Overcome The Outside Forces That May Be Limiting Your Parenting Effectiveness
Raising Your Teenage Son to Be 
Happy, Responsible & Resilient 
Nagging, Yelling or Punishing
How to Activate Your Son’s Masculine Wisdom So That 
He Becomes Capable of Handling the Challenges 
of The Young Adult World
 Friday-Sunday, August 23-25, 2019
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It's Not Your Fault - That It's Harder Than Ever To Raise Your Son
The digital age has created an amazing acceleration of advances in almost all human endeavors that benefit society, it has also made it harder than ever for parents
and communities to focus the attention of our children in ways that foster their healthy development as they move into young adulthood.

The impact of digital dominance and it’s powerful, and often negative, influence thru the media, is that our natural instinctual wisdom as parents is being overturned or worse, ignored, by our children.
Media mania has led to our dependence on the need for instant participation that will ideally lead to instant gratification. 

The continuous improvements in technology are demanding that people adapt to the constant input of information faster than their brains are capable of integrating.
The change in human development required by technology is occurring at a faster rate than most of our families can successfully adapt to without excessive stress.
The current evolutionary effect of technology on our intelligent teenage sons is that many young men are at an alarmingly high risk for irresponsibility, laziness, feeling entitled, struggling in school or succumbing to drug, alcohol or digital addiction.
FACT: Worldwide, boys are 50% more likely than girls to fail to meet basic proficiency in any of the three core school subjects of reading, math and science. 

I’ve been on a Men’s team with Warren Farrell (Myth of Male Power) and John Gray (Mars/Venus) for many years. Their new book, “The Boy Crisis” contains many facts revealing the challenges, struggles and solutions our sons are experiencing.
What Other Parents Are Saying
Marianne Delgado & Glenn McKinney
Adam Eaton
Kimberly Burke
How Did We Get From...
There’s a reason why both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs 
carefully controlled the use of digital devices by their children
They knew how technology would prevent their children from experiencing the normal process of brain assimilation, integration and implementation of information. 

When an adolescent brain follows this evolutionary progression, that teenager will make mistakes, but will eventually learn to successfully adapt to its environment.  

It’s not our fault that we, as parents, weren’t given a clear road map how to guide our families to a healthy adaption process when these new technologies were thrust into our lives. 
Phillis Manning Lee
Ed Landau
Ann Rippun & Michelle Fouts
This Workshop Will Give You Practical Tools to Guide Your Son
to Become Happy, Responsible and Resilient
I promise you that when you attend this practical, no-nonsense workshop, you’ll be given specific tips, scripts and techniques that support your natural parenting instincts, your authority and your influence. The workshop will help you create a more caring and cooperative relationship with your teen son.

I want you to know, after years of working with parents and sons, that it is never too late to be able to enjoy a great relationship with your son, no matter what is going on right now.
Here’s The Skills You’ll Get at The Workshop:
  • ​How to speak in a biological – not psychological – language that your son will understand
  • ​How to motivate your son by activating his own masculine wisdom
  • ​How to clearly, concisely and confidently communicate to your son without yelling, nagging or punishing
  • ​How to use consequences as a positive way to prepare your son for adulthood
  • ​How to respect and nurture your son’s personal values even when his behavior is not always appropriate
  • ​How to identify the exact values you know your son needs to learn in order to become more independent
  • ​How to have a closer relationship with your spouse (or former spouse)
  • ​How to skillfully handle the toughest conflicts with your son or spouse
  • ​How to use mindfulness based stress reduction techniques to relax yourself in just a few seconds
  • ​How to celebrate everyone’s lives together, now that artful and sincere communications have been restored 
*Workshop Size Limited to 20 Parents*
Parents Sitting In Ceremony
Parents Practicing Communication Skills
Haven Pollack
Danielle Chelman
Glory Knaus
Nicholas All
It Takes a Village to Raise Your Son
Dr. Mark at Parent Workshop
Village of Parents
At every step of human development, mankind has been challenged to successfully relate to our physical and communal environment by working with whatever mental and material resources were available. By thinking and behaving with the virtue of Cooperation, humans were able to overcome adversity and improve their personal, family and communal lives through the creative process of Adaptation.

Our workshop is small enough to be a safe place where everyone can reveal their highs and lows of parenting and can share their wisdom. We will all work together as a tribal “clan”, or village, by respecting each other’s insight and resources. This way we all contribute to each parent’s efforts to ensure that all of us have a productive and loving relationship with our sons.
Dr. Mark Handling The Toughest Issues
What’s The Workshop Like?
No one has ever told me this workshop is boring! This “boot – camp” style workshop is a rite of passage initiation where parents learn how to let go of their “boy” so that their son can trust them to confidently guide him to be successful on his own. 

This no-nonsense workshop is insightful, exciting, soulful, revealing, practical, relaxing, intense and filled with tips & techniques you can use immediately with your son. It includes ceremonies, discussions, discourse, role playing and, most importantly, lots of humor. 

When necessary, we dive into the most difficult problems parents and sons face and then offer the specific solutions that have been proven to work with our community of parents.
When you register for the workshop 
you’ll receive my free report, 
“The Secret for Helping Your Son Become More Mature and Independent 
Without Anger or Anxiety”
The Secret to Help Your Son Become More Mature & Independent
For hundreds of thousands of years, parents had the devoted assistance of mentors in raising their children to respect the shared values of the community. In our modern society, we’ve forgotten how to challenge our children to achieve both their personal potential and to learn to fulfill their communal responsibilities.  

When I use the word, “challenge”, I mean that children had been skillfully “aroused” by their community to discover their masculine or feminine intelligence, as well as their personal wisdom. The children were given a lifestyle that led them to become more responsible inside of their home, more resilient outside of their home and more relaxed with themselves and with the world.

I’ll teach you how to reduce the energy drain of parenting your son and increase the energy gain from mentoring your young man. You’ll learn the secrets of successfully motivating your young man to channel his energy so that he can:
  • ​Adapt to life's challenges with an accepting attitude & healthy behaviors
  • ​Feel safe to ask for help from adults
  • ​Make intelligent life choices
  • ​Have mutually beneficial relationships
  • ​Creatively express himself
  • ​Resiliently handle the stress of living in family & community
  • ​Develop a respectful attitude about sexuality
  • ​Be self-confident enough to minimize peer pressure
When you register for the workshop 
you’ll receive my free report, 
“The Secret for Helping Your Son Become More Mature and Independent 
Without Anger or Anxiety”
What Others Are 
Jennifer Steward
“Thank you for everything you both put into the parenting weekend: passion, compassion, energy, sensitivity, creativity, honesty, focus, service, care, humor, and heart!”
Dan Pomeroy 
“Through heartfelt, truthful sharing, and with the skill of Mark and Rochelle, the group of parents who came to the workshop went on both a personal journey and a communal journey. The result was that we had profound insights and learned practical strategies for parenting from a place of love and authority with our children. I give my highest recommendation to both Mark and Rochelle and the YMUW.”
Allana Pratt
“Your words are a soothing balm to my heart and soul, thank you. We speak the same language.”
“Thank you for everything you both put into the parenting weekend: passion, compassion, energy, sensitivity, creativity, honesty, focus, service, care, humor, and heart!”
“Thank you for everything you both put into the parenting weekend: passion, compassion, energy, sensitivity, creativity, honesty, focus, service, care, humor, and heart!”
David Bohegian
"Dr. Mark has been a godsend helping my son and my family. Through Dr. Mark’s help, my son has totally turned himself around. My wife and I have become better parents, we learned how to keep him on track and my son is more productive."
Marcella Hauser
“The parenting workshop taught us parenting skills that need to be used in today’s current world in which our sons are growing up in. It takes a community to raise a teen and Mark and Rochelle will guide you how to make it happen for you.”
Brad Brown
“I really appreciated the emphasis on the importance of the parents having a “Way” in their life so that their children can develop their own way. This is a unique perspective. Dr. Mark & Rochelle taught us how to develop our values and behaviors and how to help our children do the same. This workshop will help improve my wife’s and my parenting of our daughter.
Dr. Mark’s Workshop Includes:
Dr. Mark With Parents At a Workshop
Applying the insight of small clans, Dr. Mark will show you how to “challenge” your son to
become more responsible inside of the home, more resilient outside of the home and more
relaxed with himself and with the world.
Your son loves you but he can’t respect you when you’re frustrated or angry with him. Dr. Mark will teach you how to literally relax yourself in just a few seconds so that 
you regain his trust.
Dr. Mark’s specialty is mentoring parents how to effectively communicate and motivate their son using biological language - not psychological language - in order to activate his natural masculine drive.
A Few Words Of Warning
I know all of you want your son to be able to meet the demands of young adulthood by being as well-prepared as possible. I also know that you may have doubts about whether your son will be able to let go of those boyhood behaviors that now prevent him from growing up more maturely. 

Your doubts have created frustration and sadness with some of you. Some of you have “given up” on your efforts to help your son individuate from you, in a healthy way.
If you think:
  • ​that there’s nothing more you can do to help your son grow up,
  • ​that your son will really be able to figure his life out without your help,
  • ​that your son doesn’t have the ability to be responsible for his own well-being,
  • ​that you don’t have the desire to raise your son anymore, and 
  • ​that you’ve tried everything possible to motivate your son, then
This workshop is not for you.
If your son:
  • ​is consistently applying himself in school without nagging,
  • ​has respectful relationships with family and community, 
  • ​handles his home chores completely, without reminders,
  •  knows how to regulate his focus on digital devices, 
  •  doesn’t over-spend his time with friends,
  •  is self-motivated to be responsible & resilient, and 
  •  knows how to control his frustration & anger, then 
This workshop is not for you.
While I admire and applaud the young men that I mentor who appear to be born with the capacity to transition through adolescence seamlessly, I know that the percentage of young men like this is approximately only 30% of 13–20 year olds.

It’s Never Too Late
Whether or not the rest of the 70% of young men may have ADHD, learning disabilities, an indifferent attitude, childhood trauma, anxiety or depression, they are all neurologically wired to be competitive and skillful enough to know how to take care of themselves.

Using our method, The RIGHT Way for Family Unity, I’ll show you how to overcome the external and internal conditions that prevent your son from tapping into his innate biological wisdom - the source of his drive to succeed.

As a parent, I know that my greatest personal joy in my own life has been to absolutely know that I have done everything I could to help lead my children to be authentic, productive and responsible adults.  

As a researcher in family dynamics, I know the ultimate biological goal of a parent is to go to their deathbed knowing that their children have learned how to successfully adapt to life’s challenges.
When you have completed this mission, here’s what you’ll have accomplished:

1) you’ll have earned the self-respect you need to call yourself an excellent parent
2) you’ll have earned the respect you desire from your community and the esteemed status that it brings

I assure that your children will know that you gave them your very best efforts to help them be happy, responsible and resilient. They will thank you as they go through life with the skills and confidence that they need. 
If you’re willing: 
  • to add simple, effective principles and practices that motivate your son to fulfill his true potential, then 
This workshop is for you
I guarantee you that it is never too late to move your family in the right direction.
Paul & Wendi Gilbert
Pam Myers
Justin Margolis
The workshop, “Raising Your Son to Be Happy, Responsible & Resilient Without Nagging, Yelling or Punishing” has helped a growing community of parents because I use a specific “way” or path that I created called, “The RIGHT Way for Family Unity”®. 

This system recognizes there is no one right way for parents to have a successful marriage, a cooperative divorce or raise resilient, happy children. The method quickly helps the parents find a Way that is right for them, so they can confidently lead their teenage son to enjoy a life filled with positive beliefs and productive behaviors. 

This new method of parenting, created by me 20 years ago, uses the practical tribal wisdom from small clans and combines it with the best insight from the sciences of positive discipline, stress management, adolescent brain development, personal growth and parental bonding.

Without a “Way” to move their life and family in the right direction, parents become anxious and fearful about the future and may act out their concerns with inappropriate behaviors. 

Although parents do the best they can to help their teenage sons prepare for the future, their sons often blame them for not showing them how to calmly and clearly handle their transition from boyhood to adulthood.
What Does R.I.G.H.T Stand For?
RIGHT is an acronym for 5 virtues and values that I hold in the highest regard as pillars of harmonious families:
Respect -- esteeming with reverence
Intelligence -- applying intuition and experience into wisdom
Grace -- engaging in heart-full acts of courage and courtesy
Humor -- celebrating with amusement and gratitude
True -- living life with integrity

Imagine a Calm, Productive Home 
I know it seems too good to be true that five words can help you and your son remember how much you love and need each other. If you commit to using them the way I show you in the workshop, you can expect to see more cooperation in everybody's behavior almost immediately!

3 Main Benefits of The RIGHT Way Method

1) You’ll be able to calmly, clearly, concisely and confidently activate your son’s natural biological wisdom, which is what will “challenge”, or motivate him to become responsible for his own happiness and success out in the world.

2) You’ll know how to more skillfully use your authority and your influence without conflict, even if your son forgets what you tell him or uses digital devices as a way to avoid cooperating with you.

3) You’ll enjoy more peace and love in your home.

NOTE: The method works whether your son is an extrovert or introvert, over-empowered or under-driven, over confident or unwilling, entitled or indifferent.

The Bottom Line
The RIGHT Way method will be like a personal mentor to you. It will show you how to raise your children using your instincts and communal driven tribal wisdom as the way to minimize the negative effects of the modern consumer driven customs of commercialism and digital dominance.
Do You Answer “YES” To These Questions?
I know our sons are good dudes. I’m a youth advocate and mentor for young men – just like your son – so I know they have loving hearts and good wisdom. I also know from so much direct experience with young men that they don’t always know what to do, how to do it or how to be accountable if they don’t do it.
Dr. Mark Mentoring Young Men at YMUW
  • ​Have you noticed how hard it can be to get your son’s attention, let alone get him to meaningfully communicate with you?
  • ​Do you get frustrated or angry when you ask your son to do something and it doesn’t get done?
  • ​Is it challenging for you to skillfully handle all of your family needs and your personaldesires?
  •  Do you wish you could avoid having to remind your son to do the things he knows he needs to do?
  • ​Are there more times of anxiety from stress in your home than you’d like?
  • ​Even though you give your son love, money, time and effort, does it feel disheartening to you when he’s not cooperative?
If you answered, “YES” to these questions...
...this workshop will help you to communicate and motivate your son
in a biological – not psychological – language that he can understand.

By activating your son’s own masculine wisdom
you’ll become the parents he needs you to be...

...a trusted life-long mentor that he is always loyal to.
What Parents Learned from Dr. Mark
Laura Snelling
Earl Krause
The first option the tool allows you to adjust
The first option the tool allows you to adjust
Why You THINK You Might Not Want To Attend The Workshop
I’ve polled hundreds of parents regarding their concerns that this workshop may not be able to help them. 
Here are their most common questions and doubts, as well as my responses.
The Brutal & Beautiful Journey with My Son, Gabe
Back Then
In the early 1970’s, I was determined to dedicate my life’s purpose to helping people be physically healthy, mentally clear, emotionally calm, and spiritually happy. I’m humbled and ecstatic to report that for the last 40 years, all of my efforts have been successfully focused on this mission!
HOWEVER, along this journey, I went thru a painful divorce with my former wife, Suzanne. If I had the family relationship knowledge and skills that I have now, it would have been highly unlikely that we would have divorced. 
Gabe was struggling with the divorce by withdrawing from us. He was missing school and self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. We both felt sad and dis-heartened that our efforts to be closer to Gabe were not working. 

It felt like Gabe was standing on a ship that was sailing out of the harbor and we were on the dock, just helplessly watching him leave.
Mark & Gabe
Mark With Family
It felt like Gabe was standing on a ship that was sailing out of the harbor and we were on the dock, just helplessly watching him leave.

I was really hard on myself for being a family "failure". I was unhappier than I ever imagined was possible. I remember that I always felt like an embarrassment in my community because my family life wasn’t working. 

That’s when I decided to devote the rest of my life to doing whatever it took to completely heal my family’s wounds. My first step was to start the non-profit, “Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend” rite of passage wilderness adventure camp. 

I founded YMUW for two reasons:
1) as an initiation to the process of restoring a cooperative relationship between parents and their sons
2) as a way to help young men become more resilient and more responsible for their own well-being 

In 2000, at age 16, Gabe attended the very first YMUW along with 205 other young men. 

In 2006, I travelled To Kenya, Africa and learned from a Samburu tribe elder how families work together and how they initiate their sons. My experience in Africa made me realize that modern day parents instinctively possess the intelligence necessary to parent effectively, but they need to learn how to apply our ancestral tribal wisdom in an era of overwhelming stress and digital dominance.
Right Now
YMUW is proud to say that we’ve now produced 45 Ultimate Weekends on the West Coast with approximately 3500 young men graduates.
Mark, Gabe & Narada Michael Walden
As a father, I’m humbled, thrilled and thankful to tell you that I now can celebrate the fact that I enjoy an ideal relationship between Gabe (now 35 years old) and myself. Both of us love playing music together, so in 2007 we opened a professional recording studio together in our hometown of San Rafael, CA. 

Gabe is now a successful hip-hop producer. Along with his production team, Gabe has made beats for some of the biggest names in the recording industry. He recently opened up a second studio in Hollywood.

Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed of one day recoding my original music. Now, Gabe produces my music, which includes the release of my mind-calming CD, Ethereal. With our busy schedules we make time to watch sports, go outside to shoot basketball and play catch, as well as to go camping. 
Mark & Becca
Most importantly, I’ve been able to pass along all of the wisdom I know he’ll need to be able to take good care of himself and the rest of our family.

Family First
I know that I’m able to possess the remarkable energy it takes to serve others because of the unwavering love and support from my family. 

My daughter, Becca, (38) graduated from the California College of the Arts and happily works for a company that teaches people how to create art and crafts. She and I stay connected by regularly sharing our feelings about life, love and beauty while we take her dogs for a walk.
My former wife, Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT, and I, are the closest of friends and lovingly co-parent our children. We teach a workshop together to show separated or divorced parents how to set aside their own painful emotions and learn how to effectively share their values with their kids.

My romantic partner, Rochelle, and I, have been blessed to have so easily blended our two families together. Rochelle and I have great fun teaching the parent workshops together. Best of all for me, Suzanne and Rochelle have a great relationship and enjoy spending quality time together, usually away from me!

I love helping families have better relationships because I want them to enjoy the same care and love that I have with my “divorced married family".
Suzanne, Mark & Rochelle
When You Attend The Workshop You’ll Receive These Tools 
Which Will Help You Implement What You’ve Learned
At this workshop, Rochelle and I do our best to keep all of the tips, techniques and scripts as simple as possible so that you can apply them immediately. 

However, I’ve learned from the busy parents who attend the workshop that they need follow up educational materials to keep them inspired and motivated to continue moving their family in the right direction.

Therefore, when you attend the workshop you’ll receive the following educational materials:
Dr. Mark With Panel 
Of Parenting Experts 
Dr. Mark often brings together a panel of parenting experts at the annual New Living Expo 
in San Francisco. Dr. Mark leads the panel to provide real life solutions to handle the toughest 
issues parents face. These CDs bring together the wisdom of talented professionals who have 
years of experience helping parents to effectively use their authority and influence. 
Raising Children with Feminine & Masculine Wisdom  ($14.90 Value)
This program shows Moms and Dads how to use their different but equally valuable biological differences for successful child rearing. By accepting their specialized gender values, parents learn skillful ways to blend their instinctual wisdom in order to raise children who are well integrated, both personally and socially.
Featuring: John Gray, Warren Farrell, Carista Luminare and Zoe Fry 
Parenting Challenging Children ($14.90 Value)   
This program helps parents gain greater insight into the reasons why their children may be emotionally intense, disrespectful or defiant. Parents will learn how to become more sensitive to their children’s underlying needs, while applying tough love and tender love to lead their family into mutually caring and cooperative relationships.
Featuring: Steve Sisgold, Shelly Lefkoe, Sharon Silver and Doug Bodin
Parenting Effectively in the Age of Digital Dominance ($14.90 Value)   
This program highlights the ways unhealthy multimedia messages are bombarding households. “Media mania” diminishes children’s abilities to know what is important, both for their personal and for their family's health and happiness. Sharing their best tips & techniques, the panelists show parents how to use technology as a way to create a smarter and stronger family.
Featuring: Beth Hossfeld, Warren Farrell, Beth Halbert, Brent Zeller, and Dave Bohegian 
Dr. Mark At Mentoring Conference 
Video DVDs
Dr. Mark is a public speaker, making presentations about parenting in a variety of settings. 
These DVDs capture Dr. Mark educating parents in the manner he’s most comfortable doing - live, 
in front of parents who need practical solutions to their most difficult issues in raising their children. 
A dynamic speaker, his workshops are educational and entertaining, keeping his audiences 
laughing and learning.
The RIGHT Way to Parent Young Men ($24.90 Value)
In this workshop at Parenting University in Marin County, Dr. Mark explains why some of the current approaches to parenting young men fall short of their goals. He shows how aboriginal wisdom and modern science can be combined to help parents be more effective in their communication and motivation strategies.                                    
Drawing upon his proven RIGHT Way® method for achieving family unity, Dr. Mark teaches parents how to decrease their stress while increasing their ability to help their sons become accountable for their lives and get ready for the challenges of the adult world.
This Workshop Shows Parents How To:
  • ​Safely channel their son’s primal instincts into productive behavior
  • ​Allow their sons to make mistakes without losing their self-respect
  • ​Avoid competition and promote cooperation with their sons
  • ​Appreciate the values their sons hold in high regard
  • ​Deepen their bond with their adolescent sons
  • ​Support their sons to be open and honest
The RIGHT Way to Mentor Your Teenage Son ($24.90 Value)
In this workshop, Dr. Mark reveals the secrets he and his mentors use to guide young men to recover their self-respect and increase their motivation to be resourceful. Drawing on his proven RIGHT Way method for achieving family unity, Dr. Mark emphasizes that parents need to stop their nagging and behave more like mentors, in order to help their sons fulfill their biological need to become more independent. 
This Workshop Shows Parents How To:
  • ​Avoid agitating their sons by using ineffective psychological processes
  • ​Keep young men accountable for their actions
  • ​Stop holding their sons hostage to boyhood
  • ​Effectively communicate with young men
  • ​Give choices instead of consequences
  • ​Model behaviors that young men respect
The RIGHT Way to Lead Your Family ($24.90 Value)
In this workshop at Unity Church in Marin County, Dr. Mark explains that our digitally dominant era floods families with unhealthy multimedia messages, making it difficult for parents to navigate their children through their life challenges.

Drawing on his proven RIGHT Way® method for achieving family unity, Dr. Mark shows parents how to model their values and nurture the values of the their children, resulting in families who want to stay connected their entire lives.
This Workshop Shows Parents How To:
  • ​Generate the necessary energy to parent with health and clarity 
  • ​Communicate respectfully without negotiating their standards
  • ​Use a consequence as an activity of household integrity
  • ​Serve their family without trying to save them 
  • ​Make decisions that their children trust 
  • ​Properly apply authority, influence & power 
*You'll Also Receive These 2 E-Books At No Charge
The Secret For Helping Your Son Become More Mature And Independent Without Anger Or Anxiety
Here's What You'll Discover:
  • ​How a digital society doesn’t provide enough support for our sons, who need to make a successful transition into adulthood
  •  Why you need to transition from being a parent and become more like a mentor for your son in order for him to successfully handle the challenges of adulthood
  •  Ways to calmly and confidently “challenge” your son to become more responsible for his own well-being
  • And Much More... 
Why It’s Harder Than Ever to Raise a Teenage Son And What We Can Do About It
Here's What You'll Discover:
  • ​Why a digital society doesn’t provide enough support for our sons to connect to the world in healthier ways
  • ​Why you can benefit from the services of mentors who can help your son successfully handle the challenges of adulthood
  • ​What you can do to help your son become more motivated to adapt to the challenges of adult life.
  • And Much More... 
I’ve Done The Work for You
For the past forty five years I’ve engaged in extensive research and world travel to become knowledgeable in the sciences of personal growth, stress management, parent bonding, positive discipline and brain science. I’ve combined the best teachings from those fields with the insight I’ve gained from studying tribal wisdom.

The result of that synthesis with my own experience working with thousands of young men has been the creation of the RIGHT Way for Family Unity method. This practical and proven method will save you countless hours of time, thousands of dollars, and a life time of diligent effort in order to learn how to fulfill your desire of being a more effective parent.

These educational materials will keep you focused on remaining calm, concise, clear and confident when you work together with your son to have a more cooperative relationship.

These educational materials will keep you focused on remaining calm, concise, clear and confident when you work together with your son in order to have a more caring and cooperative relationship.
Dr. Mark With Tribe Elder 
Young Man & Boy
Mary Ann Gabay
Martin Wells
Kim Foulger
Stephen Gabay