Strategic Stripping
do you want to know how the best of the best 
make money in the strip club?
"Good things come to those who wait.... 
but only the things that are left behind by those who Hustle"
Learn to Hustle on the Go! 
Listen before or after work for some $$$ insights, or when you want some positive programming 💕
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Working to achieve financial freedom
Deciding to become an entertainer was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
It led to a life of lots of cash, 
one way ticket vacationing, eating anywhere I wanted, 
doing almost anything I wanted, 
being able to go to many multiple thousands of dollars worth of conferences 
and events that helped shape my life.... 
meeting incredible people at those events... 
It gave me time to see my family whenever I wanted, and become whoever I wanted.

Dancing also led to me drinking and partying a lottt though.
Every day was a party....

I've made a ton of mistakes. 

I've had a ton of wins.

I've learned way too much not to share what I know.

I'm not financially free yet, I still work, 
but I have the time to study the most successful people in the world, 
and to share that info on a regular basis. 

I'm passionate about teaching  ladies how I've made incredibly good money, so that if they're up for the challenge.... they can hustle, save, get out of debt, and invest for their future. 
A lot of dancers wake up 10 years from the day they started.... 
having made TONS of money.... and yet, have nothing to show for it.
I want to do my best to help direct you down the right path so that you
can make your dancing career one of the best decisions you've ever made 💕

Why do I want to help you? You might be wondering....
I explain it in the video above...
But it boils down to I want to live in a better world.

I want abundance for everyone....
because there's way more than enough to go around for everyone....
I'm very empathic... and seeing others struggle hurts my heart...

Which is why I've been teaching online for free for 2 years now.
I never planned to monetize on this project....
But I've come to the point that I want to take this much further...
and I have so much going on in my personal life,
that if I don't monetize this, 
I'm not going to make the time for it.
Plus.... I know you'll get more out of it as well being invested in it.
You'll pay more attention, and we can have deeper one on one conversations.

I'm a radical optimist. I believe there can be abundance for literally everyone on earth. 
And I believe the more powerful women there are (which in huge part requires money), 
the more the world will become a loving, compassionate, and abundant place for everyone.

That's my goal. 
To inspire women to become independent & make the world better 💕

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