Emotions are simply signals, telling us something should be tended to.
Recognize emotions for what they truly are: signals moving between body and brain, communicating a message, in response to external or internal stimuli.

The Bio-Emotive Framework helps you to open up some space between stimuli and reaction,
so you can make new choices, instead of get pulled into a chain of habit-formations and a domino effect of poor choices.

This is exactly how you bring love, confidence, and clarity to your world of 
romantic partners, your children, your colleagues and even 
your relationship to your own self-acceptance.
When you're dis-identified with your emotions, you're neither consumed by the need to express them, 
nor living in fear of them--
Get to Know You

The first 3 weeks of our online training you will: 

-Learn about the underlying mechanics of your emotional system

-Begin to map your personal emotional landscape

-Understand how unresolved feelings directly influence your thoughts and behaviours 

In the final 2 weeks we'll focus on:

-our five-part emotional release method

so you have an in-depth experience and understanding of the process.
Get curious and enlivened to understand the forming of your disposition, so you can unpack it and rewire it...
or just let it go.
You Can Look Forward to...

 review of clips from our video series

group-dialogue and sharing

regular Q + A with the facilitator

practice with partners

personal reflection
By the time you've finished, you will...
  •  have a deep understanding of how the emotional system works
  •  have the confidence to actually use your practice sheets.
  •  be able to explain the process to family members you care about. 
  •  have the foundation you need to begin deeper processing through one of our ongoing memberships or programs.
the Mechanics of Emotion Training
Take a moment, talk it over...
with yourself or a loved one. Contemplate all the reasons you would do it in the first place.

...A better understanding of the emotional system

...The capacity for deeper connection

...Stepping into self-mastery

...showing up better for your family and professional life

Remember, you'll receive life-time access to our online Video Series, four practice-booklets, as well as new connection with our team and community.

$360.00 USD

The point of creating these programs, are to get basic emotional training out to as many people as possible, with resources you can always have to support you.
That's why we're charging only $360.00 for facilitation AND everything else.

Video series - $200
Four-Part Training Booklets -$97
NEDERA Guidebook $37
(A $664 value)

If you think your learning will be more effective with a loved one joining you in this program, 
request a family discount to be gifted to you.

About the Facilitator

Ali Tataryn

Ali is an actress, artist, and facilitator. Her life's passion includes teaching people to metabolize and process their emotions, dreams, and intuitions through movement, radical self-acceptance and emotional processing. She is a long time practitioner of the buddha-dharma, a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Expressive Arts and Circling facilitator.

She brings with her secrets of the theatre and a love for sharing Deep-Heart Mind.

She's honored to guide you through the basics of emotional processing.


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We look forward to working with you in this training, or in a future training. 

You're always welcome to explore our website and make use of our blogs and teachings
 (and hey... why not sign up for our cute little $5/month video and archives??)

We can't emphasize enough...

 once you have these foundations, you can start working magic into 
your business goals, your relationship with your kids and family, your creative ventures and the
other in-depth teachings which guide your life.
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