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Making Money Happened to Be an INNER GAME For Me!

Watch this 30 min Video

  • Why empaths find it so hard to market and sell healing and coaching and generally get paid for using their skills
  • How you can use your empathic gift to make money and stop sacrificing your wellbeing and wellbeing of your family
  • New way to approach marketing and sales that gets you unstuck even though other coaches and healers are struggling to mkae their business consistently profitable
You Need a Financial Breakthrough!
What you BELIEVE about MARKETING and SALES right now is holding you back. It's TIME to break OLD PARADIGMS and Start Using Your Own Empathic GIFT to have a successful profitable business online!
I truly feel for you... because I've been there myself!
Lira Kay
When my mentor asked me, Lira do you hate money? I was shocked.

Just a minute ago I was boasting that people pay me on the spot, that I never have 'no's on my sales calls. 

She said, that's obvious... you are HUGELY UNDERCHARGING!

By then, I was already an international bestselling author, spoke on stages starting from 17 years old, created and led communities of hundreds of artists and healers, took my work to masses, travelled the world... Just had an interview on the radio with a half a million listeners. I had raving fans and tons of referrals from all the great results my clients were getting just after one session with me.

Most would say, she had made it!

Yet, my fees were $175/hr. 
And every time I said my price I felt guilty for charging ANYTHING at all... as I believed healing and transformation, my spiritual work can not be measured in dollars.

This had to change! 
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Charge Your Worth?
One of my beautiful clients Stephanie said, Lira the biggest thing (besides making $13,000 in 4 weeks selling spiritual healing!) you did for me, is that I stopped 'stinging'

Yes, that's exactly what she said. "I stopped counting pennies.. and feeling so strapped for money all the time... because I AM ACTUALLY A GENEROUS SOUL... Making money allows me to BE THAT!" 

Imagine completely embracing and integrating your own SUCCESSFUL POWERFUL SELF... life without sabotage... work without self doubt... knowing how to charge, knowing how to RECEIVE...  


... YES, you heard it right, YOU can have me personally teaching you to: 
  • create highly valuable offers people would want to buy, 
  • package your skills and your gifts into a premium transformational program, 
  • raise your fees, market and sell yourself as a high end coach and a healer...
Start your 7 day $1 Trial for my....


  • Immediate access to my Empathic Sales Mastermind Members Portal with your first 1 week worth of trainings in Empathic Marketing and Sales;
  • My Private FB group with highly engaged community of healers and coaches and extra demos and workshops for getting clients and making cash;
  • An invitation to continue your membership with us and receive full access to all of your bonuses and live Q&A calls with me;
  • ​An easy link to cancel your membership and complete your trial if you wish.
  • ​If you didn't get any value for your money, just let us know and we will refund you $1 with no questions asked... and you can keep all of the trainings and tools for your own good. 
What is Empathic Sales Mastermind and How Much Does It Cost to Stay on the Program After My $1, 7 Day Trial?
  • Empathic Sales Mastermind is a 12 month program.
  • It cost $299 per month.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • You'll get monthly 30 day strategies to make money in your business selling your coaching and healing programs.
  • You'll get bi-weekly live Q&A Calls with me personally answering your submitted questions and giving you feedback on your offers, marketing and sales.
  • You'll join our highly engaged community of high achieving passionate experts, healers and coaches for support, encouragement and accountability.
  • You'll get weekly Accountability Form and will submit your questions or files for feedback.
  • You will have my BEST trainings on healing, mindset, making offers, marketing and sales, specifically created for intuitive empaths like yourself.
  • Plus over $30,000 worth of BONUSES throughout your 12 months with me! 


All of these beautiful women on the picture, including myself, started charging 10 times as much (all of them had to heal their feminine wounds with me on their side)
Do you want to get access to the same exact healing method I used to take their businesses to the next level in a matter of weeks?
This Is What's Included In Your EMPATHIC SALES MASTERMIND 7 Day Trial...
A Straightforward 12 Months Masterplan to Skyrocket Your Revenues #1
No fluff, no more learning, no more creating your 'client avatar', no more fiddling with your website or your special signature system... None of that actually makes you $$$$$$$.

This 12 MONTHS: 12 PORTALS OF WEALTH PLAYBOOK will FOCUS your time and effort on what actually matters - getting high ticket clients CONSISTENTLY. If you implement any of the strategies I teach you can have your first 5-figure month on my program! I would, SURE, love that!
A 30 min Video Training to Heal Your Self Worth and Ability to Receive High Fees for Your Work#2
High level impact healing method that had proven to get phenomenal results for women who struggle to charge for their brilliant work in the world.

Whatever you've done, whomever you paid, you had not done this. My method is based on doing therapy and healing work for the last 30 years. This is a true shortcut through all the noise and BS of transformational industry. A must have if you are looking to get results (not do more 'mindset work').
A Heart and Mind Shifting Healing Book #3
3 powerful exercises to get you from 'dreaming' about a 7-figure transformational business empire to taking tangible steps to making it happen much sooner than you think is possible.

We all have to start somewhere. Don't try to push through... Let yourself feel into your future. Actions only matter if they count. This workbook gives you clear focus and direction without making you to chose between love, work and money. 
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!

My Powerful Authentic Sales Kit for Intuitive Women Coaches:

BONUS #1 'Unscripted' 
5-figure Practice Sales Call - Behind the Scenes
Watch me sell a $20K group mastermind paid in full in less than 30 min, without any scripts and manipulative tricks.

A rare opportunity to see a coach sell five-figure coaching package.

Listen, embrace, model, so you can do the same, with 100% confidence, integrity and grace. 

I was not born to be great at sales, I practiced my way in. So can you! 
Bonus #2 'Unscripted Deep Analysis'
Everything you waned to know - but were afraid to ask about high end sales
Watch a detailed analysis of that Sales Call with step by step guidance and how it’s done (and what is a big no-no when it comes to high ticket sales).

This comes with The Sales Call Flow Printout (you can have it in front of you and feel 100% confident, instead of using some weird questions from your script, that make you sound salesy and loose trust of your prospect.)

Now! With this empowering HEALING, and PRACTICAL SALES TOOLS, created ESPECIALLY for an empath like you,

there's really no way you can fail!
Give Yourself a Full Permission to RECEIVE for the Brilliant Work that you do for Others
Get My limited time offer Now!
I have my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you had not received any value at all from all the workshops, trainings and bonuses I provide, let me know, and I will refund you, no questions asked!
I am giving you access because I care that YOU....
You Can Continue Serving Humanity 
Without Doubt, Sacrifice Or Struggle

If you know in your heart YOU’RE MEANT FOR MORE join my EMPATHIC SALES MASTERMIND AND get all of the AMAZING BONUSES for free.

You can keep them even if you decide not to continue working with us after your 7 day trial.

I genuinely believe you will receive so much value from being in my group and start making sales, that you would not want to leave.

But if you, for any reason, won't like what you get, or decide it isn't for you, you can cancel your membership any time. I'll send you a cancellation REMINDER 2 days prior the end of your trial, and a clear link to unsubscribe from your membership. 
If you DECIDE TO JOIN US for the rest of the 12 months at $299/Month, you will RECIVE access to your First Month 30 Day Strategy to Sign at least 3 high ticket clients and make your first 5-figure month on my program!
Then every month you will receive a new cutting edge Money Making Master Plan, that would help you create, what I love to call, PORTALS OF WEALTH, organic and evergreen marketing assets and put easy but effective Sales Processes in place, to save you time and give you space to FOCUS ON SERVING CLIENTS and GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR PROGRAMS and OFFERS.
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • ​12 Months: 12 Portals Of Wealth Playbook to help you make high ticket sales consistently this year ($1997 Value)
  • ​"Heal Your Self Worth and Ability to Receive High Fees for Your Work" Transformational Workshop and Workbook ($1997 Value)
  • ​Unscripted: a Powerful Authentic Sales Kit for Intuitive Women Coaches that includes my $20K Practice Sales Call Video and a Masterclass showing behind the scenes of unscripted high ticket sales call ($1997 Value)
Total Value Over: $5,555
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $1
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if you, for any reason, won't like what you get, or decide it isn't for you, you can cancel your membership any time. I'll send you a cancellation REMINDER 2 days prior the end of your trial, and a clear link to unsubscribe from your membership. 
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