Clip 'n Go
  •  Juice Up: With over 2-weeks of battery life, carrying Panic Tap is easy and convenient. 
  • Clip: An easy to use clip attaches to your property keys to ensure that you have Panic Tap close by everywhere in the community.
  • Go!: With your Panic Tap close at hand you can continue your normal daily routine knowing that you're covered! 
Rapid Activation
  • 3 Second Activation: If you find yourself needing emergency aid, Panic Tap can be activated with an easy 3-second press of the silver "SOS" button. 
  •  2-Way Talk: Once activated, Panic Tap opens up a crystal clear 2-way communication channel with professional emergency responders. 
  •  Streamlined Response: Location technology and response protocols enhance response time, giving staff the fastest method of receiving help while reducing the risk of communication failure during a crisis. 
Industry Leader
  •  Award Winning: Winner of the CWA Award for M2M technology
  • Dedicated to Multifamily: Founded and staffed by multifamily pros, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy for the full life of the partnership. 
  • Proven System: We stand by our product and our emergency protocols by offering lifetime warranties and month-to-month terms. Our goal is to prove ourselves regularly to continue winning your loyalty. 
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