Digital Agency Insiders is looking for highly successful 6-7 Figure Digital Agency Owners to interview on our podcast. Is it you we are looking for?

Who Are We Looking to Interview

We are looking for Digital marketing Entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. Someone who has walked the walk and can now talk the talk because they have been in the trenches of building a successful business.

We LOVE to hear stories of how someone went from typical, everyday life to decide they want to make their own rules and build a legacy for themselves by helping other businesses grow.

We want to share those stories with other people who are looking to start their own agency or are in the middle of the trenches now. We want to show them what success looks like and how to get there. Success is never a straight boring line. It’s a curvy, messy, crazy path, but a path that is worth taking.


We started a Facebook group a few years ago called Digital Marketing Agency Owners that has over 25,000 members. 

Those members are people who have just started to believe they have what it takes to start their own business all the way to people who are also widely successful in their agencies and are in there to help pull others up to their level. 

It’s a great group of people all looking to make their own rules and help businesses grow via Digital Marketing. 

Our podcast is for people just like those inside of the group. They need to hear what the journey to Entrepreneurship looked like to you. They need to hear why you never gave up and why you keep going. They need to hear your story!

What the Interview Will Look Like

Tabitha Thomas will be the one conducting the interview via a Zoom Video Call and they typically last about an hour.

Some of the questions we typically go over are:

What did the path to Entrepreneurship look like for you?
How did your business get its start?
What services does your agency offer?
How do you find clients for your business?
How do you keep clients happy and coming back to you?
Go here for a full list of the questions we ask during the interview.
What We Do With The Interview

Once the interview is finished, we take part of the audio files and create the podcast from it. We will also take the video and put it up on our Youtube Channel. 

We also will be creating teaser audio files and video files that will be shared online as well as inside of our groups. We will put ads behind some of the teasers to help promote the group and the podcast.

We will also take the more-in depth questions and conversations and add those videos to our Paid Membership area as well as our Facebook group for that membership called Digital Agency Insiders.

If this is something that you want to be a part of, we would be honored to have you on our podcast.

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