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Discover How To Get Nutritionist -Approved Recipes, Meal Plans and Grocery Lists to Save Your Time & Money, and Never Have To Think About What To Cook Again. 
Hey Mama! Let me help you to eat healthier, in a simpler way. 
Do you..
  • Enjoy eating healthy, but feel like cooking is a chore?
  •  Love the idea of meal planning + prep?
  •   Get frustrated when you toss groceries?
  •   Find rigid food plans too hard to  follow?
I can help you! 

  •   Stop stressing about what to eat
  •  Order less takeout and $ave on groceries
  •  Make only 1 trip to the grocery store/week
  •  Prepare healthy meals for the week in just 90 mins! 
If you want to save time and eat healthy, you're in the right place! 
Weekly Meal Plan
Gluten Free Recipes
Grocery Lists
Community Support
  • Feeling inspired to eat healthy 
  • Never having to plan what to eat
  • Eating delicious, nutritionist-designed (gluten free) recipes 
  • Connecting with a community of healthy mamas!
  Nourish&Glow Weekly Meal Plan Subscription
Weekly Meal Plan
Gluten Free Recipes
Grocery Lists
Community Support
Your weekly membership includes:
  • Weekly meal plan (that'll take the guesswork out of planning meals).
  • Recipe guide (with healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes*). 
  • Printable, organized grocery list. 
  • Time-saving meal prep suggestions

Gain access to a private Facebook community of healthy mamas and receive weekly email content about the latest nutritional info & healthiest brands to buy!
Now Only $97
For 12 month membership
Nourish&Glow will teach you:
  • How to Make meal planning a part of your lifestyle  
  • How to make healthy, simple, delicious gluten free meals
  •  How to save timegrocery shopping and batch cooking
  • How to get healthier! (Including boosting energy + balancing hormones)

 With Nourish&Glow you'll build healthy, sustainable healthy eating habits - that'll last over time.
Healthy eating can be simple. 
See what other mamas are saying..

Nourish&Glow really helped me with groceries. It took the guess work out of shopping lists, which may seem like a small thing but with a new baby I was feeling even that was overwhelming. I love that it makes me stock the fridge with healthy ingredients and I know it's going to result in an amazing tasting, easy to make dinner. And -- my husband likes the meals too. I even blended some things of for my baby. Thanks for a great program and for making meal plans simple! 
 Janice. C.

I love Nourish&Glow because for the first time I feel like I have a meal plan that is simple, inspiring and easy to follow. The grocery list is manageable and found I've actually been saving money! 

May. Z.

Hi, I’m Michelle Tirmandi,  founder of www.Nourish&

I created Nourish&Glow for busy mamas, who want to look and feel their best by eating healthy and delicious food (and also be able to feed the same food to their partners + kiddos!).

My real-life approach to meal planning is based on my own experience as a new mom. When my daughter Isla was born, I felt like my entire world was turned upside down.....I was epically tired, overwhelmed and found it extremely hard to plan and prepare healthy meals each day. After a few months of feeling this way, I realized that I needed to become much more intentional with my time so I began meal planning more seriously. 

I created an awesome system that saves me so much time and money -- and now I want to teach it to you! Unlike other meal plans, the nutritionist-designed meals I've designed for this program are 100% gluten-free and the recipes are made up of whole foods that'll support your erergy levels and your hormonal health. 

I made the plans realistic  so that you don't feel deprived in any way, or waste food. The meal plan isn't rigid and includes space to add in your regular go-to meals, and to even eat outside your home a few times per week if you desire.  
More Love Notes...

I've only received 3 meal plans so far, but have already recommended it (and passed along your website) to several friends! The shopping lists are great and help my husband and I reduce the amount of food we waste each week. We tend to food prep on the weekends for the week and were getting bored with the same old recipes. Your meal plans have really spiced things up, which helps us stick to them!

It is remarkable to see the transformation that has taken place. I’m grateful to Michelle and I feel like I have my life back and no longer on the sugar, caffeine and white flour bloat and highs and lows. It is amazing to be able to think clearly. 

Feel empowered and start eating healthy, today!
Here is a quick recap of what you get when you become a member:
Weekly Meal Plan
Gluten Free Recipes
Grocery Lists
Community & Nutritionist Support
Now Only $97 
For 12 month membership
How it Works: 
  •    After you make your online purchase you will immediately receive your first Nourish&Glow membership email which will contain all of your BONUSES as well as access to join the private community. 
  • Each Thursday you will receive your email with links to a downloadable pdf meal plan outline, recipe guide, grocery shopping list and time-saving meal prep tips.
  • The underlying philosophy is based on adding in nourishing foods and habits so that you feel free from worrying about what to eat and instead thrive on an abundant variety of whole foods. Nourish&Glow is not a diet! 
You’re the right fit for Nourish&Glow if you want to:

  • Learn how to prepare healthy, simple and delicious, gluten free meals.
  •  Want support to look and feel your healthiest yet!
  •  Get out of your rut and end the guilt around not eating healthy meals at home. 
  • Reduce the guesswork, organization and time required to put together healthy, simple meal plans. 
  •  Spend way less time at the grocery store and in the kitchen wondering what to make for dinner!
  •  Want nutrition simplified (but don’t feel like spending hours pouring over the internet). 
  •  Feel supported by a community of women who are also passionate about getting healthier and trying new recipes.
Recipe Details:
  • 100% gluten free
  • ~ 80% vegetarian 
  • 1 meat or fish option/ week (chicken, grass fed beef, salmon) 
  • Eggs included 
  • Limited dairy (optional)
  • Tons of fresh,  fruits and veggies
  • Gluten free grains such (oats, brown rice, quinoa etc.)
  • Nuts, seeds, beans and legumes
  • Limited honey & maple syrup
Recipe Examples:
  • Classic Green Smoothie
  •  Eggs with Herbs
  •  Carrot Cake Oats
  •  Banana Pancakes
  • Black Bean Burgers
  •  Chicken lettuce wraps
  •  Curried carrot soup 
  • Mexican Quinoa Casserole
I' m so sure you’ll love the service I’m offering you a complete money back guarantee for a full refund - no questions asked. Simply email: within 30 days for a prompt, full refund. 
You’re not the right fit for Nourish&Glow if you:

  • Are unwilling to try new foods or do not want to spend any time cooking.
  • Are looking for a program that counts calories or macros, or have several food restrictions. 
  • Are looking for a 100% vegetarian, vegan or paleo nutrition program (*see recipe info below).
  • Are super budget conscious and are unwilling to pay for quality, whole food ingredients (the fact is that you will need to look at your health as a long term investment).
  • Are looking for a more personalized, 1:1 approach to your nutrition.
More Rave Reviews...

I have found the easy, accessible presentation of Michelle’s weekly plan enhances my ability to eat well without pressure or guilt. Love the food, the savings in my weekly grocery shop and how I feel! I have saved well over $500 in wasted food in the past 4 months! Really worth the $100 a year! I have loads of friends joining.._Catherine R

I'm really loving the recipes, and the snacks! I have to say that I am noticing a change in my digestive system already, and although I've had an extra snack once or twice, I have been sticking to portion sizes and I haven't been hungry, thanks to the snacks between meals. I'm so thankful for this comprehensive plan, the yummy recipes and the support!! I am already thinking more long term, and that's exciting and a bit scary. 

Dayan S

Ready, Set, Glow!
Now Only $97 
For 12 month membership
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