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Not by demons, not by fake threats, but by the industry and data collectors that have been trying for years to take us out.

I have too many customers, it isn't about my traffic, but it is that the industry has deemed me a direct threat.
They have created an entire system that is chaotic; people go to their doctor to get legal street drugs, that do nothing good for their body's health. So, it makes what I offer as a threat, as we have the Most Nutritional and Antioxidant rich plant ever discovered. This is why the establishment is trying so hard to destroy us. People who have directly been purchasing with us and supporting for years, already know the deal.

They have paid good money to try to take our company down. Why do you think that is? What other people do you know put herbal formulas together that actual get the job done to reverse cancer, diabetes, HIV and about 400 different diseases?

Could it be because we are the real deal?
They have done everything they can do to make us look bad. We actually heal people, which stops their customers from having to be put on medications and other lethal dangerous drugs. While I have never issued a single refund for charge back for someone not being happy with what I offer.
In fact I have had constant success, never lost a single patient I have ever worked with, my herbal substances are all Approved safe and all natural organic, completely Green, however the Industry's hate me so much, they are constantly looking for a new way to shut my efforts down, or to vilify me as a RED FLAG company. Again, when you are the Good guy, in a world where the bad rule the land, you become the threat from profits and other sharks who wish to make money, purely off the gradual killing off your body; while they empty your bank account, you die, just before you do, your bank dies with you.

So, why do they hate me so much? Because, if more people did put their trust in a man such as myself, before they just "asked their doctors", then over night, there would be no more cancer, no more diabetes, no more illness or obesity or mineral deficiency. TRUE TRUTH.

Don't you realize I am the Light in this dark world. I am the blessing for those willing to take the "Risk" and look into the real raw superfood organic alternative route. If only 100% of the people who heard, and read all our reviews, took this more serious, they would actually get to experience what I am talking about. This is all 100% truth and sick patients would get that miracle they always dreamed of.

Yes, I do find this sad, that I have to live in a world, where I have figured out so many secrets to the trade, and how they wish to shut me up, and they have made no room for my liking in the business world, yet I am still here.

I am a threat to the big Billion dollar corporations, they feared that there would be one "Virus stuck in their evil matrix", that would have a solution, for everyone of their schemes, which is designed to make money off other's illnesses. The sheep are too far asleep to realize what they are doing to them, and all the people would have to do, is support a REAL MAN, a Real Leader and a Real Legit honest Truth Warrior, such as Myself. We could end this bad dog-eat-dog world. It is sad that you have to take the shot or the pill, in order to fit in or play this game, and that becomes the very thing that makes you terminal ill; so much so, it destroys your body to the point where you can't even find a solution or a man like myself.

So, will they be successful and kick out the last real Organic True All Natural, Raw Produce superfood man left in America? The other Health Industry products are all junk too, they are dead supplements that are bought and paid for by the Big Pharma Harm-a Industry's, so they can get people even sicker, because the poison fillers and additives they put in their dead blanched and heated health supplements; that won't have any good affects, which will leave the clients/user worse off than before. While they think their health supplement is working.

I had a man who was highly connected, tell me, they are trying very hard to shut me down and make it impossible for another man such as myself to operate business. He risked alot to release that information to me, I have many pages and emails proving what I am saying; I even wrote a blog of death threats I have had. I took on three attackers by myself and won, that is the rough raw reality that I live. It is dangerous to get the

They ensured me that I was the very last of the real raw superfood health guys left. This figures, as I haven't found a SINGLE Company left in America that is actually legit and raw superior quality, as we are. Not saying this as Cocky or Arrogant either. If there was any such company, we would have been selling their product. I have worked with or purchased all the very "Best" Health supplements on the market, and they are all NON Beneficial AND DEAD. I mean this, not as a competitor to this market, as I have never been a poor sport, but because I am being honest with you. You would have to go against the FDA Regulations in order to be of any real benefical quality produce. I can say that 100% of the Health Food industry supplements, Drinks/Juices, and Food items are all Blanched and sprayed with full preservatives and additive processing chemicals that our body is not able to break down. This is due to the high demand and mass production level product warehousing and shipping exposure. They can't do what they are doing and ship out and export fresh raw produce and process their product items out quick enough to make the Millions of dollars they must meet as a quota, while doing so in 1 to 2 business days. We are shipped fresh and raw everytime, you wait longer to get the very best quality that nature has to offer, why do you think we are hands down the very best quality produce you can possibly be? WE ARE JUNGLE-WILD CRAFT. I don't know a single company doing what we are doing. Oh, now do you see why they want our company shut down? 

If you think any drugs are going to cure you, be REASSURED, that no such thing has ever happened. There is NOT A SINGLE DRUG THAT HAS EVER HEALED A PERSON EVER! They Can only possibly numb or treat the issue/problem temporarily. My Stuff can repair and heal indefinitely. Oh, the industry doesn't want to hear that. I may be the underdog, but I am not thrown out yet, and while they can do their very best to make my life a living hell, they do not hinder my progress to continue to Proclaim the True Truth and reprove of the Lies and deception that they have laid out in a very professional fashion. If I am a virus to them, while they are the cancer, than I must be the Healthy one (T-Killer Cell) that is standing strong and fighting this cancer very well. As, I will continue to FIGHT FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEMS ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
Just as the T-Killer Health Cell does, I reflect this, because I could quite possibly be the Healthiest Human Person on this planet. I have been taking my own Raw Superfood Moringa K and Moringa X for So many years and I Do not get sick. I Reversed my own cancer, my father's diabetes, many others of countless diseases; how many doctors do you hear doing this? I don't even mean to make this about competition, and I NEVER HAVE; however they know what they are doing to discriminate against us. It is time to let this be known.
We are forced to go underground, don't you see, I am the Real Deal man? Everyone should be supporting me, everyone is so lock stepped and brainwashed into the dichotomy of supporting the very wrong things in this world, they support and encourage the cancer, rather than the good raw organic things that prevent and kill cancer or viruses. I have the REAL HEIRLOOM Organic Moringa, that in True Form can ABSOLUTELY Reverse over 400 different disease, repair DNA and Build up the Cell structure of the Immune system. Taking my stuff daily year long and years on end, would prevent illnesses of all kind, and actually repair any problems you have with your health. You think everyone would stop their medications and send me the support and love to correct their bad health, that their doctors caused. I am not trying to be vindictive, but these higher up Elites, know exactly what they are doing to my operation and mission. They are trying to make me look like the bad guy, so they can shut me down, and NEVER Help another person again. There are so many death threats and endless amounts of hacks, destroying my harddrives, burning out my computer, disabling my website and messing with my cart checkout processor; to make me look illegitimate and unprofessional, when that makes them look like the shady one's.
When I have been around successfully as an overnight sensation for over 10 years now and had 29 years in business, they cannot find a single issue or blemish about me and my long standing professional, honest, and ethical Integrity verified produce and exotic plants. Who doesn't want the very best? You deserve the Highest quality, at an affordable price; this has been my goal and dream since the start.
I am no drug dealer or Liar, but they sure are. I am so sick of playing by the rules and doing the right things and having them just constantly push and shove me down the stairs, to start back at square one again. I keep getting back up and build myself back up to the stature we are today, and they will pull the rug out from under us and fight unfair. This is because it is all they know how to do. They cannot just let me stay in business and thrive, because I would help save too many lives, and prevent people from getting sick, as that is how they get customers. They know I continue to build one new customer and client at a time, and every time these clients do as I direct them, they keep getting healed and continue to get stronger and stronger, they get off their meds, they get healthier and Healthier. Then they reverse their severe or minor sickness. Then the person is so happy, they shout from the rooftop and tell others how "Their Medical condition is NOT INCURABLE AND YOU CAN REVERSE IT BECAUSE I DID, Go And Contact Doctor Earth man Eric Plott, he knows what he is doing"...See, this is the very statements that are being spread about me, throughout the hospitals, and they cannot have this. They have been looking for actual ways to end my life and my business for many years now. I have been on" I Cure Cancer Zen Live TV" show more than twice, because so many reviews and testimonials of people swearing by what my regimens are and how I can reverse just about any dis ease or disorder, there is. It isn't me, it is what I have access to, it is real RAW FRESH PURE ORGANIC Herbal Superfoods, that you absolutely cannot get from your doctor or even your health food store. I try to tell this to people, and people just have to put their trust in me, those that do, they always get the best results. We have to be quiet, I have been silent too long, I am here to finally make it known, that it is WRONG What the INDUSTRY ESTABLISHMENT ELITES Are doing, and they will have to kill me, as I make this statement known every single day for the rest of my life. Those who get to experience what I have for longterm, are the ones that get the best results and are healed.

So, those who don't want to even try our Raw Powders, veggie caps, and other raw superfoods, you truly are missing out. I have done quite a job to put myself out there and make myself known.

Obviously it worked and I have left my void on this planet. They said this will be the year they take me out for good and take me offline, from the internet for good. Not sure how to take that threat, but we will go out with a bang either way. Thank You so much for those of you who have supported me since day one. Thank you for not being too loud on my posts and threads as I have asked each one of you. They are watching us closely and we will be moving to a more secretive and exclusive platform. I feel bad for those who don't ever find out about us, because we are going into "hiding", but I at least tried to wake up the people, and make my miracle blend known.
As for the Supporters who know that I have the real deal legit raw-wildcrafted produce, it is you who has helped me to save tens of thousands, if not millions; world-wide. I know that about 80 Alternative Health gurus and doctors have mysteriously wound up dead, and supposedly "Committing Suicide", but I must be very careful for the well being of myself and my family. Just know that right now, I am not one that would ever commit suicide, this is my insurance statement to you, just so know are aware of it from this point on. *This must be the year where they are trying to take out all the Natural Health doctors, also this makes the naturopathic's look like they are unstable or unhealthy mentally. Such a shame they would create such a 
deception to the world. 

I knew it would come to this very day that the Industry would lose far too much money from me directing to go Health Conscious Raw Vegan. The Meat, Dairy and Egg industry would love me dead; I have exposed the Medical Health Sector as non useful, and just about every health supplement product (Dead Product) on The Market. They don't have much leg to stand on, so their only plan, they have left, is to exterminate the miracle healing source.

I will fight this out, because I love each and everyone of you. Now, while we live in a truly dark cold cruel world, where most people believe in Angels and the God of the Bible, I see the realer things in life, and I believe while I will not be rewarded for my qualities and super authenticity in this life; I feel I will reach a much higher heaven and treasure above, that not all will experience. I say this because my actions, thoughts, heart, and mission is that of Platinum or Gold. I want the very best for every single person and I have set up and designed my operation to be just that, and NEVER Hinder my quality, in order to help a corporate mass production level company, make more money, off of us "Selling Out".
Again, we aren't about being the BIGGEST business in the World, but the BEST BUSINESS FOR THE PLANET.
We still stand on that, while we love saving your money to make us a better business, we love saving your life, even more.

THAT IS RIGHT! We help people save themselves, I can wake up every single day, knowing that we may not live in a perfect world, but at least we live in a world, still, where I am able to single handedly, be a Solid man, and help people save their own lives, with my produce. This is What I Offer.
While many will be skeptical, there are even more who have gotten the pleasure and delight, to experience my raw produce. I have so many clients that have been forced to send me check or Money orders, because of these Industry goons. These Amazing People rely on my high Quality produce. Now you see what I am experiencing is true. You have been there with me through it all. Now, they will be mad that I am exposing this reality to the world. I have stayed quiet about this long enough, but today they are going to get it. HELP SUPPORT ME, AND YOU SUPPORT THE END OF THE WORLD NEW ORDER AGENDA AND ESTABLISHED ELITE ROYAL Leviathan, Which is Going Down. 
We Will Survive and out live them, because we are the good, and we will not capitulate! But we shall THRIVE! All who are with me! Are willing to fight for something truly virtuous and honorary, even in this dark evil world. Come and Join as a REAL Ultimate Truth Warrior X.

Thank you all again, for helping keep this dream alive, through thick and thin, this has been quite a fight and journey and venture for True Truth and Nobility! There may not be any true justice, but at least we know we fought back for the truth. They may hate us and want us dead, but we are already a Miracle, Capable and Powerful beyond doubt. When you purchase my services of Quality produce, you become a super human, and I have an entire Moringa Tribe, that is continuing to form.
We are the #Yahushuaism and I know those who don't DIEt, but LIVIT instead. They aren't going to let this Industry of Death just pump them with deadly chemical toxins, and they are choosing that they are not going to die.

We shall REIGN! on to the next battle and victory in our health. INDIVIDUALLY. Embrace the Inner fortitude of your SOUL!
They cannot stop us, just because they have brainwashed the alpha tubes, sprayed the air waves, poisoned the water, destroyed the food, tainted the "Health Supplements" and Drugs, have toxified the "Street drugs". They have also killed soil in the ground, but rest assured that there is still one man and his company, that is every human being's company, that is willing to take a beating and fight for the people, the animals, the environment, the land, and the Raw Produce and WIN!
By Outsmarting them, we ALL win. Folks, we aren't going to take it anymore; if you want to activist against all negative dark things happening, come aboard, as there is NO LAW, There is NO GOVERNMENT, There are no TAXES, There are No Bills; they have lied to us from day one. Don't you see their system, their Roman empire is falling? THEY WOULD HOPE I JUST SHUT UP AND IGNORE ALL OF THIS, And Watch my Next Program on TV, Well not this man here. I AM GOING TO THIVE INSTEAD OF DIE! I AM GOING TO SURVIVE THEIR FIGHT, Even though They want everyone to die. There is the greatest Pandemic on this planet going on, none the less, it is a silent pandemic. People make me your leader of True Truth, the #UltimateTruthWarriorX , I am just crazy enough to do this. We can UNITE and come together, minus all division of Religion, Hate, Racism, Homophobia, Bias, etc; we can still win this war and battle. The first step is to Support and get on our Moringa K and take at least a Pound of this stuff a Month. I Dare Yah. Give it a try for at least a YEAR, watch and see what it does for you. 
You don't have to change your DIEt, your medications, your life style, JUST ACCENT Your life today, with my raw produce, it is not like anything you will ever try. Moringa King produce isn't just the Moringa you get at wal mart, amazon, ebay, or online; this is truly completely different. Give me a chance to prove myself, as I have many thousands of people; who refuse anything less, than what has to offer.
Yes, they have attacked our site and tried for so many years now to shut us down, they can't do it, because like our good health, we are in good health as a business and have so many great reviews. Just like how they have so many bad reviews. It is funny, go look up these big company's making billions of dollars per year, such as PayPal and Square and Amazon etc, they publicly have 1-2 star reviews, very poor ratings. We have 10 out of 10 and we have so many life changing story's, yet they wish to try to destroy us, because we are in the GREEN, and we help get so many families, get off the dangerous meds, kill the tumors and cancer viruses, and build the immune system back up. So, is it better when a Company has LOW RATINGS OF SATISFACTION? We have the Best Ratings and they have the worse, and they thrive in business, while we Thrive in our Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health. Which one would you rather have? YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST WEALTH, after-all.
Why are we such a threat to these big corporations? Because WE ARE THE TRUTH Wrapped up in a business that loves humanity enough to stand for REAL Truth, that will bring forth actual force to change things. WE ARE THE REAL RESISTANCE. Aren't you sick and tired of no body bringing these issues and problems up? I Know I am, and I will refuse to just sit by and idly ignore all these problems as the country is falling deep into quick sand, worse than a swamp, and it will not be made great again. I say this, because our Leaders aren't even in good health, so what makes you think they can change this country for the better, if no one is in good standing with their physical health and diet? We offer so much more, with enhancing your Life style, we can't make America Great again, BUT WE SURE CAN MAKE YOU THE BEST YOU, That You can possibly be!
It is something that AMERICA has never really wanted, and that is TRUE AUTHENTIC TRUTH, FOR REAL CHANGE! You must admit that there is a problem, in order to change the problem. Ignoring it will not make it go away.
They always give False Hope, but WE BRING THE HOPE TO YOUR DOOR. We are the Single most patriotic company in this country and we will continue to fight for the VERY Best Moringa Heirloom produce there is.THIS PLANT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, THIS PLANT CAN MAKE US ALL GREAT AGAIN!
Even the Food Treaty law has made it a standard, to only produce the PKM1 moringa GMO/Convectional seed for all basic products sold on Moringa. Well, no wonder no one taking moringa, is seeing results, if they purchase from these companies, that are the Biggest, they aren't even getting the real deal Moringa, like US. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS WITH OUR RAW PRODUCE. 

We are the Very Best Raw Superfood company you can ever be, and this allows us to make you the very Healthiest human being, you can be. They would write me off, many times over, as they have tried to buy me out, and just prepackage there fake dead moringa, and huge million dollar plus checks; I have refused EACH AND EVERY SINGLE OFFER To this day. I refuse everything but the very best, and often all I get is the very best. They cannot 
get me to sell my product out, hence, I am too good of a guy to do this. Some may think this is my weakness, but I am not about the money, I am already happy and I don't even have to be doing this; I don't live or thrive off of money, I Thrive off the Truth, the Good things in Life, the Kindness, and Love, the Honesty. I Thrive off of Nutrition and Quality things that live rich in nature. We are an example of what we are lacking in the United States of America. When we take an honest look at the child cancer mortality rates, or the autism levels in new born children or kids growing up, the early onset diabetes, etc; this isn't normal and I CAN STOP AND PREVENT IT ALL, if only you people would take a stand with me, allow me to be your leader and say, enough is enough. Otherwise, if no one does something about this, we will sincerely all be doomed to the ultimate depopulation, that is about to occur. CAN YOU JUST SIT AND WATCH THIS HAPPEN TO THE WORLD?
I am not a doom and gloom conspiracy theorist guy, but I am giving you the real true reality here, I am ready and able to help you all. I have solutions and not just only the facts. I am here to help save the world, and I know we can do this together,

There would be no greater dream on this planet, to correct all the problems of this world, and I have found a miracle, that can do this , but we must first start with ourself, and then we can change and heal the planet, next. There would be no greater dream than to wakeup and in a reality, live where no one gets sick a day in their life and illness and all the leading causes of death become a thing or business of the past. Take my herbal stuff to the point where you get so healthy, you put even me, out of business, so I can be on my hammock and live off the land and go back to my Moringa Kingdom, in Central America. I told you, I sincerely don't have to do all of this, and I can go back to living my paradise, I am doing this to literally help save the planet, and I am putting my life and family out on the line.

We can SAVE THE PLANET, One Person at A Time. Yes I know everyone is sick and dying, get real, but I can help save each and every person, and we can do this TOGETHER, hand in hand, we do this UNITED AS ONE. Are You with me, please help me, HELP YOU, Make our Dreams come true.

I am Healthy and Happy, are you too? Let me help you get there, it can be a real reality. I am reaching out to the world now. I send my Love to each and everyone of you. Yes, they won't like this message and they will want to kill me for my effort to stand for what I KNOW To be TRUE TRUTH.

I Love Each and Everyone of You, 
Yahuah Shalum,

Your Earth Man ERIC, Geoffrey von Leonard Plott
~Arak Yahuah Yisrael ~

Harvard Researcher & Plant Based Nutritionist Cornell University. 
NaturAlchemist Craftsman and Optimum Herbalist

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