How to Start + Grow Your Podcast
a self-paced video course by Made of Magic: The Podcast host Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth
Okay so, you want to start a podcast (or you've recently started one) and you're overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS because, duh, one google search will send you down the proverbial rabbit hole of a million different ways to start and grow a podcast. Trust me, I get it. So, I put this course together because HONESTLY it's not as hard as it looks. I'm not kidding. When I started my podcast a year ago I literally had no idea what I was doing. I just put it together, put it out into the world, and figured it out as I went. BUT NOW...looking back...I know what worked and what didn't. I put together this course to let you in on everything I did and didn't do, exactly what you need to get started, and how I've been able to grow The Girl Kind Podcast organically to over 111K downloads in its first year.
I feel like this is where most of us get stuck - the actual HOW TO get started. I'm sharing exactly what equipment you'll need, what software I use, how to record, where to edit, how to create your artwork, how to get on iTunes, what works and what doesn't and how to build up anticipation pre-launch!!
The first few weeks-month are REALLY important in the podcasting launch world. I'm going to guide you through the process of launching and how to strategically increase your chances of getting your podcast on the iTunes top charts!! And then the fun part...long-term, consistant, organic growth and community building.
I get asked all the time how I get people onto my podcast and how exactly I prep + facilitate interviews. Interviews are one of the fastest ways to grow so I'm guiding you through how to bring on aligned interviewees and I'm giving you my top tips for making interviews feel easy and natural.
EVERYONE wants to know if/how you can make money podcasting. Not a straight forward answer so I'm diving into the main ways you can monetize your podcast, how and when to reach out to sponsors, what they look for, and what I've decided to do for Made of Magic.
I mean, it wouldn't be my course if I didn't add in a little mindset and manifestation magic, right? Like I said up there...mindset is everything...especially with things that sometimes take time to show you evidence that they're "working". I'm giving you some of my tips and practices for moving through the tough stuff, smashing self-doubt, and doing the thing magically anyway.
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of courses that just show a PowerPoint and not the hosts face so I decided to create downloadable PDF's with all my juicy insider information, tips, tricks, and strategies so I can talk you through them in each video!!
I'm Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth and I'm an Intuition + Manifestation Mentor for Women and Host of Made of Magic: The Podcast. I get asked ALL THE TIME for tips and tools on how to get started and how to grow your podcast so I finally put it all together in one magic place. This course has everything you need to know, in the simplest ways, to start + grow your podcast now. Can't wait to show you. 
Can I be honest? Okay, cool.
People always want to know, “Why did you start a podcast?”, "Where did you get the idea?", "How did you pick the name?"... those kinds of questions. And the honest truth? I have no idea! One day I intuitively had the idea and feeling that a podcast was the thing I was meant to do. I needed to reach the women I was meant to reach and create the community I was meant to create.
So, I did.

That's it.

YES, these tips, tricks, and strategies will help you start and grow your podcast. OBVIOUSLY...but...there are 3 things that will not only help you start + grow your audience, but continuously build a gorgeous community: Intention, mindset, YOU.

Podcasting is the LONG game. That’s what I always tell people who want to start a podcast. It has been the MOST rewarding and the MOST beautiful way to build community for me, however, it didn't come easy and blow up from the beginning. It took consistency, it took courage, it took commitment.

So...get ready, babe.

This thing is going to be NEXT LEVEL, if you're ready for it to be.

With the best intentions.

Spark conversation + share your voice with the world.

We need it now more than ever.

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  •  Opportunity to add a 1:1 45-Minute Session with Stephanie to ask any follow-up questions you have specific to your podcast!!
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