Discover How A 26-Year Old Let Go of Perfectionism and Insecurity without Changing the Way She Looks 
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Here I was feeling like I was the only one.

The last 2 years have been the hardest I've ever experiences and at times I felt very very alone. As a woman there were so many things happening to me that MILLIONS of women experience, but here I was feeling like I was the only one. I realized I was holding so tightly onto unrealistic ideals I had of what a "true woman" should be, look like, and feel. It's so good to see someone like Rebekah look at those ideals and say f*ck it.
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The Confidence Kickstart Guide
In this confidence kickstart you'll get 9 audio lessons plus a follow along study guide! You'll discover:
  • How to give yourself permission to feel confident (even in your imperfect body)
  • The impact "skinny guilt" has on your body confidence.
  • Why NO ONE can earn confidence - no matter how beautiful or successful you are.
  • The biggest misconception about confidence that's keeping you wondering, "am I enough?"
  • My instant perspective-shifting question you can use anytime you're feeling like crap.
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I'm at ease in my body & empowered!

Critical thoughts still come into my head, but I'm able to stop and think about them and determine what to do with them. I think about things differently. This gave me the tools to take on whatever is stopping me from truly feeling at peace with who I am.
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