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How to Piss off the Health Industry Leader, Eric Plott
Written by ~E.G.Plott~ on 2018
You won't believe what you saw and what you read. this will truly blow your mind what else can we say, subscribe now for the most wild and politically raw material you have ever read in your life 
Thank you for checking this out. This is the Top Blogs that we have created over a Ten year period, of being "WOKE". We love to spread the #UltimateTruthWarriorX 

True Truth News about Health and just anything in this world. Not everything is what it seems exactly and we don't subscribe to just anything because people are talking about it. We rather just call it as it is, a #ThoughtProfess, and the way a Thought Profess works, is if you hear something, say, "The Earth is Flat and NASA Lied about it being a Spinning Ball", well I don't believe NASA, and the whole 'We have been to the Moon' Theory, but I may not be a FLAT EARTHER per se, I would then say, I Thought Profess that the earth is more of a flat plane. This doesn't mean you have to SUBSCRIBE to the thought, with a WORD or TITLE. Don't let LABELS, get in your mental Evolution process as a HUMAN BEING. Just be SELF and Look within for all answers. You will like this page. Continue reading more stuff you won't hear anywhere else and download these facts, before they try to take them down. They have been trying to remove this footage and material for many years. They claim this will be the great year they take down "ERIC GEOFFREY LEONARDO PLOTT" From the web entirely. Lets go out with a Bang, share this with your other American Slave friends. They don't like this style, I wonder why. Lets see if we can make it go underground VIRAL, yet again. 
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About Author: Earth Man Eric Plott

A HUMAN BEING And #ThoughtProfessor that just loves to express #UltimateTruthWarriorX News. 
He is Just Thought Professing and nothing more and nothing less. NO LABELS, He is a Superfood Hunter.
 He doesn't like titles, such as "Teacher, Preacher, Pastor, Guru, or Prophet", so just call him a HUMAN EARTHLING and he will love you. 
We are about UNITY
 and NO TITLES, CULTS, RELIGIONS, BIAS, AND DOGMA; Can Get In Our Way of Bringing People and Animals together.
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