Are you a woman of faith who is striving to get to the Altar of your deep desires and goals in life and feel like your prayers are not working? 

You follow the Word, But Can't seem to figure out what you're missing?

Introducing: The REDD Fortified Prayer Technique

 How to Eliminate The Limiting Ideas Entrapted in your Subconscious (Your L.I.E.S)...
that are holding you back from getting to your "Altar" with This Powerful & Transcendental Prayer Framework!
6 Week Masterclass & Group Coaching Teaches You How To Turn Negative Beliefs INTO An Empowering Identity So You Can Finally Crush Your Goals...
I'm going to show you

In this 6-Week Remaining Elightened & Defeat your Deceptions (R.E.D.D) Fortified Prayer Technique Group Coaching & Masterclass You'll Learn...

-Magdalina Sylvain, author of the heartwrenching tell all transformational book "How I Lied My Way To The Altar... Now I'm Happily Married!".  Mentor to Women of Faith who are striving to achieve their goals (aka getting to their "altars").. 
  • How to discover your Limited Beliefs that are Entrapped in your Subconscious Mind that’s holding you back from moving forward and achieving your heartfelt goals or desires..
  • How to dis-empower those Limited Beliefs, so you can set yourself Free from your negative outcome loops.
  • ​How to Replace those Limiting Ideas with with the New Liberating Ideas that Emancipate your true Spirit within.. 
  • ​How to create your own personal Fortified Prayer Strategy that becomes part of  your lifestyle so you can remain immersed in your New Liberating Ideas so you can constantly attract what your want in your life  

"Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." -Isaiah 43:18-19

NEXT CLASS STARTS March 10th, 2020!

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Here's what some of our students had to say:

"All I can say is “Wow”. This course was a life changing experience!"

Magdalina helped me change the way I viewed my dreams. She helped me acknowledge that they’re not up in the clouds but within arms reach , I just have to believe and execute. 

The part I love most is the unconventional approach Magdalina has to things, and she reassures you it’s “okay” to get to “the altar” on your terms and to silence the “negative lies “. 

I have seen so many changes in my life since this experience has started. It’s as if good is gravitating towards me the less I worry and trust God has me covered and I deserve the desires of my heart. Change doesn’t happen over night and there’s no magic pill you take , but Magdalina and her Allwayz REDD movement gives you the tools to TRULY believe , and open up to life in totally new way. 

It’s one of those things that you can’t quite explain but have to experience yourself. I would highly suggest this course to everyone ! I’m so thankful to have taken part in it . Thank you Magdalina ! 

 "When it comes to investing in yourself look no further, 
you will see an ROI tenfold..."

While I can not speak for the masses, when it comes to self-improvement for me the notion of self-reflection in and of itself is daunting, taxing and a journey I feared was too much of an emotional trek. 

With Magdalina and her ingenious REDD FORTIFIED PRAYER TECHNIQUE and course she effortlessly dispelled any doubt I had with myself and what I am truly capable of. 

Magdalina is an open book (literally, go read her tome!), brimming with insight, transparency, and the sheer will and unrelenting drive for her 'Ladies in REDD' successes. 

From the one-on-one to group sessions she expertly creates a safe space for us to visualize and see our goals to fruition. 

After completing the six-week course the real work began, Rome wasn't built in a day nor is implementing new habits. Before the course when faced with obstacles I would descend into fits of anxiety, delve deep into procrastination and internalize a slew of negative self-talk.

 I now have tools to combat these along with Magdalina's follow-up sessions and online community the dialogue has not ended of which I am grateful for. When it comes to investing in yourself look no further, you will see an ROI tenfold.

I suggest this course to everyone ! I’m so thankful to have taken part in it . Thank you Magdalina ! 

" She made the class more like a community... 
You looked forward to every lesson. Each a challenge to yourself... "

There are no words for me to say thank you to Magdalina for what she done to transform my life.

 I was introduced to the REDD Prayer Technique a few months back. As a major skeptic I was sure that nothing could restore the zest I felt for life and just the pure get up and go it takes to be motivated to face everyday challenges. I was wrong! 

Her energy, compassion and the genuine love she has for what she brings to the table is palpable. 

She keeps you believing that you too can reach into those dark crevices where negativity, self destructing behaviors and self hate lie and be catapulted in to your true God given man/woman in the mirror. A person that you can look forward to being with each and every moment. 

She made the class more like a community. You looked forward to every lesson. Each a challenge to yourself. 

Journaling, vision boards, devotional prayers. All things that forces you deal with your inner self so you can blossom like the first bud in the springtime which continues to grow once watered with her essence. 

Even after the course she follows up and makes sure that you are applying the techniques and just making sure that your foot is well planted. 

I Thank You for the REDD Fortified Prayer Technique and I am sure you will just go forward and change many, many lives like you did mine. #thisgirlisonfire!

 " I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to really make changes in their lives... "

I took the six week, REDD Fortified Prayer Technique Masterclass & Coaching  to the alter and it was ENLIGHTENING!. 

It made me realize things that were holding me back from achieving my goals. It challenged me to stay focus on chasing my dreams and strive to accomplish them. 

I learned techniques that I have incorporated to my daily routine. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to really make changes in their lives and need a push to get it accomplished! 

I have a clear vision of what I want and I’m diligent in make it happen.

So this is how it works. You Get:

Virtual Classes

6 - 1.5 Hour Virtual Classes where we go in depth about each aspect of the R.E.D.D Fortified Prayer Techniques and how to use it to Get to Your Goals, "Your Altars" in life (Value $2364)

2- one hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions w/ magdalina

We will have 2 private 1 on 1 coaching sessions where  I will help you personalize your R.E.D.D Fortified Prayer Technique to get maximum results (Value $394)

unlimmited access to me via email

During the 6 weeks, we know that questions come up or situations occur that you may want some feedback on or question that comes up that you don't necessarily want to share with the class at this moment. 

So I made it that you get unlimited access via email to ask any questions you may have. I want to be there for you to support you as you need it. 

(Email access for questions and support is only available to REDD Community Inner Circle members @$47/mo)

The 40-day 
r.E.D.D devotionals Series

Daily Email Devotional Series which Reinforces via Scriptures the Things that you Learned for the Week so that you can Fortify your New Ideas with the Word of God..  (Valued $14.95)

ACCESS To the Allwayz REDD Community

Surround yourself with other goal getters like you!

Network, support and encourage each other in your NEW Liberating Ideas of yourselves. 

As we strive to Defeat our the Deceptions of our limited selves, and strive to shield ourselves from the "Free Negative Advice" of others, it helps to be around people who will empower you and see you for who your really are and help you chin-check yourself so you stay on track on your path to your "Altar" 
(Connections and support is Priceless)

Surprise BONUS Gift

Sshhh.. I'm not telling you what this is!

But the 1st week of class look out in the mail for a personlized care package of goodies courtesy of Allwayz REDD!

Our members love this!

OK so what's the investment?

The Total Value is $2843 per seat..

But you already know the deal.. We are not going to charge you that today.

But let me ask you?
What's your most pressing goal right now?

Is that goal worth more than $2843 to you?

If you achieved the goals you set out to attain, would you have regretted investing $2843 in yourself?

Well then, I've got news...

We are not charging $2843... 

We are not even charging Half of it at $1400...

Your total investment is $997

And to RECAP what you'll get:

  • 6 Week - 1.5 Hour LIVE Virtual Group Classes  
  • 2 One on One Private Coaching Sessions 
  • Unlimited Email Access for questions, ideas and feedback 
  • ​40 Day REDD Devotional Series to help you fortify your NEW L.I.E.S
  • ​Access the the Allwayz REDD Community Support Group
  • ​And a special care package coming straight to your door

But Wait.. 

We will extend an additional discount for action takers...

Register for the REDD Fortified Prayer Technique Masterclass & Group Coaching today And get a discounted Rate for a total investment of 
>> $697 <<

ACT NOW! The Deadline for the reduced price ends February 15th, 2020!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No Worries. With our 30 Day money back guarantee, if you go through the course, and within 30 Days, you don't feel like you've gotten your money's worth. Simply send me an email to and I will refund your investment. No Hassles- Guaranteed!

 Your investment is never at risk.  If you've gotten value, then let's go conquer these goals together! If not, I'll gladly give you your money back, this way we can still part ways as friends. I believe in fair exchanges of value.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Our January Class is already sold out! 
The Next Class Starts March 10th, 2020!


Go through the 6 Week Fortified Prayer Technique Masterclass Coaching on a 1 on 1 Basis. Learn the lessons and work with me personally on implementing the lessons for yourself as we create your custom Fortified Prayer Technique to Get to Your Altar, whatever that Altar may be.

Since this is a 1 on 1 service, and takes alot of time and energy in my part, I will only work with people who are truly looking to roll up their sleeves and get to this Altar! No excuse makers, no complainers, just Goal-Getters. Therefore, this is an application only service. 

Submit an application and schedule a FREE 1 on 1 Discovery Session and we will see if this would be a good fit for both of us. 

Yes, I want Magdalina to show me how to finally get to my Altar! 
But, I want to work with her PERSONALLY, 1-ON-1, on my own 
Customized R.E.D.D Fortified Prayer Technique
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