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About The Author
Powerful Eric has done it all. For nearly 20 years Eric was in in out of nearly every 12 step program on sex & porn addiction he could find. He saw therapist and psychiatrists…one who told him that he would be on the very powerful anit-schiocotic drugs for the rest of his life. He even had a sort of exorcism. Nothing seemed to work. He eventually ended in an psych wards padded room!

Finally, while desperately looking for an answer he found a program using the science of mindfulness to break sex and porn addictions. It did not happen overnight, but it worked! Powerless Eric died and POWERFUL ERIC was born!

Learn from someone who has been there done that. Learn what works and what doesn’t work. Dramatically shorten your learning curve and learn from Powerful Eric!

Eric is the founder of Powerful Eric Coaching, he is the author of Tap Out Your Porn Addiction, and Everything You Know About Sex & Porn Addiction is wrong. Get Empowered Now!
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