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6 Hidden Secrets of Mantra Healing

-Peaking, Prana, Prosperity, & Peace
"Let us change ourselves then the world will be an interesting game"

- Swami Sukhabodhananda

Swami Sukhabodhanandha
I am on a journey to create excellence in all walks of lifeusing Indian Models & Western Approaches. I invite you to be ready & open to make this change – A soulful invitation to you.
Swamiji Connected to Top People in Multiple Fields …

United Nations 

World Economic Forum

Delhi Daredevils

Think tank – Bank chairmen & CEO

Swami Chinmayananda - Swamiji's Guru

 Swami Dayananda - Swami Sukhabodhananda's Guru

Speaker Dr. S M Ahmed Ex- ISRO Scientist during Swami Sukhabodhananda's workshop at the prestigious University of Hyderabad on 28th of March, 2017.
Dr. S M Ahmed was part of the prestigious space program of Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO viz., Chandrayaan – I, MIP – Moon Impact Probe mission and developed the CHACE (Chandra’s Altitudinal Composition Explorer) instrument for probing the lunar ambience during the MIP mission. He led the team which discovered water on moon.
Learn 6 core principles Of Mantra Healing which will make you an outer and inner winner in this Online course...
Principle #1
OM Pranava Mantra –Open up Sahasra
(Lotus Chakra)
Learn the art of 6Ps - Protection,Prayer,Positive mindset,Prana,Pure Intention,Practice
Principle #2
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Open Muladhara (Sex Center) Creation of creativity 
Principle #3
Om Krishnaya Namaha (Heart center)
Fullness – Not fragmentation  
Principle #4
 Om Namah Shivaya
Om Shivaya namah- Shakti sandhaane shareera utpattihi 
Principle #5
Mrityunjaya Mantra 
Victory Over Death
Principle #6
Gayatri Mantra 
Let us All Be Enlightened
Welcome To Swami Sukhabodhananda's Sacred Space Of Mantra Healing  
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