THRIVE in Costa Rica at Our 
2018 Fitness & Adventure Retreat!
Get Fit, Centered, And Energized while Embarking on an Week-Long Luxury Adventure at the 
Magical Casa El Chante in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. 
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October 27th-November 3rd

Join us from Saturday, October 27th-Saturday November 3rd in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for the adventure of a lifetime!

Join The THRIVE Squad!

Join 15 others like yourself transforming their bodies, minds, and lives at this retreat.

Katie Sampayo

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author of "Eat to Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook", International Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, and Your Host for this Retreat!

The Activities
After being in Costa Rica for over 10 weeks I've compiled the BEST activities to make your experience absolutely amazing while staying fit!

We'll hike to some jaw-dropping waterfalls with amazing views, as well as adventure out into the beautiful Tamarindo beaches to surf and paddle board. After we'll get centered and grounded with yoga and meditation sessions surrounded by panoramic ocean views.

We'll get our bodies moving again with fun workouts on the beach, followed by refueling our bodies with delicious detoxifying foods cooked by our 5-star in-house chef.

And we can't forget about our gluten-free cooking class that will take place as well!

We'll end our trip relaxing in the amazing volcanic natural hot springs and at our infinity pool overlooking the amazing beaches of Tamarindo. And if you want to relax even more, book a massage on our amazing massage deck overlooking the ocean. 

You'll leave this retreat feeling energized, stronger, relaxed, and ready to do it all again next year!
The Amazing Detoxifying Food!
Let's be real, it's all about the FOOD!! 
At this retreat you can expect amazing, fresh, healthy, and detoxifying meals that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed! All meals are gluten-free and include dairy-free and meat-free (vegetarian and pescatarian friendly) options similar to my #1 best-sellng cookbook, Eat to Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook.

For breakfast and snacks you will enjoy a variety of fresh local fruits, fresh smoothies, granola bowls, chia seed pudding, avocado sweet potato toast, as well as traditional Costa Rican dishes including one of my favorites, Gallo Pinto!

Our gormet dinners will be crafted by a 5-star local chef who specializes in healthy upscale food. A sample dinner includes grilled swordfish with wild rice, vegetable tian, stuffed bell peppers, watermelon and feta salad, and a fresh fruit salad served with balsalmic vinegar and mint! Is your mouth watering yet?!

All meals will be served family-style so you can eat as little, or as much, as your heart desires.
The Luxury 5-Star Accommodations
Welcome to Casa El Chante!
Casa El Chante is a tropical haven nestled in the trees of Tamarindo with sweeping ocean views that epitomizes any nature lovers idea of paradise.

It's eight private bungalows act as individual bedroom suites, complete with their own private porch, master bath and bedroom decorated with authentic Balinese furniture, wood carvings and traditional art.

This retreat encompasses the entire property to ensure you have a peaceful and tranquil setting so you can truly relax, connect with others, and be at one with yourself and nature.
Designed for Sustainability
Unlike anything that exists in the Costa Rican market, El Chante is a pioneer in sustainable luxury. El Chante is designed to make a minimal impact on the environment, and instead work with and give back to the land surrounding it.
El Chante's Eco-Friendly Features Include: 
El Chante is living proof that 5-star luxury does not have to stand apart and clash with the pre-existing natural environment. 
Your Luxury 5-Star Accommodations
Room Option #1-King-Sized Private Bungalow (4 Bungalows, 1-2 People Per Bungalow)
Each of These King-Sized Bungalows Include: 
⦿ King-size canopy bed
⦿ Master bathroom for two with an open-air shower
⦿ Optional air-conditioning
⦿ Open-air porch with Balinese daybed
⦿ Built-in office and workspace overlooking the ocean
⦿ Panoramic ocean, garden, and mountain views
⦿ Closet and clothing storage
⦿ Antique Balinese carvings and finishes
⦿ Mini-refrigerator
⦿ Code-locked safe for valuables
⦿ Coded entry lock

Prices for the King Private Bungalow With Your Retreat Experience are: 

Starting at $3,860 for 1 guest
Starting at $1,255 for the 2nd guest

*Discount when you pay in full*
*limited spots available*
Room Option #2- Queen-Sized Private Bungalow (3 Bungalows, 1-2 People Per Bungalow)
Each of These Queen-Sized Bungalows Include: 
⦿ Queen-size canopy bed
⦿ Bathroom with an outdoor open-air shower
⦿ Air-conditioning
⦿ Built-in office and workspace overlooking the ocean
⦿ Panoramic ocean, garden, and mountain views
⦿ Closet and clothing storage
⦿ Code-locked safe for valuables
⦿ Coded entry lock

Prices for the Queen-Sized Private Bungalow With Your Retreat Experience are: 

Starting at $3,165 for 1 guest
Starting at $1,060 for the 2nd guest

*Discount when you pay in full*
*limited spots available*
Room Option #3- Shared Master King-Sized Private Bungalow 
(4 Beds, 1 Person Per Twin-Sized Bed (3 Total), 1-2 People in the King-Sized Bed (1 Total)
This shared master king-sized bungalow is separated into 2 rooms. 
Here is the breakdown of the beds in each room:
⦿ 1 King-size canopy bed
⦿ Separate room with bunk beds and one twin-sized bed

Amenities shared by both rooms:
⦿ Master bathroom with an open-air heated shower (largest bathroom on the property)
⦿ Open-air porch with Balinese daybed and massage table
⦿ Optional air-conditioning
⦿ Built-in office and workspace overlooking the ocean
⦿ Panoramic ocean, garden, and mountain views
⦿ Antique Balinese carvings and finishes
⦿ Closet and clothing storage
⦿ Mini-refrigerator
⦿ Code-locked safe for valuables
⦿ Coded entry lock

Prices for the Shared Master Bungalow with Your Retreat Experience are:

King-Sized Bed/Room
Starting at $2,320 for the 1st guest
Starting at $870 for the 2nd guest

Single Bed/Room (3 beds available)
Starting at $1,835 per guest

*Discount when you pay in full*
*limited spots available*
This Retreat is Right for You If...
  •  You love adventure and trying new things
  •  You want an all-inclusive luxury experience 
  •  You want to be in a tranquil location where you can relax and be at one with nature
  •  You want to not plan ANYTHING and simply enjoy your experience
  •  You want 5-star healthy, fresh detoxifying meals included in your experience
  •  You want to have an active vacation with workouts and yoga classes included in your experience
  •  You want to learn about deeper levels of wellness and self-care like meditation and breathing techniques
  •  You want personalized advice on how to improve your current workout and eating routine to reach your goals
  •  You want to leave with a plan to help you continue living a healthy lifestyle when you return home
  •  You want to have fun and meet new cool people along the way
  •  You're ready to put yourself first and make a real commitment to take action towards becoming the best YOU you can be!
If you can relate to at least one or two of these reasons, this retreat is PERFECT for you.
* very limited spots available*
The Tentative Schedule
During the retreat I give many opportunities and encourage you to create your own adventure that suits your need of each present moment. 
Saturday, Day 1 Arrival!
Arrive & head to Casa El Chante to unpack & unwind by the pool 
4:00pm- Welcome Meeting/intention and goal setting 
6:00pm -Sunset Dinner 

Sunday, Day 2 
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea 
8:30am – Yoga 101. Overview of basic poses plus yoga class 
10:00am – Breakfast 
5pm – Beach workout 
7:00pm – Dinner 

Monday, Day 3 
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea
8:30am – Group workout
10:00am – Breakfast
5:30pm- Clean Eating 101 workshop 
7:00pm – Dinner 

Tuesday, Day 4
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea 
8:00am – Yoga class followed by breathing exercise workshop 
10:00am – Breakfast 
6:00pm – Cooking Class/Dinner 
8:30pm – Movie night 

Wednesday, Day 5 
8am – Breakfast
9am – Head to hiking trail
11am – Hike to waterfalls and hot springs
2:30 – Head to Liberia and eat lunch (*additional cost)
4pm – Drive back to the house

Thursday, Day 6 
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea 
8:30am – Beach workout 
10:00am – Breakfast 
11:00am - Meditation 101 
7:00pm – Dinner 
8:30pm – Movie night 

Friday, Day 7 
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea 
8:30am – Pool workout 
10:00am – Breakfast  
7:00pm – BBQ & Pool Party 

Saturday, Day 8 Check-Out 
7:45am – Fruit, Coffee/Tea 
8:30am – Final Workout 
10:00am – Breakfast 
12pm - Checkout 
*Please note that classes & activities may change due to weather or group excursions planned. Your flexibility will allow me to create the best schedule possible for your retreat experience.

*Free Time: I can arrange surf lessons, excursions, paddle boarding, biking, ATV rental, on-site massages and more at the best prices in town.
What Other's Say About Working With Me
“I was a member of Katie’s class on several occasions. She kept the classes fresh and exciting. She always offered ways for class members to adjust the exercises to meet their physical needs. 
I was one of the most out of shape people in the class and she was always encouraging and supportive, even when I wanted to give up.”

— Janet T.
“My favorite thing about Katie as an instructor is how hands-on she is. You NEVER feel like you are being asked to hold a pose for longer than you physically can, because Katie is right there along side you doing it with you (which is impressive!). Katie’s attitude and class presence bring both the physical and mental motivation that you need.”

— Erin M.
“Katie is a great trainer. She’s motivating and keeps the workouts incredibly inspirational and positive, even when you feel like you’re about to give up. I noticed huge improvements while working with her— not just in the gym, but also in my desire to eat better and make sure I was getting enough hydration. She really is the definition of holistic.”

— Kait L.
Click here for more testimonials
Join by September 1st to Get 
4 AMAZING Bonuses Valued Over $100 In Your Inbox Now!
Bonus #1 For Joining Today! 
Get Exclusive Access To My Private Facebook Group!
I’ve setup a private Facebook group for only members of this retreat. That way you can easy interact with everyone before, during, and after the retreat! 

In this group you’ll have constant support and will get any questions you have about the retreat, Costa Rica, packing, the food, etc. answered quickly!

This group is also a great way to stay in contact with everyone you meet during the retreat because I guarantee you will leaving with some life-long friends!
Bonus #2 For Joining Today! 
Get Exclusive Access To My "Ultimate Guide to Eating Out!"
The hardest part about consistently eating healthy is knowing how to order healthy AND tasty food when eating out.

I get it; you are busy, and sometimes you just don't have time to cook a healthy meal in advance before running out the door.

Which is why I created my "ULTIMATE Guide To Eating Out!" so you can stay-on-track when dining out at fast-food restuarants on days when you don't have time to cook.   

In this guide I provide you with exact guidelines for ordering food at Panera Bread, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Sushi, including exact "approved" menu items to make the eating out process simple and easy throughout this challenge. 

This bonus alone is a HUGE game-changer, and will immedietly make a significant positive impact in your body and energy levels. 
Bonus #3 For Joining Today! 
Get Exclusive Access To My "Fat-Shredder Cheat Sheet!"
You can eat healthy foods all day and STILL gain weight if you're eating too much. 

Too much of anything is never a good thing, which is why it's vital to understand what proper portion sizes are if you want to have the sexy body of your dreams for the rest of your life. 

My "Fat Shredder Cheat Sheet!" provides you with exact portion sizes for some of the most commonly overeaten foods including avocados, cereal, rice, nuts and seeds, oils, fruits, and more so you can lose fat, gain energy, and love the way you look and feel everyday! 
Bonus #4 For Joining Today! 
Get Exclusive Access To My "Quick and Easy Snack Guide!"
Snacking plays a major role in staying fit and energized. The right snacks can make you look and feel like a million bucks, and the wrong snacks can do the complete opposite. 

Unfortunately snacks are often thought of as a last priority, which is why they're typically boring, bland, and not very nutritious or filling. AKA a boring granola bar, chips, or cookies. 

If you're sick of eating boring snacks that barley keep you full for 30 minutes, you're going to LOVE this guide! 

There are 20 snacks you can make in 5 minutes or less that are healthy, tasty, and NOT BORING! They're also packed with protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients to keep you full and energized until your next meal. 

With this guide snacking will be satisfying and easy, instead of boring and fat-inducing. It's a win/win! 
What's Included In Your Experience
⦿ 7 Nights accommodation at the 5-Star Luxury Property, Casa El Chante
⦿ 30 Minute Personal Fitness/Nutrition Consultation Prior to Arrival 
⦿ Daily Group Workouts
⦿ Yoga Sessions
⦿ Waterfall Hike and Hot Springs
⦿ Gluten-Free Cooking Class
⦿ Workshops & Demonstrations including Topics on Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Healthy Eating
⦿ Detoxifying Gluten-Free Daily Breakfast, Dinner, & Snacks (Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Dairy-Free Options Available)
⦿ Daily Coffee, Tea, & Fresh Local Fruit
⦿ Unlimited Drinking Water (at the villa)
⦿ Unlimited wifi (at the villa)
⦿ Signed Copy of My #1 Bestselling cookbook, Eat to Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook
⦿ Take-away 5-week meal plan with full shopping list
⦿ Take-away 1 month workout plan
⦿ 4 Bonuses to Help You Thrive NOW If You Join Before September 1st (See Full Description Above)
⦿ Exclusive Discounts on Additional Activities and Excursions
⦿ Smiles, Fun, & An Amazing Time!
What's Not Included In Your Experience
⦿ Flight into Liberia Airport (about 1 hour from Tamarindo. San Jose airport is about 6 hours from Tamarindo.)
⦿ Transportation to and from the airport
⦿ Additional activities and excursions
⦿ Travel Health Insurance (recommended)
⦿ Lunch (This is because you have "free time" during typical lunch hours so you are able to enjoy each day the way you choose!)
Are You Ready To Jump In?
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*limited spots available*
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