Are you sick and tired of living in a body 
you don't love?

I spent a lifetime gaining and losing 
40+ pounds 40+times.

I finally figured out how to let the 
weight go for good: 
Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally....GONE.

Whether you've got 20 or 200 to lose...

I'll teach you how.

As Seen In

This was me.
Regardless of my degrees, certifications, or even my 5-location 
fitness and nutrition company...

...Losing weight, keeping it off, and living in a right-sized body 
I actually liked felt impossible.
"Focus on fitness, nutrition, and accountability", everyone said.
"Then POOF... your body problems will be solved." 

I wanted that to be the answer so badly!

But for most of us... thinking that diet and exercise 
are the ultimate answers 
is like putting a band-aid over a bullet hole.

 On the outside it seems like the right answer... 
But inner wounds never heal with an outer solution. 

And for me, my inner world was a mess,
and food was my secret salvation.

Stuck in my own inner hell and imprisoned by negative thoughts, 
anxious emotions, and out-of-control behaviors...
I just knew I couldn't keep going on like this.

I finally sold my fitness company, stopped dieting, lost the weight for good, 
and completely overhauled my relationship to food and my body.
I've been here for almost a decade...and I want to help YOU do the same.

You'll learn in my Free Course what to do, 
and you'll experience mental, emotional, and physical shifts THIS WEEK.

STOP the insanity of diets, extreme exercise, disordered eating, 
and mentally and emotionally beating yourself up.

The diet and weight loss industries would love for you to keep believing 
in their complicated answers and false promises.

There IS another way.  It's SANE, it's NOT COMPLICATED....


What some of my Love it 2 Lose it Women Say...

"Audra is amazing" - jen

Celebrating just got under 200 pounds!  
I haven't been there in 7 years!
- Jeannine

This shit is deep 
- xxx

How do I Remove Blocks, Lose Weight, and Start to Love my Body THIS WEEK?
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Why Take my Free Course?

Have you been struggling with your weight for a year? Or 5? 
Or a lifetime?

Have you tried dieting or exercising, but just end up quitting after a few days or weeks when you don't see the scale move?

Do you Stress eat? Overeat? Mindlessly eat? Emotionally eat? Binge eat and then starve yourself? 

Do you feel shut down and disconnected from your body?

Does your self-talk include a lot of judgement and "beating yourself up"?  

Are you thriving in other areas of your life, but you just can't seem to get this whole body and weight thing figured out?



I mean really... what do you have to lose?

You deserve to remove the blocks 
that keep you stuck, lose weight, 
and live in a body you love.

Let me show you how.
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