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7 Day Growth Mini-Course
Sick of GUESSING or even LEARNING marketing? Time to start DOING.
  • What's Not Working
    Discover issues you don't even know exist
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    Maximise your Website Conversions
  • Learn from the Best
    Uncover your Competitor's Most Successful Marketing Secrets
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Pretty cool huh - 7 days of free, actionable training with tactics to implement into your business on the day every day tailored to your business! Can't complain about that...
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What You'll Do
Day 1: Setting Up Your Analytics
Set up analytics so that by the end of the week we're able to see first-hand what's happening on your site and why people aren't converting.
Day 2: Identify & Resolve Issues
Today we'll look at some tools we can use to uncover website issues you didn't even know existed that are impacting your conversions, plus look at ways to resolve them.
Day 3: Optimise Website for Conversions
Time to look at ways to maximise the conversions of your website!
Day 4: Competitor Analysis
Let's take a look at what's working so well for the most successful people in your industry.
Day 5: Basic SEO Optimisation
Let's make some simple changes to your website to improve how well Google ranks it on it's search engine.
Day 6: Analytics Recap
Let's go and take another look at those analytics platforms we set up and make some improvements from the insights they give us.
Day 7: 90 Day Planning
Now that you're on a roll, time to set some goals for the next 90 days!
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