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Would you like to add Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety Hypnosis Scripts to your Helping People Toolkit?
Or Perhaps You just want to experience hypnosis for yourself?
Get certified in Hypnosis with just 2 Amazing days in helping yourself & others more deeply.
Do you get asked if you can help people with specific problems like anxiety, quit smoking and weight loss and just feel you don't yet have a specific process that can do these? 

Are you wanting to overcome your own overwhelm, stress, anxiety and experience a gentle way to find solutions to life's problems?
Have you invested thousands in becoming a coach only to feel like you're not sure what process to use?
Do you experience anxiety and overwhelm yourself, let alone be able to help your clients with these things?
  • Do you have information overload?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the possibilities of processes you could use and then don't see clients at all?
  • I see you. I get it. You feel like learning more could just confuse you even more.
  • Would more learning help? 
  • Does another certification actually help you and allow you to get clients?
Perhaps you've already learnt hypnosis but didn't get specific scripts
for different problems such as  quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety, let go of stress or any specific problem in fact. 
So from all possibilities to help people with...
Which process do you choose? 
And chances are you don't want to spend too much more time or money learning how to apply what you already know!
I remember when I first started coaching 13 years ago, I just went to my favourite techniques and hoped my client would love it too...
Instead of really being with my client and knowing specifically how to help them in the best and most profound way possible. 
I absolutely love NLP! I have been teaching hundreds of people it for 10 years now! 

I love Matrix Therapies even more as it allows me to get to the root of all issues and resolve them at a very deep level! (Thanks Pip McKay, the creator of it!) 

and as I have witnessed hundreds of people deeply transform and awaken to their highest potential, there is a modality I must attribute to the journey I have been on for the last 17 love & gratitude for Hypnosis. 
It is thanks to Hypnosis where My journey into personal development began...
Hi, I'm Lauren and here is a little info about me and how I can help you.

I experienced hypnosis when I was 16 years old that allowed me to overcome years of chronic pain, changing the course of my life forever. It was from this experience onward, I knew in this lifetime it would be my mission to share this feeling of empowerment with as many people as I could to help others realise their infinite potential.

I attended an introduction weekend workshop on NLP in 2005 and felt the calling that NLP is the medium for which I could share the message of empowerment and transformation with others. 

I became certified as an NLP Practitioner just months after experiencing the weekend, learning & teaching ever since, now 14 years later I am a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies along with other modalities such as Hypnosis, Chakra Mindset, and the Universal Laws through Archetypes. 

I have had the honour of travelling all around Australia teaching hundreds of amazing people who say I “transcend age with her wisdom & guidance”. 

I have been the Vice-Chair Person & Secretary, both volunteer Board Member Roles of the Australian Association of NLP as high standards of the NLP field is important to her. She is also a Registered Trainer Member and Clinical Member at the AANLP and a Full Member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).
My Coaching & Training Business Names:
Imagine stepping into your full potential, becoming the person you know you are destined to become! 
See yourself helping your clients to:
 > quit smoking in 1 session

> instantly let go of stress in the body creating ease, healing & happiness 

> speed up the metabolism in a healthy and congruent way in alignment to their body's perfect health blueprint

> connect with their inner wisdom easily & effortlessly so they find their own solutions to their problems walking away from a session feeling empowered and energised in every way

See yourself:
Or If you Are not a coach & don't want to be then just come & make change for yourself!
> Experience the profound feeling of hypnosis & make personal change yourself. 
In fact, you probably know very well it is your Unconscious Mind that changes everything...
And Hypnosis is simply this,
Connecting & building the relationship between your Conscious & Unconscious Mind. 
The Hypnosis 2 Day Certification Training

If you are certified in NLP than you will be certified to use these scripts with the successful completion of this training and further guidance from Hypnosis Trainer, Lauren Jobson. 

And if you haven't done NLP or any other certification then I will give you a Hypnosis Completion Certificate since this training is not just for those who want to use it with clients.

If you don't intend to use Hypnosis with others than this is an amazing experience for anyone to come and make amazing change in their life. To just be learning & experiencing the hypnosis scripts, this is incredibly invaluable. Hypnosis just feels so relaxing so it will be like taking a retreat for your mind, body, and soul. 

2 Day Event – Saturday & Sunday in Sydney 10am to 6pm 12 & 13 OCTOBER 2019

> Symbology Script - Used for Phobias, Confidence, Low Self Esteem etc.
> Symbology Fear & Self Forgiveness Script
> Stress Management Script
> Confidence & Motivation Script
> Pain Management Script
> Weight Management Script
> Quit Smoking Script
> I will teach you how to create your own script for any and every problem!! I will show you the art form of how any great and powerful script is created and we will create your own in the class! 

INCLUDES: Ongoing Support with Hypnosis inquiries from Lauren via email.
It honestly will never be this investment again!
Doors Close to Enrolments in
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
I only have 15 more seats left and I will not offer it at this investment again! I won't teach it again until at least 2021 so I would book your seat today.

The doors are closing for enrolment at the end of September but I will probably sell out before then. Show your unconscious mind you are worth it by taking immediate action in investing in yourself and your success.
Here Are The Different Payment Options For You, So It's Super Easy.
per month for 3 months.
One off payment and save! 
One off payment and save! 
per month for 6 months.
But you don’t have to just take our word for it.
"The difference between many and Lauren is this, while knowledge is a powerful tool to know, without the emotional intelligence, heart centered intuition, and deep understanding of organised thought, that Lauren possesses in abundance, it is just knowledge! Lauren is a gifted person, coach and trainer, who makes a difference.
Her programs are not designed merely by content, they are guaranteed to transform.
I don’t know about you, I’m just so glad that I believed in myself like Lauren believed in me"
"Lauren I just want to let you know how I am going. Thanks to you and other souls (here and in another realm) that have come into my life over the past 4 years helping me to grow. I now have a art studio and am guiding people how to heal through Art. Thank You Thank You Thank You for showing me how to love."
And Some Client Love In Video Form...
So Let's Do This Together!
Let's Move Into 2020 Most Lovingly! What Bold, Beautiful Goals Do You Want To Achieve?
hypnosis can help you achieve anything!
Here Are The Different Payment Options For You, So It's Super Easy.
per month for 3 months.
One off payment and save! 
per month for 6 months.
Doors Close to Enrolments in
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