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Strengthen Your Relationships
 FREE Access to some of the top relationship experts from around the globe sharing their secrets to creating harmony in your home. 

The secret to lasting love and friendship in marriage and family is learning and creating the relationship skills to really enjoy each other, live without drama and to love life together. Even if your relationships are strong and going smoothly, there may still be room for growth. The “Nourish Your Relationships” Series allows couples and families to reconnect and allows for love and friendship to blossom.

For families to not just survive in their relationship and run on autopilot relationships must be nurtured and nourished. All too often life gets too busy with work and family and the holidays most people forget to work on the most important relationships. For some this time of year may be a bit hard especially if you struggle with difficult relationships and getting along with everyone. Let’s make this the year the year there is more togetherness, less fighting, and more harmony within the home. 

It will lift your spirits and create harmony in every home. It will be recorded so register to get the recording if you can’t attend live. 

Cheering you on to Fall Move in LOVE more this November and forever!

With Love, Jodi Harman

Guest Expert: Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is a passionate and energetic leader who is truly gifted at helping teens transform into confident, happy and successful young adults. Jacqui teaches teens that success and happiness are possible, regardless of their current struggles or circumstances.

Jacqui is a Multi-Award Winning Author, International Speaker, and Founder of Teen Confidence Academy. She has 17 years of experience in Adolescent Health as a Nurse Practitioner, Success Coach, and Teen Confidence Expert. Jacqui is passionate and committed to guiding teens to achieve remarkable success in their academic and personal lives. When not working with teens or writing, you can find her traveling in her RV, hiking with her dog or spoiling her three cats. She now lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  You can find more here

Guest Expert: Wan Pin 

Wan Pin (call her Ping for short) is a Tech and Productivity Strategist, the creator of The Heartpreneur Mom, coach, speaker and facilitator, mother of 3. She helps mompreneurs create more time so that they can be with their loved ones while enjoying business success.

An entrepreneur since 2009, Ping’s passion is working with people. She is heart-centered, enabling people to feel heard, understood, supported and motivated to achieve the results they desire. Also a certified MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) practitioner, Ping uses a unique and effective methodology to help mompreneurs clear their disempowering mindsets and blocks so that they can be happier moms.

A mother of three with a deep sense of purpose, Ping runs an online community supporting mompreneurs with tech and productivity support. She also has a personal mission of helping one million orphans receive improved health, quality education and find loving families.

Guest Expert: Dawn Westmoreland

Dawn Marie Westmoreland has always found her joy in inspiring, supporting, and empowering those who need it most. That joy has been reflected in her career and continues to be her driving force to this day. Dawn has also experienced workplace bullying and discrimination first-hand.  In 2012, Dawn reported her former government agency to the Office of Special Counsel and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for prohibited personnel practices and retaliation. As a result, her managers and co-workers turned on her, and she was subjected to two years of horrific workplace bullying and discrimination.

These years wreaked havoc on Dawn’s mental and physical health, but she persevered. Holding her workplace bullies accountable, Dawn settled with her employer outside of court. Because of her knowledge of HR and leadership skills, she has no gag order to prevent her from sharing her story to empower others who look to her for help. This experience, as well as overcoming her personal history of abuse, has strengthened Dawn’s personal mission to educate and inspire those who are or have suffered from workplace bullying and discrimination. Dawn is on the Board of Directors with Fifty Shades of Purple Against Bullying as a subject matter expert on workplace bullying and discrimination.  Learn more about FSP Against Bullying here:  FSP Against Bullying If you are looking for inspiration, healing, education, and empowerment–follow Dawn’s weekly “Wednesdays With Westmoreland” videos at “Wednesdays With Westmoreland”

For support and more information about bullying in the workplace:

Guest Expert: Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson is an in-demand international public speaker; wielding her expertise in brain science to bring solution-based training into organizations for business, communications, team building and leadership results such as increasing productivity, preventing conflicts, and improving organizational cultures.

Julie has done extensive research in the areas of personality types, brain function and anatomy, brain health, and the brain personality connection. She has studied natural health, psychology, human resource development and psychoneuroimmunology. With more than 20 years of research, study, mentoring and sharing the stages with other gurus in the field of brain personality connection. With post-graduate studies in the field of depression, anxiety disorders and brain function, Julie has continued her learning to maintain her expertise in this field. 

Julie Anderson brings more than 15 years of experience speaking, training and consulting with individuals and up to large corporate organizations utilizing Brain Personality Connection and uniquely blending science and psychology with humor and relatability in her keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

Areefa Bonus 
Tapping Solutions
Guest Expert: Areefa Ali

Areefa Ali is dedicated to empowering people to potentially eliminate and/or diminish pain, depression and anxiety. She developed a system using non-surgical, non-chemical and non-invasive techniques.

As a child, Areefa was diagnosed with chronic migraine headaches. Doctors were unable to help and recommended over the counter medications. After becoming aware of the dangerous side effect to pharmaceuticals, she began to search and study natural healing therapies to solve not only her headaches but also her chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. She began sharing her knowledge and her clients are able to experience the same transformational results…potentially extending their lives 10-15 years, preventing life treating illness and disease, and eliminating physical and emotional pain. You can find free gifts and trainings at

Guest Expert: Lisa Marie Kozich

Lisa Kozich is a radio host and TV host , the creator and owner of Crockin’ Moms, author, and motivational speaker. She is a native of Johnstown,PA and has lived in Pittsburgh, PA since 2006. She is a Mom and Wife and part-time Master’s Degree Level Mental Health Therapist. She attended Penn State University and has her Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. Lisa created a blog all by herself after becoming a mom and the desire to connect with other Moms. Her blog is called and it grew into an internet sensation. She started a FB fan page 5 years ago and it developed into a huge community in the internet MOM world. Crock Pot Moms now has over 900,000 fans  and is on it’s way to 1 million fans. Her page reaches over 8 million people a week and she is able to connect with so many people in the USA and other countries. She has fans in every state and all around the world. Lisa does many fan and radio appearances and is currently working on some Prime Time TV projects and her book

Guest Expert: Annette Pang


brings hope to families torn apart by 3 massive mistakes when caring for their aging, ill and dying loved ones. 

Annette teaches families how to calm nerves, learn skills and easy solutions to bring peace into the family to relax and enjoy the aging transition with sincere joy. 

Annette the owner of two beautiful and loving adult resident care homes called Living Manoa and Caring Manoa, nurturing elder residents for over 17 years. 

Annette began life coaching group sessions for over 30 years ago.  As a former elementary school teacher, licensed in Hawaii, California and Pennsylvania, she retired from Hanahauoli School when she gave birth to her 3rd child.  She is married for 47 years to the same husband who travels with her around the world to visit their three grandchildren living in California and Singapore.

Annette quickly sizes up and unravels any situation ranging from family finances, sibling miscommunication, and signature care for yourself and others.  She also encourages people to put down their cell phones and stop tweeting, texting in order to revive having conversations again, eye to eye and heart to heart, which deepen intimacy and trust with loved ones.

Annette has been featured on KITV, Aging in Place Symposium, Generations Magazine Radio, Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society Webinar.

She is an author of the upcoming books, Life Loss Transitions and V Spirits Go Away, and a former internet radio host.  She also has

a FREE 5 Step COURSE, called Family Caregiver CPR Couse on her website so you can become masterful  in CPR (Care Prayer and Relief) and take care of yourself before you save others.

Guest Expert: Eduardo Ramos

“I had a low credit score rating causing denials for housing, car loans, credit cards, employment, & I was unable to grow my business or provide for my family which led to divorce.

This caused me to have sleepless nights, to shut down emotionally, to be embarrassed that I couldn’t get any credit of any kind, depressed, stressed, low self-esteem, huge amounts of anxiety, and even health related issues. I knew I had to do something, so I pursued the real truth. What I discovered were some hidden SECRETS that allowed me to raise my personal credit score from a low of 489 to a healthy 713 plus how to build something called business credit and to do this regardless of my personal credit rating. This empowered me to Be, Do, & Have the things that I had always wanted for my family and live life on my own terms.”

- Eduardo Ramos, Founder of The Ramos Method

Guest Expert: Di Downie

Downie is
known as the Innovative Business Creator, turning ideas into Reality!

A Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mother .  Her transformational Method transforms lives from quiet achievers to influencers. Demonstrating with her 8 successful enterprises, all 6 and 7 figures, her credibility is proven. She has worked alongside million-dollar property developers, start-up manufacturers, people with jobs, business owners in Australia, America and Indonesia.

Dr Hilda Maldanado says “You taught me something so simple that I can practise every day.  I can already see the connection between my heart and my environment that I can put into practise in my business”.

Downie has been featured in The Huffington Post, Radio and TV in Bahrain, Dubai, West Australia and New York, The Spanish International Radio.  She loves to inspire and empower others with her online and offline experiential workshops.

When Di is not travelling, speaking and mentoring she is in Perth with her husband Rob  and her daughters Kate and Jay.

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