Absolutely everything you need to make your Whole30 easy, fast, and tasty!!
  • Rules and Reintroduction
  •  Whole30 Meal Template
  •  Whole30 Day-by-Day Journal
  •  Video tutorial for easy meal planning
Everything in DIY+ and:
  • Yes+No Food Lists
  •  Private Group Access for Live Questions
  •  Weekly Meal Plans with Grocery Lists
Everything in DWY plus: 
  • Welcome Call with complete Start-Up Kit.
  •  FILL-YOUR-ONLINE-GROCERY-CART service.  (You just hit "checkout"!)
Meet your Coach:
Honesty time: I did a few Whole15's and one Whole22, and quite a few Whole7's before I made it a WHOLE Whole30! There were no Whole30 coaches on my first tries, so I had to struggle through it alone. 

And here's the thing: I'm not a gym rat, I wasn't born skinny (the exact opposite actually!), and I LOVE really good food! 

I don't want to be a bikini model, I just want my jeans to fit well. I don't want to be the Energizer bunny, I just want to have the energy to get all my work done, enjoy playing with my kids, and not be so tired I can't enjoy some time to myself in the evening!

The real truth: From maintaining Paleo Folks products in Whole Foods Market, managing our amazing team, creating new recipes and products, and being a hands-on mom, I am BUSY!

I'm a single mom, the founder of Paleo Folks, a certified Whole30 Coach, and active in my community. I balance A LOT every day! I was sick of dragging myself to the end of each day tired, wishing bedtime would come sooner. I was cranky, overweight, and embarrassed with how I looked.

The Whole30 helped my jeans freakin' fit, helped me smile and laugh a lot more, and makes me a confident mom, woman, and business owner.  
Let's tackle your Whole30 together!

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