In a Recent Motor Vehicle Accident?
Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) can cause serious damage leading to pain and health problems.
It is CRITICAL to be examined thoroughly for injury as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage or PAIN.
The GOOD NEWS is that care may be completely covered without any out of pocket expense!
We offer a FREE EVALUATION before any expense occurs.
Headaches        Neck/Back pain        Shoulder pain        Arm numbness/tingling
Migraines        Low energy        Restless Sleep        Fibromyalgia        Digestive problems 
Car accident victim..."Dr. Tressler treated my neck/ back with traction, manipulation and exercise. Now I am pain free and relieved! Can't say enough how much I appreciate his expertise! Great weight loss advice too!" Betty
Car Accidents Can Be Brutal
"After my car accident, I felt horrible. I didn't have energy, had shoulder pain and overall - felt lousy! 
With Dr. Tressler's care I began to feel happier, could move more, and felt like my old self again. I felt free without tension!!  Thank you Dr. Tressler." 
State of the art rehab equipment for FULL recovery.
Exam and x-ray evaluation:

High tech Digital x-rays provide quality and clarity.

Digital motion x-ray series.

We will review all tests and x-rays to determine the best recommendations.
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