The Cheapest Way To Get A GrowBot

Love DIY Projects?

Build Your Own GrowBot and Save Up To $298 !!!

GrowBot’s wooden boxes are expensive to build and ship across the country.

(That cost is why GrowBots retail for $499.)

Now, for a limited time, we are allowing customers who build their own boxes to keep all the labor and shipping costs (up to $298) for themselves, in their own pockets as savings.

GROWBOT KITS: The Most Affordable And Efficient Way To Build an Automated, Solar-Powered Hydroponics System From Scratch!!!

You will save so much time with a GrowBot kit.

Purchasing a GrowBot kit is vastly cheaper than trying to build a solar-powered hydroponics system from scratch, buying individual components off-the-shelf.

All the other hydroponics systems on the market need to be plugged into a wall.

But the GrowBot runs on solar.

It’s designed to work outside - natively.

Our instruments are designed to work with solar power.

There’s a real difference between things designed to work plugged into a wall versus things designed to work with solar.

Systems that are meant for outlets don’t work well with solar unless they are retrofitted or customized, which would cost thousands of dollars.

But GrowBot kits cost only $99 - that is way cheaper.

When James Brake, inventor of GrowBots, started building automated hydroponics systems, he started with off-the-shelf parts. But the parts available didn’t work well...

The only way James could get his systems to work was by building his own custom parts.

All the problems that builders will run into trying to create outdoor solar systems with off-the-shelf parts are problems that James has already worked through.

It would take a year for someone to build an automated hydroponics system (and it still wouldn’t work as well as Growbot. And it would cost far more money than our GrowBot kits!)

Plus our GrowBot kits come with perks that no other DIY system offers...

Our kits come with world-class services.

GrowBot owners get pictures of their gardens sent to them every day (along with time-lapse videos to track plant growth.)

Most people don’t have the computing power to do that.

Our artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the nutrients and controls the pumps to maximize plant growth.

There are so many skill-sets (from biology to mechanics to robotics and computing) required to make a system like this work. GrowBot kits include all these technological innovations, for free.

And our kits can be customized, too. GrowBots can be built bigger or smaller. The plans can be easily customized to most anyone’s needs.

It’s a lot easier to start with these systems than anything else.

You will save so much time and money using the GrowBot system.

And with GrowBot you get all of that PLUS incredible customer support.

And we sell these really cheap because we want people using them.

Because we win if you win...

Join the movement and start building now!

GrowBot kits contain all the custom parts you need to build a GrowBot:

Solar Panel

Smart Camera

Control Board

Custom Valves and Pumps

Water Sensor

Custom Nutrient Jar and Pump

All other components can be inexpensively sourced in stores or online.

Save money on your automatic garden by building it yourself!!

Build A GrowBot With A Kit And Start Growing Food Now!!