Liking Yourself Should Be Easy.
Start believing you are enough, and live the life God intended for you.
Introducing: Confidently She!
or 4 payments of $547
I know what it feels like to pretend nothing bothers you, but inside you're falling apart. 

Let me guess, right now you're...
Always wondering if guys you meet are attracted to you - and "harmlessly" flirting with them for attention.
Poking at the fat on your stomach, calves, and triceps wondering if you should try a cleanse.
Trying to be a version of yourself that will impress other people, not the woman God made you to be.
Doing everything you can to "stay positive" but it's not still feel like you're not good enough.
What if you didn't have to feel this way? Imagine a day where...
Meeting men doesn't send you into a flirting frenzy because you don't need attention to feel whole.
You don't think about looking 'fit' all the time because you appreciate your body for what it does, not how it looks.
Impressing other people isn't important because you put God's view of you first.
You're free from criticism because when negative thoughts creep in, you address them and move on.
It's Time to Quiet Your Inner Critic
and become Confidently She.

Judgement Free Zone
This isn't about 'loving your body' it's about figuring out why your body is taking up so much time in your life. 

Everyone has critical thoughts, we all deal with shame, guilt, and dark stuff keeping us from stepping out boldly for Christ. 

This program is filled with God fearing women who want to support your growth in His grace. Not judge you for not being perfect already.

Get a Real Transformation.
"I used to feel like I didn't belong, but now I'm more open and curious. I feel less alone. Rebekah is so helpful in helping me to find my confidence, with no judgment at all for where I'm at."
Margi Regehr
“For the first time in my whole life someone has said it’s okay to eat things that might be “high in calories” you’ve really helped me remain body positive. You’re changing lives here."
Kaila Vollmer
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  Module 1 - June 4th 2019 @ 6pm CST
  • Identity & Self Worth - Using the 4 phases of the Mindfulness Method (discover, release, rebuild, renew) this training helps uncover where you're getting your identity and self worth right now, how to build it in God's truth, and ways to practice it in your everyday life.
  • Practices & Prompts - Memory mapping. Identity audit & journal prompt. Idol check: are you making your social status an idol? ($1,995 value)
  •  Module 2 - July 9th 2019 @ 6pm CST
  • Becoming More Than a Body - Our identity as women is so wrapped up in our physical appearance. In this training module, we will use the Mindfulness Method to understand what physical traits you're holding onto, where those beliefs are coming from, and how to shift your thinking towards confidence in God's view of your body and soul.
  • Practices & Prompts - Self objectification audit. Intuitive eating guidelines. Exercise overhaul (think differently about moving your body!) Idol check: are you making your body an idol? ($1,995 value)
  •  Module 3 - August 6th 2019 @ 6pm CST
  • Worthiness & Approval - Where do you get your worthiness from? Probably other people. In this training, we'll use the Mindfulness Method to help identify when you're letting the opinions of others influence how you feel, act, and view yourself. Replacing the approval of man with the approval of God.
  • Practices & Prompts - Baller Lists. Safe People Checklist. Confidence Coat of Arms. Idol check: are you making productivity an idol? ($1,995 value)
  •  Module 4 - September 3rd 2019 @ 6pm CST
  • Community Over Competition - How often do you compare yourself to other women? What makes you feel inferior and why? Using the Mindfulness Method, this training module covers how we fall into seeing our sisters in Christ as competition, and why confident women know there's no such thing as competition or rejection.
  • Practices & Prompts - Fear is a Liar journal prompt. Uniquely You Truth Time. Idol check: are you making superiority an idol? ($1,995 value)
  •  BONUS Module - June 16th 2019 @ 7pm CST
  • Dating with Confidence -- ooo yes baby we are talking about how to attract the RIGHT guy for you, confident communication skills, and more! Plus, a little word of caution when it comes to dating for the wrong reasons - you'll hear my background with dating, why I broke off an engagement, and how I made male attention an idol for years.
  • Practices & Prompts - Ideal Guy Checklist. Would I Date Me? journal prompt. Idol check: are you making male attention an idol? ($995 value)
  • BONUS Module - August 18th 2019 @ 7pm CST
  • Confidence in the Workplace -- shy? don't want to speak up in meetings? self conscious about your ideas? NOT ANYMORE. This bonus module and training gives you tangible tips for sharing your ideas, taking credit for them, and navigating office politics, job offers, promotions, and professional relationships with confidence.
  • Practices & Prompts - 4 Confident Ways to Say No. Negotiating Skills Checklist. Idol check: are you making money an idol? ($995 value)
That's a $9,970 program...for just $1997
or 4 payments of $547
Real women, Real transformations

Elsbeth Johnson

Before this program I felt frustration, sadness, kind of hopeless, worried, and just in a funk feeling like I needed to do something but didn’t take that step. 

I felt horrible about how I looked and the changes with my body after my 3rd child. I would look in the mirror and say crappy things about my body. I didn’t want to go out in public much.

At first, I was hesitant to sign up because I wasn't sure if it would be worth the investment. I decided to join because it's so easy to get going! The other option would be seeing a therapist and I didn't feel like doing that.

Now, after taking the program, I feel so much better! I've used some strategies to offer advice to friends and my daughter. I feel more confident and sure of myself. 

Critical thoughts still come into my head, but I am able to stop and think about them and determine what to do with them. I think about things differently. I am more at ease about things and feel empowered. I have forward movement and conviction to continue to make changes.

If you're thinking about joining this program, it's an avenue to begin or continue to become more confident. It’s a stepping stone to finding contentment in the way you look and how you feel. 

It allows you to feel empowered and gives you the tools you need to take on whatever it is that's stopping you from truly feeling at peace with who you are and what you want for your life!

Time for some “Rebekah Realness”
Most women won't sign up.
 But since you're reading this, I'm gonna guess you're not like most people. You're ready to figure out what's going on so you can finally STOP feeling this way! 

You're not afraid to face your inner voice and find the source of your self criticism...because you know God is going to be there with you.

Here's the truth: the thing that makes it scary is also what makes it powerful. The Enemy LOVES telling you it's too hard, it's too scary, you're too far gone. THIS IS NOT TRUE. When you figure out the lies in your head, you have the power to release them and rebuild new ones founded in The Lord's truth.

I've done it, real confidence is worth having.

This program is for YOU if...
✓ You know God made you for a higher purpose than comparing yourself to every woman you just can't figure out how to stop.

✓ Fighting the internal battle between self love and self improvement feels like you're always losing - and getting discouraged along the way.

✓ You're so DONE believing you have to be perfect in order to be at peace with yourself.

✓ You're sick of faking it on the surface and suffering deep down because you doubt yourself even when things go right.

✓ You follow through on your commitments. You're not a flake - and you see JUST how much your insecurities are ruining all the good things in your life.
This program is NOT for you if...
✘ You still think you can do it on your own.

✘ You're too afraid to get honest with yourself about what's causing your insecurities.

✘ You're judgmental of where others are at in their journey.

✘ You think talking about Jesus is weird.

✘ You aren't convinced something like this could actually work.
Good there? Here's what's next!
✓ Click the button to sign up for the program! 

✓ Choose your payment method (one payment of $1997 or 4 payments of $547)

✓ Check your email to get details on the live calls & FB messenger

✓ Mark your calendar for the BEST summer of your life, enjoying the sun on your lovely skin - just the way God intended.
Each module has an hour long video training plus activities. You can expect to spend 4 hours per month going through the program.

No, my podcast covers general topics of body image and self esteem. When you join this program, you get in depth trainings on The Mindfulness Method.

The video trainings will all be recorded and links will be emailed to you. You can save them, download them, and watch them whenever you'd like. You have lifetime access to the materials.

Nope. This summer I'm teaching Confidently She with live trainings - after that the only way to take the course is by watching the recordings. No live Q&A, no FB messenger - join now!

WE START JUNE 4, 2019!
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