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Intrinsic Motivation  
Are you ready to create a life you love living? 

If you are SERIOUS about getting the support and accountability to make your goals and dreams become a reality you are in the right place! 
"I hit my goals this month! I signed up my 2nd teammates, earned my watch, and trip to Mexico. Next stop Lexus!"

" Hi I am Brandie Thomas, coming to you from Beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. living out a dream vacation that Ashton helped me to achieve. Ashton really helped me to see the value that I had, to get me out of a funk that I was in, and really just believe in myself again..."

- Brandie, Thomas - Founder of Stoma Styles 
"She knows how to get you from where you are that stuck place, to where you want to be. I just want to let you know that you are in such good hands with her. 

If you are considering working with Ashton you need to just do it. There is reason you were drawn to her there is a reason you are considering moving into this relationship with her. It’s going to be the best thing for your life. 

So trust in the process. Know that Ashton is going to be wonderful with you. That she is going to take fantastic care of you, and that you are going to be living at such a higher level than you ever thought possible! "-

 -Alethia Giegos, Founder & CEO of Sonoma JV Partners
" I can't explain it but it feels different, I feel at one with myself...I feel free..I feel safe.. I feel like everything is going to be ok. For the record, your'e my MVP of 2017! I can't imagine doing what I am doing now without crossing paths with wonder woman."

-Harvey Chaves - Real Estate Agent 
“ My name is Hugo , I am 41 years old and 2 years ago I made the choice to become a stay at home dad ... that period of time was full of self doubt and trying to find my purpose — now that I was not working at a job ... that led me to The Bridge Experience where I met Ashton. The work we did at the workshop is not for the faint of heart , it was deep and courageous work that pushed us to our edges and beyond. About a month ago I was in a deep and dark space as I attempted going back to work and it did not work out. Through the synchronicity of the Universe our paths crossed again through Instagram , we DM’d back and forth and she was right on with some of her feedback ... especially when she reflected back to me “You may have upgraded your conscious belief of who you are and what you’re capable of but your subconscious hasn’t caught up yet it needs reprogramming “— it struck my soul and we scheduled a 1 hour strategy session ... where we developed morning rituals and affirmations to help me let go of the grudge I had against myself , the lack of self forgiveness/forgiveness in my life, and letting go of the fear , that has held me back from enjoy my life freely. I am now more fully engaged with my family , facilitating parenting classes , and we are in the process of relocating to our dream home — my call with Ashton was the tipping point for me to become more available to the abundance and love with in my self ... I am forever grateful for her wisdom and love — she truly leads from the heart"

-Hugo, Parenting Facilitator 
Meet Your Coach
 Ashton Cantou 
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach
  •  Certifed in Leadership Coaching for High Performance
  •  CEO of Intrinsic Motivation
  •  Founder of Intrinsic Beauty 
As a natural born leader, Ashton is gifted with the ability to serve, reach, and empower those whom she has the opportunity to work with.

She has demonstrated this in multiple arenas with nearly a decade of experience in education, mentoring, coaching, and philanthropy.

Ashton holds numerous workshops throughout the year in additon to speaking on various platforms locaily in person and globally online. Ashton had the privilege of speaking internationally hosting a Vision Workship in Mallorca, Spain. 

She is driven by growing individuals and passionate about supporting people in achieving excellence in any area of their life.

Through her vocation, she has been able to empower and coach people to bring about the results they seek in their personal and professional lives. 
Program Offerings  
Programs are designed for individuals who are ready to define what they want in life and dissolve fear, doubt and worry to achieve it. 
Laser Coaching for ladies and gents!
For those who want to invest little time...there are no premapped out topics. This option is 100% tailored to your needs. It is results driven, solution focused, action based coaching. 
  • We will be working on... 

  •  Whatever you need! (Relationships, wellness, professional goals, & personal goals) 
What does our time together look like? 

  • ​(4  or  6) 1:1 Coaching Sessions on Zoom or over the phone
  • Life by Design Workbook 
  • ​Goal Setting 
  • ​ Vision Casting Techniques
  • ​Action planning documents 
Ashton carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. She likes to get to the point and figure out what works for me. She is someone who can help you build on decision making skills and make life long positive changes. She will help you create realistic goals and plans that focus on your overall wellbeing. She has made a huge impact on my life! 
- Sarah Jenkins , Area Manager & It Works Sales Rep
Unleash The Leader In Me
Leadership Coaching & Mentoring 
6 weeks of 1:1 Calls 
  • We will be working on... 
  • Your Unique Edge
  •  Owning your Power Through Authenticity and transparency - Being yourself unapologetically 
  •  Effective coaching methods 
  •  The Voice of Leadership
  •   Build greater buy-in, trust and loyalty
  •  Transformative Leadership - Become a Catalyst of peak performance 
"Within just one conversation, Ashton helped me decide to take action on something I knew would move my business and my life forward in an immense way. 

I feel like the leader that I know I’m meant to be now more than ever. I love how precise, direct, and clear she is in her coaching while also holding an energy of love and care. Ashton is an absolute BOSS and I would not be where I am today without her support."

- Kevin Carton - Life Coach & Yoga Instructors 
"Ashton is exceptionally skilled at helping others dig underneath to discover what is their true purpose. She can definitely lead others into stepping out of comfort zones in order for them to experience personal and professional growth. Ashton has been key in guiding me through challenges, helping me to embrace them and use them as a force to achieve my goals."

- Veronica Rodriguez - Learning Facilitator 
Intrinsic Beauty For Women/ Intrinsic Value For Men Programs 
Are you ready to stop settling for less than they deserve? How about ready to gain the confidence and clarity to get what you want out of life? If you said yes... this program is for you!
  •  DESIGN a life you love living & align with your passions and purpose. 

  • DEEPEN Your sense of deserving. 

  •  SHATTER your comfort zones and step into your full potential

  •  BEFRIEND your fear, so it no longer has a hold on you. 

  •  REPATTERN negative self-talk. Speak to yourself in empowering and uplifting ways. 

  •  INCREASE your capacity for self-love. Set a solid foundation of self-love to cultivate healthier relationships. 

  •  ENHANCE your self-care practices. Make yourself a priority so you can give others the best of you instead of what's left of you. 

  •  CREATE more room for the flow of joy. Release your past story, heal your core wounds, and remove limiting beliefs that have been stopping you.

  •  LEARN how to enhance your mood & generate more fun.
What does our time together look like? 
  • ​(8) 1 hour coaching calls with certified transformational life coach - Ashton Cantou 
  • ​Weekly exercises (simple, easy, effective)
"I’m so grateful to have met Ashton. She has shown me ways of reframing the way I view life, and brings the right amount of positivity to the table that makes you realize anything is possible. I can’t thank her enough for her coaching and mentoring, and would recommend her to anyone looking to start working toward their best self.

- Sarah Morris, Account Executive 
Dreambuilder Program for ladies and gents!

The Dream Builder Coaching Program (Spiritual Based) is a PROVEN, 90-day process, which will take you from wherever you are now — stuck, frustrated, scared, unhappy — to confident and fulfilled as you learn exactly how to define your true dream and how to develop a concrete plan for achieving it..
  • We will be working on... 

  •  Breaking free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotage for accelerated results

  •  Developing authentic confidence

  •    Determining what matters most, amplifying your vision, and activating your best resources

  •  Strategies for overcoming fear, doubt and worry.

  •    Using your current conditions as levers for achieving your goals

  •   Understanding the missing and often misunderstood elements of effective goal achieving
What does our time together look like? 

  • ​(12) 1 hour 1:1 calls with certified transformational life coach - Ashton Cantou  
  • ​Each week, you log into the private membership site where you’ll access that week’s lesson, which includes the professionally audio recording, transcript and weekly guidebook exercises.
"I just want to say that Ashton is the absolute perfect person to work with if you are feeling stuck...She is THE person to help you get clear and teach you all of the tools and strategies that have changed my life." - Angela 
- Angela Bullock, Owner of Firefly Life Coaching 
You are in the right place if...  
You Have.. 
Goals and dreams you are ready to put into action

Have made several attempts at love or your goals and seem to be coming up against roadblock after roadblock in getting to that next level 

Talents and gifts you are ready to share with the world

Big goals & plenty of drive

Great ideas that you have yet to put into action
You Are...
Committed to meeting your goals this year

Are ready to have accountability and support 

Are ready to invite more freedom, success, happiness, love, and fulfillment into your life 

Are tired of going through the motions

Are feeling stuck or lacking clarity 

"For me trust is something that is earned, and with Ashton I just felt that right away with her…I felt trust immediately which is not something that I typically do, but I just felt like I could really talk to her and she knew where I was coming from. I would recommend that you work with her to truly change your life. " 

- Tracy Cox, Business Owner -  Dragonflysouls 

Are you ready step into everything that life has to offer you?
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