Did The ‘Quarantine 15’ Find You? Ready to Come Back to The Gym? 

Quarantine got you down?!

Are you ready to lose the quarantine 15 and get back to your routine?!

Try out ONE FREE WEEK of both virtual and in-person outdoor bootcamps!

Here is what you will get:

🔥Unlimited outdoor bootcamps (virtual & outdoor bootcamps) 
🙋🏻‍♀️ 24/7 personalized coaching with a dedicated accountability coach 
🍎 Nutrition coaching & recipe book to get you the results you want 👯‍♂️Supportive and encouraging community 

Now is the opportunity to get back in shape! Sign up for a free trial of an outdoor bootcamp & virtual class to speak with a weight loss specialist!

Here is What You Will Get!
Every morning & evening, we’ll post a fun fat burning workout to follow along LIVE (just like you were in person). You will also have access to our outdoor classes so you will be receiving a hybrid of both virtual and in-person training! Our coaches will challenge you and keep you motivated the entire time and help you reach your goals! If you can't make it to the LIVE virtual or in person class, no worries. They are video recorded for replay a
Nutrition Guidance
You will love the nutritional guidance, education, and easy to follow recipes! You will lose body fat and gain muscle in a sustainable manner!
Our online support system will allow you to connect with other members, coaches, and gain access to world class mindset and motivational content. 
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WHY is EVERYONE Choosing Elite Performance?

Elite Performance Training Program is the COMPLETE package!

We don't just deliver workouts online or through an app. You can get that anywhere.

Yes, we provide great workouts to build lean muscle and burn fat, but we also provide A COMMUNITY & SUPPORT!
We are always providing constant value guidance through our membership portal and private Facebook group!

We actually CARE about our members! 
Elite Performance provides nutritional guidance, mindset transformation, and 24/7 support!
We are here for YOU and TOGETHER  as a COMMUNITY we will overcome this!

Meet the Owners!

Hi there! We are Kevin & Elizabeth Guevara and we are founders and CEOs of Elite Performance Gym!
We have created the Elite Performance virtual training program that will keep you healthy & build up your immune system during quarantine!

We have transformed hundreds of lives physically and mentally to losing & KEEPING body fat off!
 Our mission is to deliver the WHOLE package to you at the convenience and comfort of your own home!

Join us as we FIGHT this and become STRONGER TOGETHER! We are ELITE STRONG!

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