Zero F Zone Challenge with Essence Revealed
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Discover how to discard doubt & Harness personal PRowess in the 5 day zero-f-zone challenge for courageous survivors of sexual violence who are ready to embrace a self actualized life of meaning!
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Why avoiding rejection, failure & outside judgement are wrong. No one wants rejection, we're taught to avoid failure at all costs & outside judgment can be very immobilizing. Discover how embracing these very things in a specific way will lead to you success quicker.

*How do you fully embrace and love the imperfect skin we're in? The marketing campaign of mainstream media has us all thinking we need to "fix & change" our bodies. Discover how to shift this energy, so you can emanate power energy & love energy.

*Being P*$$& powered vs. leading with P*$$&. After sexual violence, it may be difficult to think that you'd ever be sexual again. Or maybe you went on a rampage that didn't make you feel better. Discover how to practice intimacy & sensuality in a way that magnetizes what you desire to you, even in other areas of your life.

*The Fearlessness Myth. Ever think, "Once that fearless day comes all will be well. THEN everything will flow."? Life teaches us to be fearful. Trauma can cause fear to remain for a very long time. Learn how to make fear the co-pilot not the boss. You can take action while terrified. 

*Living in the #ZeroFZone! One of the most effective ways to break the chains of fear. Break free from worrying about what "they" will say. #ZeroFZone is freedom & courage.
Essence Revealed
Essence Revealed is The Self Actualization Strategist for survivors of sexual violence and expert at living life in the #ZeroFZone, founder of the 6 Week S.T.R.I.P. SHIFT (a mindset reset program for striving to thrive survivors), Author of S.T.R.I.P. - A Stripper's 20 Life Winning Lessons (lessons in life show up in the darndest places. Essence works with women ready to go from self doubting survivor to full self acceptance so you can discover how to reclaim your body, spirit & most importantly your mind! 

Reclaiming Your Mind 
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