Busy mom? 
 You CAN uncover an unlimited power-packed mindset, become your own #bodygoals, & walk in your unmatched purpose and potential!
It’s time to learn how to unlock the absolute best version of you and the unlimited power that you hold
The Ultralight Beam Program was built for YOU 
I specifically created a premium, high-quality program for mothers who are ready to reposition themselves in the world with a newfound glow.
 Having already helped transform numerous women in their mindset & body, helping them find themselves, and a love for who they are, and the skin they’re in, I can tell you this: 
I understand mama. 

went from being homeless with my 2 daughters, to having a 7 figure mindset, #1 book, becoming a CEO, brand ambassador, and coach, teaching other mothers how to become their best, brightest self, in 1 year

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to depression or how it’s released in a woman’s life. One thing is universal though: It is a parasite that is stealing your health, your time, and your happiness. Losing confidence in your body, having declining health, or feeling like you are unable to love the woman you are is a prison sis. 
But, I’m here to break you out, if you’ll let me. 
Think like a powerhouse Mama
Dive into the video modules packed with in depth teaching, that will ensure you gain a mindset that propels you through negative, depressive, or anxious thought patterns, especially when dealing with your busy babies. 
Become your OWN #bodygoals 
Aren’t you exhausted with trying challenges, and juices, shakes and trainers? 
Sis, you HAVE to be. 
Join me, and speed up your results by learning HABITS that will help you drop the weight and gain the confidence, so you can get the body you crave, without giving up the foods you love. 
Get New Motivation So You Can End Procrastination And Reach New Heights
Learn how to stop procrastinating and realign your energy and motivation so you will see your goals beginning to be checked off, and the evaporation of feeling like you will never be great. 
"I have had less and less bad since we’ve started"
"I don’t have to be
miserable going through the motions of life"
"...we’re looking at completely getting off the anti-depressant this month"
"It has given me the foundation to do something I said for so long I was going to do"
Marquita Myrick, LPC

Healthy relationship with food, newfound self love & mindset enhanced! 
Courtney Halbert, Criminal Justice

Transformed mind and life! 
There are always reasons why you will feel like you can wait “till the new year” or maybe you’ll sleep on it? ... Here’s why you NEED TO take action on your life now:
  • Ask yourself what have you already done to take action that isn’t working? It’s time to do MORE! 
  • ​It’s time to end the battle of high blood pressure & diabetes sis. 
  • Having a sinking and low feeling constantly, with no energy or confidence is NOT just  something “you have to deal with”
  • ​If you don’t learn to put your health first, you may be FORCED to one day. (And trust me, it is much more expensive)
  • ​Choosing to wait, is only PROLONGING your success. When you do nothing, you stay the same, or it gets WORSE. 
  • ​Your mindset is 100% what will change your life and body, and not having the proper tools to build it, is holding you back.
  • ​Mamas have to have a life TOO! It’s time to prioritize YOU!
  • ​The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start living your best life. 
✅ You are 100% ready to leave your excuses behind and commit to the process

✅ You are ready to make this a lifestyle, and are ready for the journey ahead, with me as your coach and cheerleader

✅ You are 100% sure that you are done feeling the way you feel, looking how you look, and you are committed to change

I am only taking in 20 women each month! 
(Spots are limited to those who are READY!)
Here Is A Peak Into The Ultralight Beam Program Mom:
Phase 1: Mindset Rehab
Video/audio packed modules, with weekly LIVE coaching, workbooks, and downloads to make sure your mind is transformed, so you can accomplish anything you set your 🧠 to!
Phase 2: Physique Salon
Personalized Fitness app to track progress, intensity increasing workouts to ensure you look and feel better than ever, and flexible meal plan and nutrition guide to make sure you learn to love a healthier lifestyle, without giving up wings and 🍕! 
Phase 3: The Glow Up
Video/audio modules going in depth about how to: stop procrastinating, set better goals and reach them, and learn how to use everything you already have to make an impact on your family and the rest of the 🌎! 
What Mom Doesn’t Love A Good BOGO? When You Make One Good Decision, More Good Aligns! 
An extra “tell me all about it sis” 15 minutes each week on top of our LIVE call, that you can use at your disposal, to ask questions, gain clarity, or discuss roadblocks.
Access to our Motherhood’s bi-weekly Mommy & Me workout, a fun, full body workout that you don’t have to find a sitter for because your babies are apart of it, right at home!
30 TOP NOTCH genius parenting hacks and tools, any mother who wants an upper edge for their children, and navigating parenthood, will absolutely LOVE! 
100% Refund after 7 day trial! 
I’m 100% sure you will not need this, but if you do, the option is here! This program is fail proof, as long as you do the work! 

What if  I’m not a mother? Can I still apply?
Yes! Everything other than the motherhood pieces can still apply to you! 
What if I can’t eat meat?
There are vegetarian as well as vegan meal plans available as well. 
What if I’m not ready to invest in myself?
Nails, hair, outfits, weekends out, ALL investments into something, but are they worthwhile investments? This is for the women who are DONE making excuses! 
What if I don’t have access to a gym?
There is a library of at home workouts available to you within the app!
How long will I have access to these materials?
If you decide to join the VIP clients, you are able to access these materials for LIFE!
You’ve already spent so much time being unhappy and discontent with this version of yourself. No more waiting!
Make the choice to CHOOSE YOU FOR ONCE! 

Then, get ready to blind them with your newfound LIGHT!