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Salon Pro Rx is the most comprehensive salon education platform in the world. On-line training for for all skill levels. Never stop learning.
No major time commitment
In as little as 10-15 minutes a day you can train with some of the most talented and successful salon professionals in the business. 
Acquire more clients & improve retention
earn proven tactics on how to attract new clients and keep them in your chair.
Manage and motivate your staff
Gain insights and strategies to help keep your team engaged, motivated and accountable.
Grow All Areas of Your Business
Salon Pro Rx offers 400+ video training modules covering Cutting, Color, Styling, Men's, Make-up, Guest Services, Business Strategies and more.

Refresh on a skill set or learn a new technique in as little as 10-15 minutes a day. With our free phone app you can train with us anytime, anywhere, even off-line. 

Salon owners will learn how to grow their business through our Business Strategies modules which cover Guest Services, Management, Communication, Teamwork and more.

If you're managing Education for your salon team SPRx has a great reporting feature that will allow you to stay on top of and track your team's progress.
No commitments. Cancel anytime.
Test drive Salon Pro Rx before you commit. Start your free trial today and get a 7-day "all-access" pass to the most comprehensive salon education site in the world.
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Learn From the Best
Jon Reyman is a hair stylist, educator, and collaborative partner to some of the most influential designers in the industry. He’s worked with Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Nautica, Carolina Herrera and much more. He leads up to 20 shows during Fashion Week working with teams in New York, London, and Paris.

Jon Reyman has been the go-to stylist for beauty editors in New York and Los Angeles.

Jon Reyman has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Refinery 29, The Hollywood Reporter, and Into The Gloss. He has made guest appearances on E!, The TLC Network, Access Hollywood, and Bravo TV.

More Benefits

As a Salon Pro Rx member you can watch as many full length videos as you like. Everything is at your own pace. We add new content regularly so there is always something new and exciting.

Should you have any questions or challenges we have a live customer support team available to you (Mon-Fri) 9am to 5pm PT by phone or email.

Not feeling motivated? Like many gyms, Salon Pro Rx offers one-on-one training programs with SPRx certified trainers to help keep you focused accountable and on track. Click here for details. Click here for details.

Learn how to give a proper consultation and build a maintenance plan you and your guest will feel confident about.

Learn the basics about coloring from single process to toners to coloring textured hair.

Learn Grey blending to advanced progressive color, you will experience new techniques to everyday challenges.
Learn or review multiple ways to blow dry, diffuse, flat iron, create curl, and produce traditional finished looks.

Up Styling will also introduce you to creating ponytails and various types of braids, helping you to create more complex styles.

Learn complex techniques like braiding, pinning, smoothing, creating curls, backcombing, and ponytails.

Learn complex techniques like braiding, pinning, smoothing, creating curls, backcombing, and ponytails.

Learn the best techniques to use to cater to your specific hair type, whether dealing with straight, curly or fine hair
Learn different techniques that you can use on men’s haircuts with clippers, shears and texturizing shears.

Learn techniques needed to build a haircut that enables you to work more efficiently.

Learn body positioning, how to cut quickly and efficiently, how to fix bad haircuts, manage texture, density, weight, and length.

Learn how to hold your body, hold the razor, and how to create a razor haircut from start to finish.

Learn how to manage, shape, and cut all types of naturally curly hair.

Learn different techniques that can be used on short, medium, and long hair.

Learn different techniques for various eye shapes and sizes.

Learn the best makeup looks for your age by learning these tips and tricks.

Learn different ways to creating your makeup look for any occasion.

Play with these trends and perfect them for a modern, updated makeup look.

Learn tips and tricks to create effortless looks in 5 minutes or less.
Product & Tools
Here you will learn about hair care, products, different types of tools, and various techniques for controlling it.This module includes two courses:

‘Understanding Products’ Course: You will learn how to diagnose hair, understand products, and make the most of your tools. This is the foundation to creating beautiful results.

‘Know Your Tools’ Course: To properly control hair, you need tools that are strong enough, to help you get your desired result. For professional results, use professional tools.
Business Strategies To Grow Your Business
Being business savvy is essential to your success. It all depends on developing your clientele.

In this course you will learn invaluable business strategies that are crucial to your success, focused on consultation, communication and selling.
Guest Services
In this course, we’re going to dive in to the fundamentals of guest services. You’ll learn how to follow expectations, internalize your salon menu, explain salon pricing, find solutions, and address your guests needs.

You’ll also learn how to build relationships with your service provider and assist with product recommendations and pre-booking.
In this module, you will learn how to manage your salon and create a healthy culture and salon system that is based on mastery, purpose, and self direction.

These courses focuses on transparent communication and creates a framework for successful salon management.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer personalized coaching on how to use the system?
We have a team available to help you implement any of the tools on SalonProRX, create your own programs to meet the unique needs of your business and use SalonProRX to your salon’s advantage. Drop Customer Support Specialist at line at to get started.
Can I talk with someone before I sign up?
Of Course! We are always happy to answer any questions concerning the curriculums, how to’s, and pretty much any questions you have concerning this amazing education tool.
Do I have to sign a contract or is membership month to month?
Salon Pro RX memberships are month to month. We do not have any contract and you can discontinue your membership at any time.
Can I take a video tour of the system?
Yes! We have created special video tours for both Stylists and Managers. Check them out.
Is there a way to restart a user’s progress?
Go to the Quick Links Menu, and select Manage Users. Select the name of the user from the dropdown menu, or search for the user by name, and go to their user profile. Click on the Preferences tab, and then click Reset In-Progress Chapters to start them over from the beginning
How do I inform a user that their account has been updated or changed?
After you make your changes to the user profile, select Email User After Account Update before you click Update Account and save your changes. Make sure the user’s email information is up to date.
How do I close a user’s Salon Pro RX account?
Go to the Quick Links Menu, and select Manage Users. Select the name of the user from the dropdown menu, or search for the user by name, and go to their user profile. Under Account Information, switch the Active User setting from Yes to No. Click on Update Account at the bottom of the page to close the account.

We understand that employee turnover is a natural part of doing business. You have complete control over who can access your system, and you can revoke or suspend those privileges at any time.
Can I train more than one person with the same username?
No. The certification process keeps track of your progress in order to certify a single user.
Can I start training today?
Absolutely. Go to the Pricing tab above for complete details, or take a tour and start with our free 14-day trial offer today. We have also created a short video on how to enroll today.
How reliable is the training technology?
While the unexpected can happen, we have a 99% reliability record. If you experience a glitch or problem, please contact Customer Support at 800-663-0959 (Ext. 802) or
How large is the training library?
There are hundreds of individual modules tailored to specific categories in different areas of expertise, and we are always adding new content. Check out the Courses tab and review all the courses offered on the Salon Pro RX™ system.
What results can my salon expect to see from your training?
While we cannot guarantee results, studies prove that interactive training increases retention and learning by 60%. What we see with our clients is that they get out of the system what they put into it, just like with anything.
Will you be adding more content?
Yes. This is a living system, and we will continue to add new content that will provide different areas of training applicable to consumers and professionals alike. Watch for notifications on the website and the Salon Pro RX weekly newsletter for announcements about new content.
How many times can I watch the modules and are they downloadable?
You can watch and review the modules as many times as you like while you are a paying member. The modules can be streamed on-demand wherever you have Internet access. This even includes your iPad or Smartphone. The modules are not downloadable due to copyright protection and piracy issues.
How do I retrieve my password?
If you forget your username or password, don’t worry—we’ll email it to you. Just provide us with some information here, and we’ll send you your user information.
Need more information about Salon Pro RX? From press inquiries to general "What-if's", we've got your answer. Email us at:
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Would you like to speak with one of our Customer Care team members? We can be reached Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (PST): 1-800-663-0959 ext 802
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