Getting Less Ad Revenue During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

First and foremost, I hope you are reading this in good health and that you're doing as good as can be... given these crazy circumstances.

As a digital ad agency, we get to see the effects of this pandemic across a variety of industries and advertisers. We’ve looked at each of our clients’ campaigns to spot any patterns or opportunities which could help them but also prove useful to others. And what we found was actually quite remarkable…

A few things we learned that you will too...

1.  The fix is often worse than the problem.
2.  Automation killed the KPI star.
3.  Less revenue doesn’t always mean people aren't buying.
4.  Search engines will spend your money no matter how few customers are searching.
5.  Customers are cost-conscious, not broke.
6.  Your customers’ buying patterns today will be different in a week’s time.
7.  Advertisers are working from home, not their cars. 

We began diagnosing and executing strategies in the problematic accounts right away. Within a few days, we saw significant improvement to KPIs such as CPA, ROAS, and Total Revenue. Some even rebounded 100% and started performing better after our optimizations. And left untouched, they represented the worst possible outcome and most loss of revenue.

In the PDF, we discuss actual client scenarios (anonymously of course). We’ll show you what we saw and what we did about it. And give you some ideas on what you can do if you spot similar patterns in your advertising campaigns. 

Since your plan is to continue operating business these next few months, you might as well set yourself up to have the most success possible. We know you can do it!

Stay safe, stay open.

Peter Dulay, President  - Conversion Giant

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