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8-Figure Network Marketing Legend Discusses His Book with Chicken Soup for the Soul Author Mark Victor Hansen
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  • Lead Generation:      Learn how to generate quality and qualified leads every day for FREE.
  •  Cold Market Prospecting:      Learn how to successfully & fearlessly prospect in any cold market.
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  •  Global Expansion:      Learn how to build locally but grow your team globally before traveling a mile.
  •  Time Management:      Learn how to gain at least 2 extra hours per day without working any harder.
  •  Recruiting Scripts:      Learn how to communicate & confidently recruit new prospects daily.
  •  And much more...
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Find Out What These Business LEGENDS Had to Say about this fREE BOOK
*Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Retired Hong Kong Billionaire
I just finished reading Organic Networker and Kosta’s 12 Organic Principles, now I understand why Kosta is so successful. I feel like I need to go back and learn business skills from ground zero again.
*Mari Smith
Top Facebook Marketing Expert
 Kosta Gara is one of my favorite people on the planet. He walks the talk and is very generous in sharing his own secrets to outrageous success in business. Kosta's new book, Organic Networker, delivers exactly that perfect blend. Apply the principles in this brilliant book to your life and business, and you'll be well on your way to building incredible wealth and success.
*Nicki Keohohou
CEO and Co-Founder of the Direct Selling World Alliance and DSWA Coach Excellence School®
I have known Kosta for more than a decade through his journey from top field leader, company owner and now vendor to the industry. Every step of the way he has exemplified professionalism, wisdom and integrity. Kosta has lived what he teaches in Organic Networker. This book is a “must have” for anyone with a desire to grow a thriving network marketing business.
*Michelle Humphrey
CEO, True World Global, Inc.
-Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Retired Hong Kong Billionaire
 I’ve personally known Kosta for over a decade, and have found him to be a man of the highest integrity. Following his guidance, I was able to earn a solid six-figure income in my second year in the industry. A must-read for anyone new to network marketing, or looking to create lifetime residual income.
*Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series 
Sold over 500 million copies
Networking is a business that can greatly prosper and expand anyone with desire, discipline and the repetitive decision to do it with the spirit of excellence. Kosta's Organic Networking principles will teach you everything you need to know to become a super success in this business, if you read, reap and fully apply his hard earned wisdom.
*Mathieu Lamontagne
Senior Vice President at ACN
-Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Retired Hong Kong Billionaire
Kosta has a remarkably ‘simple’ way of turning communication into an art and as well a strategic weapon for an organization... Any leader looking to strengthen their team and accelerate results should get to know him and his methodology.
*Lorna Rasmussen
Executive Recruiter at Legal Shield
Kosta’s book Organic Networker provides you with the necessary skills required to build a solid foundation that empowers you to earn lifetime residual income in the industry. The 12 Organic Principles embodies the tried and true real life experiences of his life that are pillars one needs to create limitless wealth.
*James Dillehay
Co-author Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing
-Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Retired Hong Kong Billionaire
The greatest challenge for everyone starting out in network marketing is they don't know what they don't know. Kosta Gara's Organic Networker answers the questions we never knew to ask about growing unlimited wealth. Kosta knows that path because he's lived and breathed it. And the proof is that he's earned millions from the advice he shares. His story will surely move you closer to your success.
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