"We guarantee to sell your home over the average price and under the average time!"
I've spent the last 15 years developing our unique system and process as well as attracting and developing the most incredible real estate professionals I've ever had the privilege to know.  Our proprietary 7 step system takes the guesswork out of selling your home.
Let's talk about how we can get put more money in your pocket!
If you are buying a house, we'll talk about helping you avoid having to compete w/ other offers and how to win if we do.  
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Meet some of the Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team
Megan Crow is an awesome Home Buyer Specialist who loves working with neighborhood buyers, high end / luxury buyers, and the uptown area.
Jeremy Payne loves to compete on his client's behalf and uses our 7 step proprietary system to win for his Dallas area home sellers.  
John Kanicka sells over 10 Million dollars in homes every year.  He has mastered Todd's 7 step system and helped customize it for specific niche areas like luxury homes, golf course homes, and homes on 1-20 acres.
David Goss loves to serve home buyers all over NE DFW.  He grew up in Richardson and has raised children there too.  He loves to find the diamonds in the rough!
  • Our proprietary 7 step system for selling homes Over the average price and Under the average time. 
1. Pre-Inspection: Saves you money three ways and helps control the flow of information putting the seller in a higher leverage position
2. Staging: NOT the same as interior design. Our in house stagers position the house for ideal response during showings and photography.
3. Photography: This is the single most impactful technology used in residential real estate and it is almost always underutilized.
4. Marketing: We market homes three ways. Preemptively, to the broad market, and to multiple niches.
5. Scarcity: The market offers a certain amount of natural scarcity in regard to supply and demand. We'll drive up significantly more scarcity for your benefit.
6. Urgency: The market also offers a certain amount of urgency. We'll show you how to massively increase that driving huge amounts of competition in any      market.
7. Negotiation: We simply have a different definition of negotiation than most agents. Our broker trains agents around the country on our method. It gets          results!
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