How to Confidently Build and Sell Your High Ticket Offer
(In Less Than 1 Week)
With Master Business Coach, Hanna Hermanson
"This is hands down the most valuable and detailed course I've ever taken. I can't believe it was free!" - Lauren Evans
Everyday that you don't have a strategic high-ticket offer, you leave thousands of dollars on the table.
A Glimpse Into The Mini-Course:
5 straight forward & action oriented video trainings delivered right to your Facebook messenger and e-mail so you will never miss a beat.

Sales scripts so you know exactly what to say (without feeling shady) when asking for $4,000-$10,000
How to change your possible leads online to money making ones
PLUS how to instill trust in people to invest even without a ton of testimonials (yet)
How to market services to the clients who are willing to pay your worth (read: more than $197 for another random course)

How to find the exact niche of focus (without hours of journaling, meditating, or "market research" analysis
Fast action ways to create content people WANT to pay for. 

Live Feedback From The Mini-Course
How it works...
  •  Every day (for 5 days) you will get a free training, full of action steps (assignments)
  •  You will have access to personalized 1:1 support/feedback from ME- a real person and Forbes Coach
  •  Your assignments will be reviewed by me daily as you keep moving forward on the modules
  •  Opportunity to redeem a free Business Audit to make sure everything is put together by the end of the Mini-Course!
You have to take this mini-course if:
 ✔️You are unsure of the best way to SCALE your business. (start a group program? hire a team? raise your prices? make more content?)

 ✔️You feel like you are bringing so much to the table, yet your clients just aren't showing up or getting results. You are starting to wonder if there's something wrong with YOU.

 ✔️It's time for you to finally break into 5 figure months (consistently make $10,000+ each month) 

 ✔️You are sick of experimenting with "lead generation" and having to force new relationships around the clock. 

 ✔️You are committed to creating LIFE CHANGING impacts in the lives of your *VIP* clients!