God's Making of a Culture Shaper

Are you fulfilling the larger story of your life? 

Are you living for a cause greater than yourself?

Are you in a "Joseph" adversity season in your life?

This webinar is for you!

Discover God's processes for bringing you into the larger story of your life.

Please join me for a free  webinar to discover God's processes for bringing you into His purpose for your life. You'll discover how God uses often difficult circumstances to bring you into His larger story of your life. And you will learn important keys to breakthroughs in your life from other leaders. 

     In this Free 50 minute web class, you will discover:
  • Why God often allows a vision to die first before He fulfills it.
  • The DNA of a culture shaping follower of Jesus
  • Insights from 7 culture shapers leaders
  • How one man single-handedly discipled the nation in liberalism
  • Why the 7 cultural mountains of influence are key to influence culture
  • Why it only takes 3-5% of a leadership operating at the top of a cultural mountain to shift culture
  • 5 atttributes of culture shaping
  • The 6 stages God takes his leaders through to fulfill their purpose. 
  • Plus so much more - this is a free class, not to be missed!
"Over the last 25 years I have discovered some major life lessons on the topic of living the larger story of our lives. These lessons can help you fulfill God's destiny for your life and marketplace call."
Os Hillman

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