No one deserves to get bullied.
By Eric Mendoza | March 1,2019 | M3 Karate, Bulling, Latest News
I was reading an article the other day about bullying. 
What is interesting is that the article gets a point of view from 5 boys who witnessed bullying. The sad part is the boy who gets picked on has special needs. 
They said he gets picked on for:  
Having special needs.
Easy target
Will not fight back
Easy to take advantage of
I want students to know that no one deserves to get bullied. If they see it happening, they need to step in and get help and then help the child. 
They need to help the helpless and stand up for someone who cannot help themselves. 
Bullying is real. 
Creating students who can not only defend themselves, but help others who can’t help themselves, is the very essence of being a martial artist in this generation.  
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