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Thanks for downloading my Torta Caprese recipe sized just4You. I trust you enjoy it as much as I do.

However having the right sized recipe is just the first step in enjoying homemade cakes just4You.

Baking can be fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

     But it is also a bit of a mystery, a mix of art and science that makes it tricky to get things right sometimes.

  If you didn't have a Mum or Grandma who was a baker to learn the skills from, like me...
...Or you've not baked for ages as there is now just you or just the two of you....

 ...Then the just4Me Bake Club cooking school video episodes may be just what will inspire you to the joy of baking...

...Ignite your passion for baking just4You. 

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25 Step-by-step  Cooking Class Videos 

With the step-by-step video episodes, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to easily  make beautiful cakes. Forever access to over 5 hours of television quality instructional videos and recipe downloads. See the collation index below.

Recipes Downloads

Each episode has a downloadable recipe PDF for both Thermomix and Conventional baking methods. Easy to print and read the recipe cards build into your own just4Me cake collection. Download the beautiful PDFs and make your own recipe collection.

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You'll be invited to become a member of our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, be supported and celebrate your wins. 

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You'll have access to our monthly members-only "@Home" where you have access for an hour with Caroline to answer any questions you have about your bakes. Plus extra tips and recipes options.
just4Me Bake Club Cake Collection Index

Classic Cakes
Butter Cake with Lemon Drizzle Icing
Quick Olive oil cake with Lemon Glaze icing
Liqueur Cake With Liqueur Syrup and Drizzle Icing (GF)
Aussie Sponge with Cream and Berries, Decorated Two Ways (GF)
Tosca Cake
Crumble Cake
Marble Cake

Chocolate Cakes
Wacky Cake - Basic Chocolate Cake (Vegan)
Torta Caprese (GF)
Mississippi Mud Cake
Quinoa Chocolate Cake (GF)

Citrus Cakes
Santiago Cake – Flourless Almond and Lemon Cake (GF)
Half Orange Cake with Two Types of Dressing
Orange Spice Polenta Cake (GF)
Orange Cake with Nut Crumb

Fruit Cakes and Veggie Cakes
Jubilee Cake
Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing
Traditional Fruit Cake with only 4 Ingredient (Vegan)(GF)
Boiled Fruit Cake
Pear, Pistachio and Chocolate Cake
Apple Cake
Rum and Coconut Cake - Karanda Cake (GF)

Honey Spice and All Things Nice Cakes
Honey Cake
Hello Ginger Cake with Super Easy Chocolate Topping
5 Treasures Cake, A Rich, Spicy Panforte Style Chocolate Cake

What's included in the just4Me Bake Club Collection?
The just4Me Bake Club Collection includes forever online access to 25 television quality videos, each 10 - 15 minutes, over 30 recipes, that show how to make and decorate the just4Me sized cakes. 

Each cake episode has a downloadable PDF recipe card for both Conventional and Thermomix methods of baking. 

The collection purchase also includes the monthly @Home live chat sessions and access to a collections owners only facebook group. 

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