cost of a day for the two of you at Six Flags! You’d expect that setting the course of a young man’s life would involve so much more.
I asked my sons to give their feedback from the trip. This is what they answered:
Daniel (33)
"Loved this soooo much!  Made a huge impact on my life and I can’t wait to take my son!."
"When my dad launched me, miraculously, up on that capsized canoe with one hand, I thought, 'My dad is amazing!'"
Caleb (30)
Benjamin (23)
"Just me and my dad out in the wilderness....and it was all for ME! I was forever changed by that trip."
"My brothers went before I did so I was REALLY pumped about going too. I can’t tell you how grateful I am Dad did this for us."
Josh (17)
About the Meeks Men:
I’m Stephen Meeks and I’m pictured here with my four sons. (I’m the one in the middle. Ha.) We’re the guys who’ve actually tested the stuff in The Manabouts Manual and developed this course from all we learned.

By profession, I’m a little of many things: speaker, author, a licensed counselor, church planter, preacher, small scale farmer, and I know enough carpentry to build your house but not enough auto mechanics to repair your car (or mine). This bundle of skills and experiences have been necessary to keep our family fed and me enough time to keep my family a priority.
I have books in the works and dreams beyond what I can do, but above all, I have a hope after this life. This hope and the joy and wisdom that have come in my pursuit of it are at the core of the Manabouts Course. Our hope is the driving purpose behind what my sons do in life...even our farming and carpentry are rooted in this hope.

Because of this hope, I want to be sure you are COMPLETELY satisfied with your Manabouts Course. If it doesn’t prove effective for you, we do not want you burdened unnecessarily. My sons and I offer you a “100% MONEY- BACK RISK-FREE GUARANTEE.” Wow! That’s a mouth full! Here is our offer in writing....
Your Manabouts Course can include as much or a little as you choose...
Basic Course
Complete Course
Advanced Course
  •  An Introductory Video
  •  The Manabouts Manual
  •  Course Notes
  •  Home Assignments
  •  The Plan-in-Hand
  •  Interactive Membership in our FB Group
  •  An Introductory Video
  •  7 Video Modules
  •  3 Bonus Videos
  •  6 Audio Messages to kickstart conversations on the trip.
  •  The Manabouts  Manual 
  •  Course Notes
  •  Home Assignments
  •  The Plan-in-Hand
  •  Interactive Membership in our FB Group
  •  An Introductory Video
  •  7 Video Modules
  •  3 Bonus Videos
  •  6 Audio Messages to kickstart conversations on the trip.
  •  The Manabouts  Manual 
  •  Course Notes
  •  Home Assignments
  •  The Plan-in-Hand
  •  Interactive Membership in our FB Group
  •   3 LIVE sessions with Stephen Meeks (A Total of 1 Full Hour with the author of The Manabouts Manual to answer your specific questions and issues. Sessions can be via phone or Skype.)
Cheering for you men out there best for their families. We need worked so hard to prepare this material. We know it works. We want others to experience the thrill of it too. 

Like we said at the start, “If you want to who are always looking to do and be their more men like you, that’s why we have lead a boy into manhood....and know you’re doing it right....follow someone who has done it before.” You can do this. We’d like the opportunity to help.
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