Stephen gave his life to Christ in June of 1999, shortly after that he became a member of Holy Rock C.O.G.I.C. A year later, he was ordained deacon and served diligently in that position for 4 years until he was led to join another fellowship. Shortly after joining he was asked to be an usher. After noticing Stephen’s devotion and keen leadership abilities, he was asked to be head usher. He gladly accepted the position and served in its capacity for 4 years.

God began to speak to Stephen about creating a Christian nightclub, for those who don’t go to church but go to the club. After numerous confirmations he accepted the calling and began to pursue it tirelessly. Today Stephen continues to push the vision diligently and passionately as he walks in his calling.

Stephen plays a major roll in the planning and execution of the events. He is very consistent in staff development, making sure every staff member is properly trained to be efficient in his or her position.  Stephen’s family-oriented style of management, willingness to fill-in where needed, enthusiasm, integrity, persistence, leadership skills, passion for people, and sense of humor, make it an honor and pleasure to serve alongside him.


Brandi turned her life over to Christ in October of 2005 at Shiloh Outreach Ministries in Norfolk Virginia. After joining the ministry, she was asked to serve on the hospitality team where she gladly accepted. Shortly after joining the hospitality team she volunteered to maintain the housekeeping duties for the church.
After relocating to St. Mary’s Georgia, she joined Emmanuel Empowerment Temple in 2007 where she was asked to head the hospitality team and assist in the nursery.  She gladly accepted once again. She served those positions until she impelled to move back to Atlanta in 2009.
Her kind spirit and light heartedness has led her to volunteering at Convalescent Centers, food banks, and professional work in pediatrics. She felt a need for a women’s fellowship call and organized a women’s group titled “Just us Ladies”. This group serves as a place where women can come together on common grounds and discuss issues without feelings of being judged or ridiculed. She organizes the conference calls with enthusiasm from start to finish and continues to enjoy doing so to this day.
Brandi has been with The Saintuary since 2007 and when she relocated to Atlanta in 2009, she became an official staff member of The Saintuary. Although her official function is hospitality, she also serves as a street team member and is also a board member of the Saintuary. Her down to earth personality makes it easy for people to talk and relate to. With her up-beat attitude and charming personality, she is a wonderful addition to the team and a pleasure to serve with.


Dorothy Brown started serving the lord as a child and rededicated her life in1996 at New Morning Light Baptist Church, Pastor Robert Hodo. She was ordained as a missionary by Bishop Jerome Stephens, who is the pastor of Holy Rock Revelation C.O.G.I.C. During her 4 years there, she was the Pastoral Aide, Chairperson of the Trustee Board, and Secretary along with doing the announcements. She coordinated TV time at a local station for the church to have outreach broadcasts. She also volunteered and shared her God-given gift of administration and taught a computer class to some of the congregation.
Her service to “The Saintuary” includes but is not limited to: Board Member, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Ticket Teller, Fundraiser and all around team player. She strongly believes in the future of the organization, because of its proven history for being a platform for artists of all ages to exhibit their talent while drawing people to Christ. She has been with the organization since day1 and feels honored to tell anyone the motto: “The Saintuary is not just an event, but a movement!”
“The Saintuary” has received many accolades from friends and artists, and won the 2010 YGEA award for “Club of the Year”. It continues to use its original title as “The Hottest Christian Nightclub in Atlanta”.

She served in Clayton County for two years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for minors that are in foster care ensuring that they are not mistreated.
Another one of her gifts is that people find it easy to talk to her and start pouring out things that they would never tell anyone else. Her response to this is that it feels great when I am able to help them and assist them in achieving viable solutions.

Brenda has been serving the Lord since she was a child and rededicated her life to Christ in 2006 at Fellowship Church of Praise of Panama City, Florida, Pastors David and Vernette Rosier.  During her seven years there, she served on the praise team and volunteered wherever needed including outreach, book sales, and sound.  
Her Saintuary role is to serve as booking manager where she will connect with all artists and talent for any Saintuary event.  This includes contracts, promo, fliers, special requests/needs, and tracks.
She believes wholeheartedly that The Saintuary Club is a blessing and is a place where believers can enjoy themselves in a 'clean' atmosphere and minister to others through our many gifts whether on stage or in the crowd.

Ramill is an attentive, high ranking Boy Scout and helps out in his community. He is home schooled going into his junior year, loves to read and is often found at the library. When it comes to grilled cheese, he can make a scrumptious sandwich.

Ramill joined because he has seen what a great thing “The Saintuary Christian Night Club” is and wanted to be a part of it and be able to help. His role in “The Saintuary” involves managing the office phone to give information and assisting other staff wherever needed. He is a true team player.
November is a very responsible and intuitive person for her tender age of 17. She has many talents, one of which has been a blessing of song. She is an aspiring songstress and sings in her high school choir. Her graduation is May 24, 2019. Future plans are to pursue her education at Valdosta State University studying Deaf Education and ASL Interpretation.

November was saved when she was 13 and joined “The Saintuary Christian Night Club” on April 30, 2016. She wanted to be a part of a Christian Night Club - something that had never been done before. Her goal is to help lead souls to Christ. She holds the position of runner and wherever she is needed.
Tam’La is an extremely positive, independent young lady who works hard to achieve her goals in education and employment. If her goal plans fall through she immediately seeks and finds ways of accomplishing a different plan that can achieve the same results. She is a dedicated animal lover, raises chickens and plans on becoming a veterinarian. She loves her quiet time, family gatherings, travel, movies, and fashion.

Tam’La remembers getting saved in late May of 2014 and joined “The Saintuary Christian Night Club” on April 13, 2010. She joined to help out and support her dad (Stephen W. Gibbs, Founder & CEO). Her position is Advertising and Hospitality.
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