Domenic Iandolo

Founder & CEO

With over 5 years of experience in lead generation, social media advertising & social media management, Domenic founded Pinnacle Media determined to help lead reliant businesses thrive in their industry. 

"Choosing to specialize our marketing agency's services with fitness and real estate brands has been nothing short of amazing. Knowing we get to work in industries that are so relevant in the community and areas we find ourself passionate about, has made our drive for effective marketing stronger than ever. I believe long term results are a byproduct of effective systems, combined with a relentless desire to provide value to consumers. When done properly, incredible brands are established for the long term."

To date Domenic has supported his team at Pinnacle Media in aiding 20+ companies in several different industries within their marketing presence.

Deysi Perez

Social Media Manager

Completing her bachelor of business at SAIT Polytechnic, Deysi acquired her love for marketing in her 4 years of school and began self educating herself in everything from content creation, branding, social media, and advertising. Since graduating Deysi has acquired certifications in Adobe, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Hootsuite.

"I've always believed that if I could have a great understanding of every angle within the marketing umbrella, that I could bring my unique ideas to the table that really make marketing campaigns come together. That always motivated me to continue learning as much as I could"

Through her hard work and dedication, Deysi has landed projects with big corporations including Big Rock Brewing Company and WestJet Airlines.   

Josh Klein

Logo & Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Josh grew up always having a knack for design and flexing his creative muscle. Recognizing this, josh completed his certificate in graphic design at SAIT Polytechnic and began working alongside numerous clients over North america with their logo creation and graphic design needs.

"My focus initially was always tailored towards startups because I loved creating something out of what was initially nothing. Of course, I began expanding my horizons and getting the chance to work with some incredibly well established brands which has been nothing short of amazing."

The foundational values that we uphold every day when working with our clients and one and other.

  • Provide over the top customer service and care to our clients.
  • Always be at the forefront of innovation.
  • Bring customers closer to the products and services they need ethically.
  • Communicate our campaigns with transparency and passion.
  • Build long lasting relationships within our customer community.

The foundational values that we uphold every day when working with our clients.

  • 1. Captivating your audience to create engagement with your brand.
  • 2. Lead opt-in page with exchange of your value offer.
  • 3. Email nurturing system to engage with your current leads.
  • 4. Direct access to sales and appointment pages.
  • 5. Leads you can contact who you KNOW are interested in your offer.
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