Cindy Houston - Master Pilates Trainer
 29 Years of Fitness Certifications and 18 Years Certified in the Pilates Discipline

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We Believe in Play!
There are no Snobs Here. No Judgement.
We are Men and Women on a Journey of Fun, Pilates, and Self Love
We understand that Healing Comes through Movement and We Trust the Process. 
We understand that Progress Stirs Passion, even in Small Steps!
We are learning to love Our Bodies!
We are in Awe of what We CAN DO
We are a Team of Discovery
We are a Family
We are a Community of Acceptance and Allowance
Every day We Learn that Our Bodies are Talking and NOW we Are Listening!
Healing on Many Levels Just Happens
We're excited to have YOU Join Us
Welcome, Smiles and Love, Cindy

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