Fall Back Into Fitness: 
30 Day Results in Advance
Many of our current clients have been with us for years and came to us because of our results, the environment, and support,
as well as the reputation in the community. We have an excellent track record, but let us prove it. 

Come meet us and find out
what makes us unique. 
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"I have a ton of confidence in my body. I am able to move the way I want to move.

I feel pushed and supported in all the right ways."- Adinah
So, What Can You Expect?
The 30-day trial membership includes:
Great Workouts
  •  Faster Metabolism: Our workouts are designed to boost your metabolism, which means your body will be able to burn calories for hours afterwards!
  •  Personalized Classes: You are not just a number here. We customize and tailor the workouts to your needs as we guide you the entire way.
  •  Never Get Bored: We are constantly changing our workouts. All workouts progress since you will naturally be getting stronger.
  •  Unlimited Accountability and Motivation: Private Facebook group for 24/7 support outside of the gym.
  •  Before/After Pictures and Measurements (Optional): A nice memento to look back on your progress.
  •  Unlimited Training With A Dedicated Coach: A certified and dedicated coach will be helping you the entire time. We have class times at all hours of the day to fit your schedule.
  •  Hi-Five Certification
Nutritional Guidance
  • Customized Nutrition: Our nutrition plan is easy to follow and can seamlessly be incorporated into your lifestyle. 
  • Recommended Food: We all know that the cravings will come. We'll outline exactly what to eat to keep your diet on track while still satisfying your cravings.
  • Guidance: Our tips and strategies can help you follow a diet that fits around your lifestyle. 
Feel better than you ever have before, and say goodbye to body anxieties.
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(Limited to first 20 that apply)
We'll Remove The Guesswork; You'll Be In, Out, and On With Your Day
All Proceeds Donated to Charity
If you sign up in the month of November, your entire 30 Day membership ($97) will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.
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This Year, it’s going to be different
Instead of going through the latest workout or diet fad, instead of shunning all things sweet and wonderful that come with the fall and the holidays, you’re going to have something you didn’t have before. You’re going to have us.
There's A Reason That Portland Residents Have Been Training With Us For Years
“...Best Shape Of My Life At 40 Years Old!”

After YEARS, not months, of physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, I still had nagging back pain. The exact cause was never explained to me, but within six weeks of training at Form & Function my pain was dramatically reduced. Not only has my back pain been mitigated, but I am also in the best shape of my life at 40 years old!” - Nate
"I lost a total of about 4-5 pounds in one month, my BMI went down, and I lost 6.5 inches in about 15 days when measured! So I cant even imagine how many more inches I lost when I initially started! Its honestly amazing! I would have never expected this! I feel better, stronger, I look better, and I’m NOT BIG! haha And guess what!? You’re burning fat as you lift which is awesome!!

I plan to take what I learned from Josh and bring it to my gym so I can continue on my path to health and fitness! I never thought in a million years I would say this…but, I LOVE WEIGHT LIFTING! Thanks so much for everything!” -Brianna V.

Click "Apply Now" or Call Us  503-678-9231

(Limited to first 20 that apply)
"Since I began training with Form & Function I have become a stronger, faster and more confident athlete. My goals are specific to my life as mother, contact sport athlete and full time professional. I’ve been constantly progressing since I started, and have come to realize that I may not have the limitations I had once perceived for my body. The best is yet to come!” — Amanda R. -Physician & Captain of High Rollers (Roller Derby)

Joelle S.
It doesn’t matter how I feel when I wake up in the morning, because I feel a thousand times better after the Training for Warriors workout.

The dojo is so much more than a physical workout; it feeds the mind and spirit. Each class workout starts with a brief inspirational story about how to be a better human based on real life stories of triumph through adversity. 

These stories osmote into my daily life, they become tools for dealing with difficult, and stressful situations. My confidence has increased, and I am much more mellow and kind throughout the day."
Why Training for Warriors Portland?
Finally, to make fitness a part of your life, 
let us give you the jumpstart needed.
Training for Warriors Portland provides quality training in a fun and supportive environment. That means we strive to provide THE BEST when it comes to coaching, motivation, and community. We believe life is a sport and we are all athletes on the path to achieving our goals.

TFW PDX provides strength and cardio training, mindset and nutrition coaching to people of ALL fitness levels.
We will email, call, or text each candidate in the order in which they fill out the form, and will shut-down our program once it's filled up! We choose serious participants so we can focus on their goals and getting them amazing results.
Click "Apply Now" or Call Us 503-678-9231
(Limited to first 20 that apply)
What if I am a beginner to working out?
That's totally fine! We are used to having beginners try our program which is why we only hire the best and brightest coaches who will adapt the workout specifically for you. 
Do I have to change my lifestyle for this to work?
While we always encourage you to work on eliminating your negative habits, we are all human here! Our program is designed around your lifestyle. The more you adjust outside of the gym, the better results you'll see.
I'm very busy, do I really have time for this?
We have various class times and days to choose from. If you do not think that it will work for you, reach out anyways and we'll see if have another program that better suits you. We can say with confidence that a couple of hours doing our workouts will be much better than what you're currently doing...or not doing. 
Training for Warriors Portland
1338 SE 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

 Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about getting started here at Training for Warriors Portland. We are here to help and are committed to getting you in the best shape of your life.

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